What's The Real Meaning Behind A Yawn?

Living 2010/06/29 13:00:00
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Next time you see someone yawn, take a closer look. They may be into you.

Experts at the first-ever International Conference on Yawning agreed that a range of emotional triggers probably sets off a yawn, including stress and sexual desire, ABC News reports.

Yes, there was an International Conference on Yawning.

Dutch academic and author Wolter Seuntjens believes some forms of yawning send out an erotic subliminal message.

And we thought we were just tired.

Do You Think Yawning Sends Out An Erotic Message?

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/yawning-experts-hold-...

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  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2010/06/29 15:43:43
    No, this is junk science.
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    "there was an International Conference on Yawning." That sentence made me facepalm.

    Sexual desires my fanny. When I yawn, I'm tired. Not horny.

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  • debadow 2011/04/24 22:35:13
    Yes, it makes sense.
    Also could mean you need oxygen
  • ewwit'sme 2010/09/26 09:53:20
    No, this is junk science.
    No, yawning can mean that your bored or tired, just like I was while reading this article.
  • Mark 2010/06/30 12:19:41
    No, this is junk science.
    It may be a cover up to looking at someone, but the yawn itself has no erotic meaning. lol
  • SimsNerd 2010/06/30 09:52:49
    No, this is junk science.
    lol, when i yawn its cause im tired or bored.
  • Yes, it makes sense.
    Well, I've seen my friends cover up staring at people with fake yawns. No, there isn't any science behind it, but it doesn't mean the person's not into you
  • Carlo 2010/06/30 06:30:01 (edited)
    No, this is junk science.
    I think its because you can make someone else yawn if you do. So does that mean they both are sending this message?.

    How many of you yawned too while responding to this question?

    And why can we do that over the phone too. Even if we think the other person didn't know we yawned?.....do do do do do do.......wooooooooooo lol

    That conference is just another reason for some guys to get out of town to cheat on their wives or girlfriends. And if they buy it then.........
  • Kate 2010/06/30 06:29:01
    No, this is junk science.
    it means your tired or bored. don't scientists have anything more important to study?
  • may 2010/06/30 05:57:24 (edited)
    Yes, it makes sense.
    yawning means you're tired or bored!
  • Benji 2010/06/30 05:19:54
    Yes, it makes sense.
    For some odd reason whenever I am around a good looking girl I have yawned... very interesting
  • Nessie-boo 2010/06/30 05:11:11
    No, this is junk science.
    That is a piece of Baloney!! I read in a science book that you yawn because your brain needs more oxygen... so uhh... Yeah... COWS RULE!!!
  • dolphin-gab 2010/06/30 03:58:44
    No, this is junk science.
    seriously...? a conference for YAWNING??? we're really running out of things to do in this country...
  • ~Country Girl~ 2010/06/30 03:55:57
    No, this is junk science.
    ~Country Girl~
    A conference? Seriously?

    Yawning is for cooling the brain. Morons.
  • Carlo ~Countr... 2010/06/30 06:36:24
    Cooling the brain huh? I think you shouldn't use the word "morons" so loosely on this subject, because your probably wrong. Show your source!
  • ~Countr... Carlo 2010/06/30 17:25:04
    ~Country Girl~
    I should reword that. Cooling the brain is a theory, like yawning when your tired is also a theory.
  • ¢нι¢нι ~[mdв ♥ gkg]~ 2010/06/30 03:42:06
    No, this is junk science.
    ¢нι¢нι ~[mdв ♥ gkg]~
    sounds like b.s to me, but who am i to judge?
    i have heard it means you're hungry, or tired.
  • Steven 2010/06/30 03:31:42
    No, this is junk science.
    Not enough oxygen to the brain makes more sense. When I'm tired, sex is the last thing on my mind.
  • rasheena 2010/06/30 02:52:45
    No, this is junk science.
  • Kalayaan 001 2010/06/30 02:24:24
    No, this is junk science.
    Kalayaan 001
    What!?! An "International Conference on Yawning"?

