What's considered fair when allocating sleeping arrangements on a group cabin trip?

carmen 2012/01/30 08:55:13
My friends and I are going on a trip and renting a cabin. The cabin only sleeps 8, yet 10 of us are going, all couples. There are three bedrooms with a queen bed in each, and the living room has a queen sized convertible couch. One couple immediately said they'd be fine on the floor with an air mattress. Three couples said that they wanted a bedroom, so they all got them. The last couple got the couch. Those with a bedroom were also assigned to bring most of the food, so the two couples sleeping on the couch and floor wouldn't have to spend as much money on the trip being that their sleeping arrangements weren't ideal. After costs were properly calculated and people prepaid their share of the cabin cost, the couple to be sleeping on an air mattress decided that now they wanted a room because that very weekend they needed to try to get pregnant. Well, two of the couples with bedrooms refused to give up their rooms due to health issues. Understandable. The third couple with a room was my bf and I. My bf, being not very flexible or giving, refused as well, although we have no specific reason to need a room- no health or baby-planning issues. Were we in the wrong to not give up our room? Was the couple who was planning for a baby being unreasonable? I felt that if they're trying to do something as important as getting pregnant, shouldn't they have planned this before telling everyone they wouldn't mind the air mattress, and then at the last minute expect us to push us out of their room because they weren't thinking ahead about their pregnancy planning? If it were so important, shouldn't they had called dibs on a room when they were initially asked?
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  • jimih67 2012/01/30 18:48:08
    Too bad for them. They said they would be fine on the floor, then after they got the discount, they decided they want the room. If anybody was to give up the room, the other couple should have to reimburse them the extra cost. Besides, the baby doesn't care where it was conceived. Tell them to get freaky on the floor. Or everybody else can go hiking or something, leaving the other couple behind to do their thing. Just make sure they bring their own sheets.
  • carmen jimih67 2012/01/30 20:59:39
    THANK YOU! I completely agree with you!! :)
  • Bingo's Faddah 2012/01/30 15:52:25
    Bingo's Faddah
    Great planning Carmen! Next time consider more than 2 in a bed. Much more fun and increased possibilities!

    planning carmen 2 bed fun increased possibilities
  • carmen 2012/01/30 08:58:55
    Correction: "at the last minute expect us to be fine with getting pushed out of our room because they weren't thinking ahead..."

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