What Would I look like with braces?

♥ツ♫Mira Adorkable♫ツ ♥ 2010/07/24 01:07:36
Does anyone know a website where I can upload a picture of me and put braces on it.....I really want to see what i will look like. I don't have the photoshop thing so dont say you can do it with photoshop.....cuz no i really can't. Anyways.....plz help thanks
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  • aniqueen 2015/04/09 00:48:24
  • Bill 2015/03/06 16:55:18
    You'd look Great anyway!! :)
    You can upload on here or Facebook. There's many sites.
  • Julia Fooks 2015/03/05 23:14:21
    Julia Fooks
  • shelby 2014/11/11 22:16:05
    Pretty good
  • skye 2014/09/26 12:26:15
    You can use the apps
    Braces mania
    I will tell u more later
    Actually I'm downloading the apps right now I'll tell u how they work
    I think u will look amazing with braces
    (I think u would look good with blue braces)
  • harmony 2014/06/23 15:43:49
    You would look fantastic
  • unknown 2014/06/03 22:05:49
    well I actually just used an app but im going to tell u this all these apps are lame there not aficiant there is no point in waisting 150 dollars like i did well actually i usec 150 dollars are buying a fake pair but u can buy it for 40 bucks i got it so expencive because i got invisaline and i got a whole bunch of extra caps!!
  • lorrie ... unknown 2015/01/25 04:47:22
    lorrie ward
    *efficient just sayin
  • mariah 2014/03/29 07:01:00
    Go here enjoy and btw this is in spanish sorry but have fun hun!.
  • samar 2014/02/04 09:18:49
    haha i am loking for one right know i wanna know to how i would look
  • daniel 2014/01/24 02:43:37
    What would i look with braces
  • brittany 2013/11/25 19:43:08
    Maybe pretty
  • mary 2013/08/15 01:34:03 (edited)
    There's a realy cool app for I phone I pod and I pad it's called brace yourself so have fun XD
  • zubeida 2013/07/16 00:27:54
    Hopefully you will look good x
  • savanah 2013/07/11 12:07:29
    There's an app called "Virtual Dentist"
  • Mikayla Lynn Galliart 2013/04/15 00:21:10
    Mikayla Lynn Galliart
    I dont reallt know but that's what im looking for cuz I have 2 get braces also
  • lily funderburk 2013/04/14 18:07:23
    lily funderburk
    Umm I was wondering dies anyone know a website where you can upload a photo and put braces on it?I know it is a weird question to ask but you know i am getting braces soon and i am just curious!
  • kolleen 2013/03/25 00:40:34
    I don't Know but I need braces
  • Kaitlynn 2013/02/16 02:15:45
    You would look good with hot pink and purple
  • destnijah 2012/12/23 22:57:59
    if you have an phone or an ipad or ipod touch or any devive you can get the how will i look in braces app for free! hope this helped you if so tell me if not tell me becsuse i run apple and googleplay store
  • zubeida destnijah 2013/07/16 00:26:30
    Lol shut up u do not run apple or google play!
  • Steph M destnijah 2013/12/30 18:34:13
    Steph M
    I can't find it. You lied :'(
  • lola 2012/10/04 21:28:17
  • Baby Zebra 2012/09/21 21:09:07
    Baby Zebra
    I think I would look good in braces
  • Abby 2012/09/06 23:09:14
    no sorry i dont think there is one
  • Kaitlynn Abby 2013/02/16 02:03:36
    Hay Abby is your last name start with a B?And are you in 4th grade in Mrs.Provo's class?And do you go to Pangborn Elementary school
  • Boe boe Kaitlynn 2013/06/07 21:50:09
    Boe boe
    u shouldnt put this information up
  • sissorsluv 2012/08/22 20:56:16
    i would hate myself with braces
  • alison.long.7758 2012/08/04 08:40:14
  • Guy alison.... 2013/02/03 03:27:13
    YOU IDIOT!!!!! thats a dangerous page. alison DAMN YOU!
  • Laura 2012/06/10 03:03:21
    I saw that there was an app for that, it costs $0.99. I downloaded it was really good. Here is the link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/ap... . Hope you like it!
  • Mollyolly12 2012/05/19 19:39:50
    I need braces in a few weeks time, Im not really THAT scared, im worried, or course but not terrified, this might not help, but one of my bestfriends has just had braces put in 2 days ago, and i spent the day with her today, and it honestly made me realise its atually quite hard, the good thing is, you cant eat alot of fruit, like apples, pears, peaches, oranges, ect, ect;;;; but the bad thing is, you cant eat hardly any sweets atleast for the first week or two, but for some people, it could be for the whole time they have braces anything chewy, Gum, chewits, polos, marshmellows, you cant eat or anything hard, candy canes, cookies, galexy chocolate, im really worried though, about how I'd look with braces so i'd also find it helpful if there was a FREE, non FLASHPLAYER website were you can see what you'd look like with different colour braces, ive been told orange isnt a good colour to go for.........:D
  • tailer ... Mollyol... 2013/11/27 06:07:27
    tailer sharkey
    I'm going to the ortho next week for and orientation, to see if I need them for sure and I have a feeling I will look horrible in them. And my friend got them last year and I spent a few days at her house and she could barely eat bread!
  • destnijah 2012/04/13 22:12:29
    i look cute in braces so you should to no matter if anybody laugh or pick on u because they will be your slave later on so tell them "i don't care what u say about me i know i look good and u will be my slave
  • destnijah destnijah 2012/04/13 22:14:53
    thx i told all the kids that were picking on me about braces and they stop messing with me i <3 u for the advise
  • Tia Owens destnijah 2013/03/31 16:37:09
    Tia Owens
    Don't worry about what people say why they so worried bout your mouth
  • Kaitlynn destnijah 2013/02/16 02:05:41
    Good job just don't fight with them even if they pick on you
  • Kaitlynn destnijah 2013/02/16 02:07:37
    What does my slave mean.Are you races?
  • katy Kaitlynn 2013/05/01 14:11:24
    It is a mean word
  • joanncolombrito 2012/02/09 04:34:56

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