    Oh, wow!
  • RavëIzKing 2010/06/30 02:03:50
    No, this is junk science.
  • ♥Carebear♥ 2010/06/30 01:54:04
    No, this is junk science.
    wow ppl nave nothing better to do these days then have an international conference on yawning!!!!! thats pathetic!!!! when i yawn its cuz im tired or i saw someone else yawn cuz that always makes me yawn
  • Binny<3 2010/06/30 01:24:23
    No, this is junk science.
    Your'e dumb for asking this. ! junk science dumb
  • LoudMouthGirl13 2010/06/30 00:54:11
    No, this is junk science.
    Really come on!! I would've belived them if they said something like "Boys and girls may yawn so they can gt a sneak peek at their crush" not something like this. I yawn because im tired not cause I want jump some boys bones.
  • Loki_Laufeyson 2010/06/30 00:48:06
  • No, this is junk science.
    cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
  • ZombieLove 2010/06/29 22:46:08
    No, this is junk science.
    Lol! Gobbies!!!!!
    junk science lol gobbies
  • Crazy Bill 2010/06/29 22:27:14
    No, this is junk science.
    Crazy Bill
    WTF? A yawn is just that, a yawn. How can that be taken as a sexual thing??
  • Domino 2010/06/29 22:20:03
    No, this is junk science.
    yawning is yawning --plain and simple
  • Chey 2010/06/29 21:31:32
    No, this is junk science.
    Nursing school taught us that it was your brain not receiving enough oxygen. but, if you want to believe this, then it's ok.
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2010/06/29 21:29:51 (edited)
    Yes, it makes sense.
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    I've yawned before to get a girl's attention. But sometimes I've done so accident, and whenever I yawn I'm either tired or I'm stressed. Yes we all do it for those reasons but I figure that since I'm kind of a horny little kid, I do it because I can't take the sexual frustration, let it all go with a yawn ...
  • Kris Says Hi 2010/06/29 21:23:52
    Yes, it makes sense.
    Kris Says Hi

    I'm getting excited, makes me want to yawn all night long.
  • britt521 2010/06/29 21:10:39
    No, this is junk science.
    I yawn all the time. It means im tired not sexual dire! Were did they get this crazy idea?
  • Lerro DeHazel 2010/06/29 20:49:56
    No, this is junk science.
    Lerro DeHazel
    I used to run track when I was in High School, and I yawned one-heckuva-lot while I was warming up. However, once I started my race, etc. I never yawned at all. Not even once. I still remember that as beng a big mystery in my lifetime. It was about the fartherest one can get from being anything sexual . . . Running the 440 Yard Dash or participating in the Mile Relay, etc.
  • raincolors 2010/06/29 20:29:09
    No, this is junk science.
    i'm not sure what to think. I'm like not thinking today . . . :P
  • Koatz 2010/06/29 19:58:11
    No, this is junk science.
    I've never yawned when I'm attracted to someone. This is b.s. science.
  • Eddie 2010/06/29 19:46:12
    No, this is junk science.
  • Vapidifull 2010/06/29 19:44:31
    No, this is junk science.
    I Must Yawn Like..15 Times In Math Class Per Day.
    I'm NOT Into Math. I Hate It With A Deep Burning Passion.
  • ALL_BAND_FAN 2010/06/29 19:36:36
    No, this is junk science.
    ?????? lots of people yawn and none of them are into me
  • RawRsaurus 2010/06/29 19:18:04
    No, this is junk science.
    Oh, yes. Yawning is a surefire implication you want to get down and dirty. I suggest all women yawn when going on a date with a prospective partner. I'm sure he will get the message.

    yawning surefire implication dirty women yawn date prospective partner message
  • Happy Face 2010/06/29 19:08:20
    No, this is junk science.
    Happy Face
    I don't believe I have ever yawned out of desire... but who knows?
  • it'skrissie!d:) 2010/06/29 19:06:48
    No, this is junk science.
    So...I desire Math class? Or I desire this question? Because this question just made me want to yawn.

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