Whats the point of elevated dog dishes?

666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/04/10 23:57:12
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  • Vitalani 2012/04/19 07:58:09
    Health reasons and comfort.
  • Jordan 2012/04/19 06:01:00
    So that they don't have to bend down to eat. It's easier on larger and old dogs, such as my mini schnauzer who has arthriris.
  • megan 2012/04/15 23:26:24
    So that dogs especially large breed or elderly dogs do not gulp so much air which causes a life threatening stomach twisting called bloat. It is also easier on old dogs.
  • bricklyn 2012/04/11 04:06:26
    Some dogs like great Dane has digestion problems and need their bowls elevated to prevent the gastric torsion which can be a life threatening disease.

  • Mr Wayne 2012/04/11 00:04:13
    Mr Wayne
    make it more comfortable for them
  • Dale 2012/04/11 00:02:14
    For my, or I should say my dog's, dog dish, it is because he is getting very old and it seems to help with his comfort in eating. And anything that I can do to make his life more tolerable is good for me. He is a rescued dog and I figure he has already put in enough time being inconvienced and I am just trying to make his life as good and pleasent as possible.

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