What's an Appropriate Age for a Child to Get Their Own Facebook Page?

Living 2012/03/02 19:00:00
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We've talked about Facebook leading to break-ups (divorce lawyers say it does), we've talked about the new Facebook timeline (most people don't like the updated look), heck...we've even talked about how the majority of you feel addicted to the Internet (61 percent and counting.) But now it's time to talk about Facebook... and age appropriateness.

With ever-evolving features and layouts, Facebook continues to have a big impact on how people interact in the digital world they've created for themselves -- but how soon is too soon? Once you open a Facebook account, it's official: you've started the process of leaving a digital footprint in the world -- for anyone to discover. Is that something a kid in elementary school is ready for? Or do you think Facebook is more of a harmless pastime for someone of any age group to enjoy? That's for you to decide. What do you think is an appropriate age for someone to get a Facebook account?

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  • Awwmandawashere 2012/03/02 19:37:37 (edited)
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    Parents shouldn't let their children have Facebooks until they are old enough. My mom made me wait until I was old enough to make one but you see on facebook 7 year olds that's a perfect way for a pedophile to get his hands on your children. They need to be mature enough to understand the dangers that are on the internet. I actually didn't make one until I was a Freshmen in high school. I mean Facebook isn't all that great to begin with why do we need little children on social media sites?

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  • kim 2012/03/15 18:53:59
    10 - 12 years old
    Parents can monitor them and put a limit on how long their on it for so why not
  • MARK WELLS 2012/03/15 18:45:19
    14 - 17 years old
  • Zacky D 2012/03/15 09:35:18
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    Zacky D
    Teenager. Sounds about right, but it is their responsibility to act mature.
  • Rob Williams 2012/03/15 09:00:52
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    Rob Williams
    Actually I think that any age can be appropriate provided there is adequate parental supervision. What tends to happen, though, is that too many parents abdicate that responsibility to Facebook and let it become child minder, role model, supervisor, etc.
  • Josephina tawhai 2012/03/15 07:38:06
    18 years old and above
    Josephina tawhai
    sometimes when parents are not around, children can still contact people who they do not know. and give them their address which is a safety hazard. Some people may use an identity that is not really their's and they could be some sort of stalker or sicko. That is why i believe children shoudln't have a facebook account. (for safety reasons. )
  • Teh MIg... Josephi... 2012/03/16 21:46:28
    Teh MIghty Pyro
    Can you name anyone who is that stupid?
  • Scoobe Teh MIg... 2012/03/18 21:19:19
    Not that I subscribe to 18, but I certainly don't want to lock the door after the crook already got in my house.
  • Josephi... Teh MIg... 2012/03/22 02:30:49
    Josephina tawhai
    no, i was just saying, it may not always happen they can have a facebook page if they want, but still they will need adult supervision.
  • Reach130 Josephi... 2012/03/17 13:10:49
    Once you turn like 12, you get really scary and freaky talks on e-safety - you won't EVER talk to any strangers on ANY social networking sites... trust me...
  • Scoobe Reach130 2012/03/23 01:09:31
    But that doesn't always work. When I was 13 I got really scary talks about the use of drugs. I was told what drugs had what effect on you. I was even shown some pretty graphic videos. What did I do with that info you ask? I knew exactly what drugs to take and in what amounts so I would not OD or other wise seriously injure myself. There is a t least one in every crowd. :-)
  • Abel Garcia 2012/03/15 03:33:36
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    Abel Garcia
    its best for them to be monitored cause young people lie about there age an get them selfs in to trouble
  • Scoobe Abel Ga... 2012/03/18 21:20:10
    what?! Young people lie about their age. Say it isn't so.
  • Kevin Wayne 2012/03/15 03:09:09
    10 - 12 years old
    Kevin Wayne
    When I was a teenager, I wouldn't have liked the limitations or over-protectiveness of people today.
  • John Payzant 2012/03/15 03:03:29
    18 years old and above
    John Payzant
    18 years old and above
  • kiki 2012/03/15 02:05:47
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    I chose 13 because that is when you are considered to be a teenager, but it still depends on how mature the person is.
  • laurie.loveridge 2012/03/15 01:35:51
    7 - 9 years old
    I have recently set my 9 year old daughter up with her own FB account, so she can play the games with her friends. The profile is set to private & she is only connected to friends & family that I have suggested to her. I am in full control of her account & monitor her use constantly. Yes there is the risk of her seeing things that I might not wish for her to view but then the same can be said for being in a shop or watching the telly, even being at school can expose her to things that I might find inappropriate. FB is only a danger to them that are not monitored & just left to get on with it.
  • Arta Amiti 2012/03/15 00:00:23
    10 - 12 years old
    Arta Amiti
    i would rather pick one that says ' 11- 13 years old' if there was one because i was a bit too young when i got my facebook account, but my parents let me. Like 9 yrs old or something. i just wanted one back then because my older brother had one and i thought it was cool. lol? well, I think its the parents' decision on how old kids are when they get them.
  • Marleneemm 2012/03/14 21:01:47
    18 years old and above
    Anything younger than this and you're asking for Trouble.
    If a child who's younger gets a Facebook page then you open up a whole
    can of worms~ someone who doesn't like them could begin to harass them on it.
    or a clique could begin to say things and the child could end up committing suicide.
  • redroses Marleneemm 2012/03/19 04:51:46
    That happens at school as well, except on Facebook you have more of a choice about who you talk to. Although anyone under fourteen shouldn't be on there.
  • Marleneemm redroses 2012/04/03 15:10:33
    Thirteen is a bit too young for me, I say older like 17.
    thirteen year olds are still vunerable at that age.
    The older a person is when they go on facebook the better it is.
    They're lived thru alot of things~life can be really hard and sometimes
    other people can be cruel. I have heard of kids killing themselves cause they've
    been taunted on their facebook pages by other kids who don't like them.
  • rawtruth 2012/03/14 20:17:21
    7 - 9 years old
    any age is really appropriate it's all in how you raise your children
  • cuzzbuzzla 2012/03/14 19:34:40
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    when the child's parents say it is ok. parental responsibility. what a concept!
  • BILL 2012/03/14 19:29:51
    18 years old and above
    After they leave home
  • DoReMiR... BILL 2012/04/21 21:26:16
    Well they could leave home at like 25 or 30 years old, or maybe they would never leave home so I don't think that's fair. :I
  • BILL DoReMiR... 2012/04/22 01:05:20
  • DoReMiR... BILL 2012/04/22 16:35:41
    Wow. .-.
  • BILL DoReMiR... 2012/04/22 20:54:27
    Your right stupid answer, that should be a decision between the child and the parents, but 18 is a good age
  • DoReMiR... BILL 2012/04/23 23:02:13
    Well I'll respect your opinion. :)
  • Martin McCabe 2012/03/14 18:56:54
    18 years old and above
    Martin McCabe
    Why should minors be publicizing their lives?
  • Bribri 2012/03/14 18:54:33
    14 - 17 years old
    I would have to admit, i think i got mine to young. but even though 13 is minimun age, I dont think its the right age to get one.
  • benvolio 2012/03/14 18:45:43
    18 years old and above
    I know for a fact that a child of ANY age can get an account. Sad but true! Open season for sexual pretators. :(
  • Reece 2012/03/14 18:42:21 (edited)
    14 - 17 years old
    It could do with being raised by at least a year I think. 13 is just a little too young for social networks like facebook. Kids who go on facebook can easily get addicted if they are not careful. Kids should be out, socialising, exercising, etc.

