What's the difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin?

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  • Beltazar deadhea... 2010/02/05 17:17:44
    LMAO.. u so crack me up...
  • big 2010/02/01 02:58:53
    virgin is young, maybe in the teens. Extra virgin must be in their 20's
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2010/02/01 02:55:02 (edited)
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    The oil goes through a series of extractions and tests and it's the processing along with taste that makes the difference. It's like the tasting of a wine and what makes a wine fine or not.

    They also good differently. A Extra Virgin will burn at a higher temperature pretty fast so it's not a great oil or high heat cooking.

    What is ‘Virgin?’
    A Virgin means mechanical extraction. The oil or juice is extracted by machines with no chemicals used in the process.

    What is ‘Extra’?
    A. Mechanically extracted (virgin) olive oil is not all the same quality. 'Extra' is the highest quality and is thus classified because it goes through a battery of tests, both laboratory (analytical) as well as 'taste' (a cutting by an olive oil master similar to the way wines are taste tested). Virgin olive oil that is judged to have ‘no defects’ is classified as extra. So ‘extra virgin’ means – mechanically extracted olive juice that passes laboratory and taste testing with no defects.

    Olive oil with slight defects, but that is still good for human consumption is classified as ‘Fine’. Low quality oil with numerous defects is classified as either ‘Ordinary’ or ‘Lampante’ (lamp oil). This oil is either used for industrial purposes or is chemically refined.
  • TruBluTopaz 2010/02/01 02:49:45
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from the first pressing of the olives. It's supposed to have a cleaner taste.
  • richie 2010/02/01 02:38:47
  • mike224 richie 2010/02/01 04:20:57
    did you seriously just misspell muslim?
  • steve "Democrats have commi... 2010/02/01 02:24:36
    steve "Democrats have committed Treason on their country"
    Well.... "Extra Virgin" is when she really hasn't had sexual intercourse with a man.

    "Virgin" is when she hasn't had sex in over a year. extra virgin sexual intercourse virgin sex year
  • jj ~ssǝuʞɹɐp ɟo uǝǝnb~ 2010/02/01 02:23:06
    jj ~ssǝuʞɹɐp ɟo uǝǝnb~
    who gives
  • Dandydon 2010/02/01 02:16:53
    A couple of bucks?
  • Philo-Publius 2010/02/01 02:10:54
    The value of my Wikipedia stock drops each time a question like this is asked on here, Belle... sheesh!

    ...luckily my SodaHead stock goes up a commensurate amount.

    ...that reminds me... I need to talk to old Fef about the status of my dividend check... anybody seen that guy?
  • corrinne 2010/02/01 01:57:58
    Extra Virgin olive oil comes from the very first pressing of the olives. Virgin comes from the second.
  • Moderated corrinne 2010/02/01 02:03:15
    Thank you!!!
  • Mrs. V corrinne 2010/02/01 03:40:48
    Mrs. V
    I couldn't say it better myself. I prefer Extra Virgin from one country of origin if possible.
  • MrDazzling~ 2010/02/01 01:57:54
    Depends on how many fingers it took to remove the pit! ; )
  • Eddie 2010/02/01 01:54:03
    One has done oral...the other hasn't.
  • dc100 2010/02/01 01:50:54
  • Moderated dc100 2010/02/01 01:51:44

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