What's the Worst Thing a Woman Can Wear?

Living 2012/06/25 18:00:00
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Ladies, you know which items in your closet you love and which items really deserve to go to Goodwill. But how does he feel about your wardrobe? Yahoo!'s The Thread blog asked Women’s Health contributor Matt Bean to weigh in on which wardrobe staples men really hate. Here are some of his picks, along with our own two cents...

1) Clothes with writing on the butt: We hated this trend from day one, and it's not even trendy anymore. Throw those sweatpants out! 2) Heels you can't walk in: Guys always prefer comfy and cute over awkward and teetering. 3) Undergarments that false advertise: Ditch the padded bra and work with what you've got! 4) Ex’s clothes: C'mon, that's just mean. 5) Rival team jerseys: Why are you rooting against your man?

Now, it's your turn. Whether you're a woman or man, we want to know: what do you think is the worst thing a female can wear? And feel free to include some pictures!
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  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/06/26 04:23:31
    Heels you can't walk in
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    You look ridiculous, take them off... falling in high heels GIF
  • tori 2012/06/26 04:20:39
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    You look trashy because your trying to draw attention to your butt. If its nice, ppl will look, stop trying to force it. If its not, you don't want attention on it!
  • whispering hands 2012/06/26 04:19:19
  • .: LiVi :. whisper... 2012/06/26 04:59:07
    .: LiVi :.
  • Christy whisper... 2012/06/26 06:26:37
    Your post needs a hell of a lot more raves!

    And I picked heels for the same reason...any time I see someone in heels that they clearly can't balance in, it drives me crazy, just waiting for an ankle to snap.
  • whisper... Christy 2012/06/26 06:35:54
    whispering hands
    Gah, I'm not really surprised that I have a lack of raves - my opinions on this site are usually unpopular haha.
    I think the same, i've had a bad experience myself!
  • Christy whisper... 2012/06/26 13:52:39
    It's ok, I don't think most people here are too fond of my opinions either. For the most part, that's probably a good thing. ;-)
  • The One 2012/06/26 04:04:31
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    The One
    Or cloths that are 2-4 sizes too small!!!
  • Stef and the City 2012/06/26 04:02:18
    Heels you can't walk in
    Stef and the City
    But the worst thing for a woman to wear ever are pants or shorts that are too tight.
  • Brynn Stef an... 2012/06/26 04:26:19
    Bahaha!! that's bad but not as bad as this:

    camal toe

    ...how do people walk around like there's nothing going on?!
  • Stef an... Brynn 2012/06/26 04:40:17
    Stef and the City
    Hahaha. The "vedgie."
  • (>*~*)>... Brynn 2012/06/26 13:44:57 (edited)
    They always do though! Just strollin along.... but even worse is the dreaded moose knuckle. moose knuckle
  • Stef an... (>*~*)>... 2012/06/26 22:44:19
    Stef and the City
    Wow. I don't want to be around that moose during mating season.
  • (>*~*)>... Stef an... 2012/06/27 05:06:48
    ROFLMBO!!!!! <3
  • Noobcake Stef an... 2012/06/26 10:01:04
    Oh my goodness! O.O
  • (>*~*)>... Stef an... 2012/06/26 13:44:14
    ahahahaha so true
  • mm61675 2012/06/26 03:55:33
    Heels you can't walk in
    you look like an idiot
  • Quiet-is-feared 2012/06/26 03:47:13 (edited)
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    It's like a walking billboard, advertising your ass.

    How attractive is that. -.-
  • Raphy 2012/06/26 03:42:50
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    Especially if they don't have an ass to go with it
  • C.C. 2012/06/26 03:20:09
    Undergarments that false advertise
    I hate the bras they are making now...why all the padding? The person is going to find out that you don't have big boobs when they see you naked...so what's the point? Same goes for those other stupid garments that are supposed to make people look slim.
  • Noobcake C.C. 2012/06/26 10:32:57
    I know! There is a difference between wearing things that flatter your figure and masquerading your body as someone else's! For example, I have particularly small boobs (a 32A) and all I wear are thin cotton or lace bralettes (if I wear a bra at all)! Now, I don't need the kind of support other women do but there's no need for 3cm of padding or the addition of gel inserts to your bra.
  • C.C. Noobcake 2012/06/26 11:31:12
    Glad you feel the same way. You are lucky that you don't have to deal with bras like that. Not sure why they would do that anyway, just makes it so much harder to find one that fits and me liking it.
  • kelly 2012/06/26 03:13:48 (edited)
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    And then I hear the idiots who sit behind me in Spanish complain about the dudes who are always checking them out. Rediculous heals comes in a close 2nd
  • Miko 2012/06/26 03:06:36
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    Especially with sexy words
  • merslix. 2012/06/26 02:46:48
    Heels you can't walk in
    been there done that.. :--(
  • Schläue~© 2012/06/26 02:30:33
    Ex-boyfriend’s clothes
    A condom
  • Rammstein 2012/06/26 02:23:44
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    actually it's those stupid "Love Pink" shirts. god those are retarded
  • aussieash Rammstein 2012/06/26 03:30:14
    Ummmm no there basicly my whole wardrobe and i dont hear anyone complainin when i wear them wht u have u gotta flaunt it
  • Rammstein aussieash 2012/06/27 01:46:23
    what exactly are you flaunting in a sweat jacket? last time I checked it was almost impossible to flaunt anything in a sweat suit
  • Brynn Rammstein 2012/06/26 04:28:50
    I don't get what's so bad about Victoria Secret...?
  • Z 2012/06/26 02:23:28
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    This is just asking for guys and interested ladies to stare.
  • carlton999 2012/06/26 02:15:59
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    if your gonna wear stuff with writing on the but you better have the Ass to pull it off.
  • Silent Bob 2012/06/26 02:06:40
    Heels you can't walk in
    Silent Bob
  • Ocean Eyes 2012/06/26 02:00:10
    Heels you can't walk in
    Ocean Eyes
    My teacher taught the girls how to walk in heels before we graduated 8th grade. She explained that walking correctly in heels makes you look confident, and that all 'proper women' should know how to walk in them. If you have ones you can't walk in, then why are you wearing them?..
  • Noobcake Ocean Eyes 2012/06/26 10:50:36 (edited)
    I agree. It's all about your gait. And ground level-ness. lol If you can't walk in them confidently and comfortably (er, as comfortably as can be expected, that is) take them off!
  • (>*~*)>... Ocean Eyes 2012/06/26 13:56:07
    Women look great when they walk confidently in heels.
  • Kat_Corpsegrinder 2012/06/26 01:49:46
    Heels you can't walk in
    like really, whats the point?
  • retiredingeorgia 2012/06/26 01:46:58
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    These come to mind.
    How would you like to sit across the table from people like this and try to enjoy your meal?

    mind table people enjoy meal face tattoos on females

    P.S. I also hate spandex...
  • zionosp... retired... 2012/06/26 02:50:53
    I don't think I could eat at all... damn.
  • tstarr retired... 2012/06/26 04:04:00
    I'd invite them to my table and buy them a drink.

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