    I only really use facebook to keep in touch with relatives who live down south. That's all I need it for.

    EDIT: Good point LAwoman. I never thought of that. It does make sense. If kids don't cosialise in the real world, they will struggle with life in general. They need to be able to socialise in real life if they are to survive in the real world.
  • OblivousPain 2012/03/14 18:40:45
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    If it is the youngest age you can get then of course. But if I thought they were mature enough I might go down to 11.
  • Yaya 2012/03/14 17:57:21
    13 years old (Facebook's minimum age)
    no one under the age of 13 should have there own fb page
  • KateDawg87 2012/03/14 17:34:52
    14 - 17 years old
    From personal experience, I believe 16 to be an appropriate age. Before "facebook", I had a "MySpace". Anything younger, and parents should have passwords and control, I sure wish my parents would have.
  • robert.inabinette 2012/03/14 17:19:34
    14 - 17 years old
    The facebook page should be monitored by parents to make sure everything is proper. Pedophiles and other sex nuts can prey on children.
  • sandra 2012/03/14 17:16:32
    18 years old and above
    I think kids should be doing other things period. Like skipping, playing tag or hide n seek.
    Just doing things,using their imaginations. kids skipping
    And just simply having fun outdoors with alot of friends,no matter how old they are. kids skipping
  • DoReMiR... sandra 2012/04/21 21:27:49
    What happens if they have no friends or they don't have the freedom to go outside? .-.
  • sandra DoReMiR... 2012/04/21 22:36:57
    That would be terrible for the poor kids. Well then I guess it`s up to the parents to play games with them , do puzzles with them , read books, charades,....dancing.... there is so much better stuff that can be done without the computer or T.V.
    When and where does that happen to kids? You mean like sick kids? Where would a kid have no friends?
  • DoReMiR... sandra 2012/04/22 16:42:43
    Yeah sick kids are included. There are some kids who are bed-bound and can't do much of those options. There are many kids across the world that have no friends.

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