What's the best way to get revenge on your cheating ex-boyfriend?

La Saria 2009/08/04 16:28:11
This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
Revenge is not my thing...
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My ex-boyfriend was a sweet heart at first but then became a controlling jerk. Then he started hitting me. I found out he was cheating on me but I let it slide. I took his crap and beatings for three months until the day I got my revenge. I called the cops and he's now behind bars. What's your story?
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  • boots 2009/08/05 19:27:53
    This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
    ive never had to do anything crazy like get revenge or anything but if i really wanted to do someone in..id put contraband in his car and when you know hes driving call the police and have him arrested for drugs...he wants to cheat he likes sex he can have all the sex he wants in prison....but thank god i dont have to deal with dating anymore.

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  • fluffy 2009/08/05 06:37:47
    This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
    Ooh,they don't call me,"Scandelous",for no reason..
    Here's what I have done..I have had sex with their brothers,best friends,bandmembers,business asssociates,GIRLFRIENDS,ex-gi...
    Befriend their ex girlfriend,never let them kno it bothers you when u walk away.
    Once upon a time when I thought my ex was having an affair w his office staff..I fucked her boyfriend.Yeahhhh!
  • Nana fluffy 2012/05/02 18:56:38
    Way To Go!!! LOLZ
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  • Jamie.B... fluffy 2012/12/02 16:40:44
  • Shacora... fluffy 2013/07/12 06:37:15
    Shacora Dudley
    I'm loving it , thanks
  • Kwalete... fluffy 2013/11/28 06:45:36
  • Kwalete... fluffy 2013/11/28 06:46:35
  • Kwalete... fluffy 2013/11/28 06:52:33
  • Kwalete... fluffy 2013/11/28 06:54:46
  • Kwalete... fluffy 2013/11/28 06:56:37
  • bradley... fluffy 2014/03/13 03:14:46
  • flo 2009/08/05 00:14:14
    This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
    showed up with a better looking and dressed guy in a corvettte - see yah loser
  • Dee 2009/08/04 23:23:51
    Revenge is not my thing...
    He's not worth it move on it someone for you that better.
  • Mala 2009/08/04 22:45:56
    Revenge is not my thing...
    get the over it.
    lifes way to short to fuck someone over that already fucked you over.
  • Nana Mala 2012/05/02 18:48:50
    Why get over it when getting even is just soooo much fun?!
  • vanessa Nana 2013/06/25 20:42:33
  • spunkster 2009/08/04 22:26:32
    Revenge is not my thing...
    I don't date that type of man and would NEVER allow someone to abuse me, so I don't need revenge.
  • nikkiro... spunkster 2013/04/15 14:18:41
    Nobody dates that type of man. Nobody dreams of having a guy who bitchslaps her,or breaks her arm in front of the kids. Never,ever,say never.if u have never walked in another's shoes,u shouldn't judge them,and nothing lasts gorever
  • nikkiro... spunkster 2013/04/15 14:27:44
    Nobody dates that type of man. Nobody dreams of having a guy who bitchslaps her,or breaks her arm in front of the kids. Never,ever,say never.if u have never walked in someone else's shoes.u r not exempt from falling victim.this can happen to anyone,regardless if socioeconomic status. It does not discriminate.and as far as not needing revenge,bitch we r all human,maybe uve yet to execute a plan,but being human,uve thought about it. I hope u never do have to experience anything like this. But if u do, get out as fast as possible.
  • ++evanescence++ 2009/08/04 21:57:15
    This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
  • Purebloodfantasies 2009/08/04 21:55:05
    Revenge is not my thing...
    it'll only leave you in a worse position than the one you were in before. believe me
  • WhoaIt'sSarah. 2009/08/04 21:54:47
    This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
    I broke up with him. then i told his new girlfreind to watch out 'cause if he cheated on ME then he sure as hell will cheat on HER! ~very glad that ur ex is behind bars~
  • Ashley 2009/08/04 19:52:09
    This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
    tell his new girl that he has a problem getting it up haha
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2009/08/04 19:30:22
    Revenge is not my thing...
    Get a better boyfriend.
  • tattdupmommy 2009/08/04 18:56:36
    Revenge is not my thing...
    take it as it is. He didn't deserve you anyway. Move on and be happy. Besides that'll piss them off even more
  • maranderan 2009/08/04 18:31:44
    Revenge is not my thing...
    I'm glad you called the cops and got him in trouble - he deserved that punishment. Guys like him are NOT worth your time!

