What's the Worst Thing a Woman Can Wear?

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Ladies, you know which items in your closet you love and which items really deserve to go to Goodwill. But how does he feel about your wardrobe? Yahoo!'s The Thread blog asked Women’s Health contributor Matt Bean to weigh in on which wardrobe staples men really hate. Here are some of his picks, along with our own two cents...

1) Clothes with writing on the butt: We hated this trend from day one, and it's not even trendy anymore. Throw those sweatpants out! 2) Heels you can't walk in: Guys always prefer comfy and cute over awkward and teetering. 3) Undergarments that false advertise: Ditch the padded bra and work with what you've got! 4) Ex’s clothes: C'mon, that's just mean. 5) Rival team jerseys: Why are you rooting against your man?

Now, it's your turn. Whether you're a woman or man, we want to know: what do you think is the worst thing a female can wear? And feel free to include some pictures!
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  • Gir30 2013/04/08 21:13:06 (edited)
    Heels you can't walk in
    I can't believe that some people can walk on 12 inch heels. Some people go out and buy a $200 pair of 12 inch heels and can't walk in them. What a waste!
  • smurfmafia355 2012/07/20 18:45:55
    Heels you can't walk in
    Writing on the butt is close, but trying to walk to a restraunt when your girlfriend is tripping on her own shoes is worse.
  • John Duffee 2012/07/12 22:22:31
    Ex-boyfriend’s clothes
    John Duffee
    ill-fitting men's clothing is the worst of the choices there.
  • katywon 2012/07/01 07:16:21
    Clothes with writing on the butt
  • beach bum 2012/06/30 12:59:20
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    beach bum
    butt writing
  • UberAwesomeness 2012/06/28 17:49:05
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    And then they're like "Omg why was Ronnie checking out my butt, like ew, like ew!" I don't know maybe you have "juicy" on your ass.
  • Sarah Alexander 2012/06/28 14:24:13
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    Sarah Alexander
    Clothes that are the wrong size, too small, would be a great option.. size is just a number, you'll look better with fitting clothes than with plastic wrap.
    I wear 4 inch heel minimum daily, more so 5-7, but I can walk in them, run even haha
  • buneter 2012/06/28 09:41:32
    Rival team jerseys
    i wanted to say way to much make-up but the rival team sucks
  • Xksana 2012/06/28 07:22:29
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    no offense but the worst can be anything, what one person wears can seem okay but another, its like what?
    example: I always thought juicy coulture was okay, for like teenagers, but than a women came in to a store and she was like 40 wearing juicy coulture sweats, and her purse...she just looked like a 40 year old who wants to be 12...
  • Marcel 2012/06/28 06:17:45
    Undergarments that false advertise
    See through mesh. God help us.
  • natwebb 2012/06/28 04:44:31
    Ex-boyfriend’s clothes
    Actually a burka is the worst.

  • Lena 2012/06/28 02:51:57
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    No class...no matter the designer, Juicy Couture or any other house.
  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2012/06/27 20:19:04 (edited)
    Heels you can't walk in
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    Not only can you break your neck but you looks ridiculous

    (hahaha had to edit b/c i saw some had the same idea as me! lol)

    but look at that bitch...she looks crazy
  • VERYwiseguy 2012/06/27 17:30:52
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    Most I've saw with 'Bootylicious" should have this instead. bag of potatoes
  • Billyk75 2012/06/27 15:46:26
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    How about a jock strap?
  • Odinsown 2012/06/27 13:37:34
    Rival team jerseys
    Actually its clothes, they should stop wearing that stuff.
  • Mike 2012/06/27 12:53:53
    Heels you can't walk in
    all of he above
  • *Lady J* 2012/06/27 04:53:38
    Heels you can't walk in
    *Lady J*
    Nuff sed
  • ♥•judy•♥ 2012/06/26 23:18:39
    Undergarments that false advertise
    fake pradia shame! mmm...mmmm.mmm
    fake clothing
  • Stef an... ♥•judy•♥ 2012/06/29 03:31:44
    Stef and the City
    Oh pradia, is that like prada?
  • chaz 2012/06/26 23:09:59
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    Writing on the butt of a female's attire is an attention getter and a distraction for most men. Personally, I think it may be false advertisement in this case. I like the eyes and what's in the heart but I'll admit that a nice but is a turn-on too.
  • BloodlessVeins 2012/06/26 20:46:50
    Heels you can't walk in
    If an emergency occurs, then its going to be hard to run away. Sure, in some cases can be a weapon, but that might just piss an attacker off and not really do serious damage.
  • ♥dreamer-leigh♥ 2012/06/26 20:24:43
    Undergarments that false advertise
    Undergaments that are ill fitting as well as spandex if you weight 300lbs.! Not good
  • Ben 2012/06/26 20:17:45
    Rival team jerseys
    I don't have a problem with anything else. lol. In fact, as trashy as it is, I think writing on the butt is sexy. Especially if it says "pink." dunno why.
  • mrdog 2012/06/26 19:25:24
    Undergarments that false advertise
    Braless is best for me...bark
  • Reuben Rennick 2012/06/26 19:10:22
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    Reuben Rennick
    That Juicy pants is pretty bad already. juicy pants pretty
  • lionheart 2012/06/26 18:59:38
    Ex-boyfriend’s clothes
    women in men's clothes
    women wearing men s sweats
    women wearing men s sweats
  • salvato... lionheart 2012/06/28 10:52:33
  • Jacob 2012/06/26 18:51:59
    Heels you can't walk in
    I just saw this the other day. One of the girls living upstairs almost biffed it walling down to her car. Sorry girls but I don't want to take you to the ER for our date.
  • Jacob Jacob 2012/06/26 18:56:55
    To be honest I like the words at the butt. Gives me something to read while looking. Lol. As for the rest I can live with other then them high heels
  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2012/06/26 18:34:47
    Heels you can't walk in
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    They look stupid!
  • Jenni 2012/06/26 18:19:40
    Ex-boyfriend’s clothes
    You don't put the word juicy on your ass and not expect us to read it! And by the way, that's the worst word to put. If your ass is juicy see a doctor okay? That is not something you pride about, that is somethiung you keep to yourself.If you're gonna put juicy on the back just put itchy on the front!
  • MiMi 2012/06/26 17:56:23
    Heels you can't walk in
  • AkaiKiba18 2012/06/26 17:51:32
    Heels you can't walk in
    I was going to choose clothes with writing on the butt. But I realized that really high heels can be dangerous and wearing them is just plain stupid. Wear shoes that you can walk in because honestly, no one really cares about your shoes
  • David (oYo) 2012/06/26 17:39:56
  • Big Battles 2012/06/26 17:34:36
    Heels you can't walk in
    Big Battles
    Clothes with writing on the butt is one thing Heels you can't walk in is just plain idiotic if your going to wear heels at least be comfortable with em.
  • wqerwqerwe 2012/06/26 17:12:21
    Undergarments that false advertise
    If your body isn't the way you want it work out or live with it. Don't try to convince guys its something that its not....
  • ♥Goober♥ 2012/06/26 17:08:06
    Clothes with writing on the butt
    Can you say, someone's drawing way too much attention to their butt?
  • PokerFace 2012/06/26 16:20:08
    Heels you can't walk in
    though i do that :S
  • TwistedArtisan 2012/06/26 16:13:20
    Heels you can't walk in
    my friend broke her leg falling down the stairs in stilettos. She wears only sneakers now
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