What's the Best Pet Halloween Costume?

Living 2011/10/26 19:00:00
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When you're dressing up for Halloween, don't forget your pet! Americans are expected to spend $310 million on pet costumes this year, according to a new survey. Recession? What recession?

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will shell out $2.5 billion on Halloween costumes this year: $1 billion on children’s costumes, $1.2 billion on adult costumes and $310 million on pet costumes.

The average person will spend $72.31 on Halloween candy, costumes and décor, bringing total damage to $6.86 billion -- the most in the survey’s nine-year history. Like last year, the most popular pet costume will be pumpkin (10.7 percent).

The rest of the top 10 list includes: devil, hot dog (our personal favorite), bee, cat, witch, bowties/fancy collars/bandanas, pirate, dog, ghost. We have to say, "dog" and "cat" aren't very creative -- unless you're dressing your dog as a cat and your cat as a dog!

But Halloween can be "scary" for pets -- literally. "Halloween treats often contain chocolate. Most people already know that chocolate can be toxic for pets, but chocolate isn't the only thing in candy that can be dangerous for pets. Sometimes dogs will eat candy whole, including wrappers, lollipop sticks or anything else that might be attached. This might lead to an intestinal blockage that might not show up for days," says Dr. Ron DeHaven, chief executive officer of The American Veterinary Medical Association.

Putting tricks and treats aside, do you think Halloween costumes for pets are a waste of money? Or harmless fun?
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  • maria.jai 2011/11/12 00:48:51
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    i cant watch

    Did somebody say psych evaluation for pet owners engaging Halloween costumes for their animals?
  • Ben 2011/10/31 04:41:24
    Hot dog
    Heck, I didn't even know you had to dress your pets up in costumes on Halloween.
  • john.potoczak 2011/10/28 04:22:03
    Hot dog
    Gotta sat I agree with the others who were saying they look cute but but every dog is gonna put up with outfits so I feel alot of it us dependent on how resistent your dog is to wearing it
  • Untouched 2011/10/27 18:17:44
    Hot dog
    awww, they're so cute
  • Brendakp 2011/10/27 17:36:39
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    Here's my view on pets wearing costumes. If they fight you when you try to get them in it, don't do it! I have to admit that they do have some really cute ones.





    yo quero taco bell
  • Untouched Brendakp 2011/10/27 18:19:00
    LOL, the second one is hilarious. is it that lil alien from star wars? :)) or smth
  • Brendakp Untouched 2011/10/27 18:22:09
    Yes, he's Yoda.
  • Untouched Brendakp 2011/10/27 18:28:20
    cute :D
  • Ginster 2011/10/27 17:18:29
    thats what my dog was!!!
  • Jazzy 2011/10/27 15:57:18
  • Sheled Umlal 2011/10/27 15:50:19
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    Sheled Umlal
    Paw pets...
  • cin 2011/10/27 15:36:07
    Hot dog
    Hot dog is my second favorite my first is a piggy (: we take our dogs trik'r treetin with us so they get to dress up too. This year we found a lobster costume lol.
  • Josh Robinson R.P.2012' PWCM. 2011/10/27 15:25:01
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    Josh Robinson  R.P.2012' PWCM.
    What sucks about this pet-o-phelia is how accepted and now celebrated it has become.....
  • Josh Ro... Josh Ro... 2011/10/27 15:54:47
  • Hermione Granger Fan 2011/10/27 15:22:18
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    Hermione Granger Fan
    How would you like it if your dog dressed you up in a costume such as a hotdog or a pumpkin?
  • cin Hermion... 2011/10/27 15:26:09
    that. Would be cute.
  • Neon_Flame 2011/10/27 15:09:55
    As long as you don't go overboard and torment your pet...
  • Super awesome single mama 2011/10/27 15:06:04
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    Super awesome single mama
    Poor pets!
  • Sass 2011/10/27 15:03:10
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    These poor pets that their humans dress up look miserable--just look at their faces in pics when they have human incumbrances on. Pets aren't children, nor are they furry little humans.
  • steph.cox 2011/10/27 14:42:29
    stupid dog. he hasn't got a clue devil dog
  • Anaksa Moon 2011/10/27 14:38:12
    Anaksa Moon
    Pets look so cute when they are all dressed up!!!
  • 001 2011/10/27 14:27:13
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    Something small and simple, like a little witch hat or a spooky bandana. It's cute and your pet won't hate you for it. I really feel sorry for pets with complete costumes.
  • synful90 2011/10/27 14:18:44 (edited)
    i personally wouldn't dress mine up he'd rip it to shreds lol but i think all pet costumes are adorable funny pet costumes funny pet costumes funny cat costumes
  • FIDAN Ylee 2011/10/27 14:12:15
  • synful90 FIDAN Ylee 2011/10/27 14:21:18
    haha the first one's face is like "mom why?!"
  • FIDAN Ylee synful90 2011/10/27 14:24:42
    FIDAN Ylee
  • cin FIDAN Ylee 2011/10/27 15:29:36
    ohhhhhh mannnnn those are so effin cute!! Lol :D I just wanna squish em all. Now that's the real danger of looking cute....
  • Untouched cin 2011/10/27 18:20:27
    agree :))
  • Ted 2011/10/27 13:29:11
    Gotta admit; the look on this dogs face tells it all. If I were him, I think I'd be thinking the same thing; WTF?
  • jimbo999 2011/10/27 12:26:14
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    However, how about if a person does that to their pet, the person and the pet dress up as each other.
  • Yoru Azenia 2011/10/27 12:17:12
  • 001 Yoru Az... 2011/10/27 14:30:22
  • Yoru Az... 001 2011/10/28 01:19:28
  • LdyLeo 2011/10/27 12:02:36
    Hot dog
  • p18711 2011/10/27 11:54:03
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    THat's were your summerbbq went !!! It wasn't obama after all (310,000,000 wright)
  • rani 2011/10/27 09:51:58
    look like
  • Jay0Byrd 2011/10/27 07:57:59
  • Vincent Von Dudler 2011/10/27 07:46:48
    Hot dog
    Vincent Von Dudler
    Just a sucker for hotdogs. :D
  • Kigan 2011/10/27 07:44:46 (edited)
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    I just love the faces of these poor animals.

    Some have the "I'm going to kill you" look. Others are less aggressive and settle for the "Really? You're really doing this?" look.

    Or there is the "What did I do to deserve this?" guilt trip look.
  • DFA 2011/10/27 07:11:18
    Pets shouldn't wear costumes
    Opposite of costumes!!!

    shaved cat

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