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Living 2011/04/13 19:00:00
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It's always around Easter time when we kneel down and thank the candy gods for our favorite seasonal snack: Marshmallow Peeps.

The colorful marshmallow chicks and bunnies have been a guilty pleasure for us ever since we can remember.

And we can only hope that they provide the same sort of immeasurable pleasure for everyone else.

So tell us: do you have an unhealthy relationship with the delicious marshmallow snack?
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  • urwutuis 2011/04/14 05:43:47
    No, I hate 'em!
    Isn't that what you get when you combine a pound of sugar with a can of play-dough?

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  • ☼ Homeward Bound ☼ 2011/04/13 20:37:24
    No, I hate 'em!
    ☼ Homeward Bound ☼
  • benson_bubbles 2011/04/13 20:33:08
    Yes, I love peeps!
    they taste so yummy. :D
  • cmdrbnd007 2011/04/13 20:33:06
    No, I hate 'em!
    Can't stand those damn things.
  • Lady Yui 2011/04/13 20:32:45
    Yes, I love peeps!
    Lady Yui
    But just the bunny ones. They must be eaten slowly, biting off one ear at a time while making little squealing sounds to show how much pain they're in. *evil grin* Yes, bunny peeps *must* be tortured...it's a rule. ^_~
  • lauren dull 2011/04/13 20:27:52
    Yes, I love peeps!
    lauren dull
    I love to let them get a bit stale then eat them. And only at Easter.
  • Morgan 2011/04/13 20:25:52 (edited)
    No, I hate 'em!
    i just dont like the taste. i prefer regular marshmallows, and reeses eggs YUM :P
  • HeidiDillard 2011/04/13 20:23:57
    No, I hate 'em!
    not a big fan of the peeps, but the kids love em'
  • Dickens 2011/04/13 20:22:40
    No, I hate 'em!
    They taste funny...
  • Arty 2011/04/13 20:19:12
    I'm on the fence.
    soma do and soma dont
  • alexhead 2011/04/13 20:19:04
    No, I hate 'em!
    Most definitely not. Peeps are for looking, not eating

    peeps eating evil peeps
  • B 2011/04/13 20:18:39
    No, I hate 'em!
    I prefer these in my easter basket...
    easter basket reese eggs
  • Morgan B 2011/04/13 20:26:28
    OMG YES!!!!!
  • Ruger B 2011/04/14 09:11:35
    Oh yeah. yeah Drooling man
  • ★misfit★ 2011/04/13 20:16:48
    I'm on the fence.
    I like the chocolate covered ones.

    chocolate covered chocolate covered peeps
  • voiceslowered 2011/04/13 20:15:57
    No, I hate 'em!
    I can't stand these things.
  • Stella Bella 2011/04/13 20:14:49
    Yes, I love peeps!
    Stella Bella
    I do like them a lot, but addicted to them is a bit of a stretch.
  • ♥PrettyLittleLiarsLover♥ 2011/04/13 20:13:35
    Yes, I love peeps!
  • LiveLaughLove 2011/04/13 20:08:44
    No, I hate 'em!
    ugh i hate those things!
  • TheRandom444 2011/04/13 20:02:52
    I'm on the fence.
    They taste good but I get a stomachache quickly from eating them.
  • disogirl551 2011/04/13 19:53:29
    Yes, I love peeps!
    Stale Peeps are the most amazing thing ever.
  • jOkEsOnYoU 2011/04/13 19:53:13
    No, I hate 'em!
    Ugh, I hate those nasty little things.

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