    In the past I'd let it slide, or cheat on them to get revenge. I felt like if they didn't want to be loyal to me, I sure as hell wasn't going to loyal to them.
    As it may be, I've never cheated on a boy unless he cheated first (I've had 5 "steady" relationships within the past four years, every single one was a cheater! even the "others" i dated in between.) Now I realize that I was just as bad as they were though.
  • roflstephy 2009/08/04 18:29:42
    Revenge is not my thing...
    If he's my ex and is still controlling, call the cops.
    I wouldn't get revenge by breaking things cause then I'm the one who's gonna have to pay.
  • ☺MusicChild☺ 2009/08/04 18:14:05
    Revenge is not my thing...
    id just dump him,hes just another boyfriend.
    but a cheating husband is a diff. story
  • JUAN 2009/08/04 17:35:43
    Revenge is not my thing...
    Your x is Self destructive.
    In his mind he hurts himself.

    then it is easy to hurt others.

    Be careful.

    If you would like to help all those in need of foreclosure help.
  • Bored Stiff 2009/08/04 17:12:17
    Revenge is not my thing...
    Bored Stiff
    Don't think about "revenge". Exacting revenge on an abusive person means that you want him to hurt for what he did and "change", which means, you still care about him. Cut the emotional ties completely, and do it for YOU. I know how hard it is to cut those ties completely, but you have to make it about you and not him. Abusers only care about one person, and it's certainly not the person they abuse. Playing the back and forth, revenge seeking game with him, will only continue the cycle.

    Instead, think about the kind of treatment you deserve from a partner and go out and find him. Be happy and love healthily. Don't you think YOU deserve that?
  • WILLA Bored S... 2009/08/04 18:18:17 (edited)
    i say put a lot of scars on him,something that will show on him for life,and then never speak to the jerk again.a man that beats a woman is not a man but a coward.if he wants to beat up on you,send him to mike tyson...
  • bye 2009/08/04 16:59:13
    Revenge is not my thing...
    well if he is your 'ex' boyfriend shouldn't you try to move?
  • jessiesgirl4463 2009/08/04 16:51:43
    This is how I got revenge on my cheating boyfriend...
    find someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated...
  • WILLA jessies... 2009/08/04 18:32:00
    if you go with a guy six mo.and he has not talked about marriage,get rid of the jerk,,he is just useing you.gods plan is still marriage,,anything outside of that is adultry.lif is more than that..
  • jessies... WILLA 2009/08/04 18:36:22
    is six months really long enough? i mean to be discussing marriage?
  • WILLA jessies... 2009/08/05 02:45:25
    it really depends on the person.if he is a guy with rings in his noss ,lip,eye brow,or any where else,well then he is a bum and dont deserve you,if you know that he has tried to live an upright life and is trying to build for the future,then i,m sure that he would be glad to include you in his plans.i,m sure that you know that there are different classes of people,so on a scale from one to ten, dont accept anyone under a six and you will probly enjoy a very happy life..
  • jessies... WILLA 2009/08/06 16:57:10
    good point!
  • roxane WILLA 2012/05/31 21:33:37
    So I was dating this guy for 2 weeks only and one day he just started ignoring me and he ignores me sine 3 months now. But since 3 weeks he keeps being mean and hanging out with MY friends!! It's really annoying.I want a revenge but can't because I'm only 13 so there are teachers always around... I need help..

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