What Will Be the Biggest Tech Launch in 2012?

Tech 2012/01/04 00:02:28
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  • angel face 2012/01/07 02:33:45
    iPhone 5
    angel face
    I think its a tie between the iphone and the wii since everyone wants both and maybe playstation lovers too
  • RandomMusicXD 2012/01/07 02:19:02
    iPhone 5
    Yes. :)
  • pool 2012/01/07 00:56:04
    iPad 3
    I think so
  • Chris D 2012/01/07 00:35:48
    PlayStation Vita
    Chris D
    I meant iphone 5!
  • J Montana 2012/01/06 15:46:55
    iPhone 5
    J Montana
    Most likely
  • Valia-chan 2012/01/06 12:40:56
    PlayStation Vita
    I never liked iPhons.And PS Vita sounds awesome!I would like to buy it :)
    iphons ps vita sounds awesomei buy
  • JohnFitzgeral12 2012/01/06 06:02:08
    Google's tablet (TBA)
    Jobs is dead, folks.
  • RubyAnd... JohnFit... 2012/01/06 19:43:30
    Just because Jobs is dead, doesn't mean Apple is dead as well.
  • JohnFit... RubyAnd... 2012/01/07 05:01:30 (edited)
    Not yet it doesn't. But Apple launches rely heavily upon a black turtleneck and jeans.
  • RubyAnd... JohnFit... 2012/01/16 18:06:00
    Maybe... not that I've ever really cared to watch the the launches/keynotes as I like finding things out by using the device... I like Apple for the products that they make, not the people behind the scenes (even though the products are thought of by the people behind the scenes)
  • Rogue_Loner 2012/01/06 03:45:58
  • Silent Bob 2012/01/05 23:31:33
    iPhone 5
    Silent Bob
    None of the above. It's not like I can afford it!
  • Reach130 2012/01/05 17:15:56
    iPhone 5
    Sounds cool...
  • Greenbay 2012/01/05 16:15:58
    iPhone 5
    Too amazing
  • paramorefan11 2012/01/05 15:14:18
    iPhone 5
    im an Android lover... but i do have to say the iPhone 5 will be a huge hit
  • U Mad Bro? 2012/01/05 15:04:05
    Wii U
    U Mad Bro?
    Supposedly gonna be more powerful than the PS3.
  • aahh1985 2012/01/05 14:38:00
    PlayStation Vita
    it sucks... why ca´t we just answer by facebook and get like 20Dlls for each oppinion?
  • mblack 2012/01/05 13:57:39
    iPad 3
    Apple will of course have the biggest tech launch. Android lover myself but Apple does it big. iPad 3 because people will line up to purchase the older iPad2. iphone 5 even if you cannot make a call.

    Wii U looked like a flop-
    Why on earth would i want to hold some sort of pad/tablet and have to keep up with a stylus when i can simply use the XBOX/Kinect hand gestures and voice commands to control the xbox and play games. Silly nintendo people, nobody wants to hold stuff anymore, they want to be the remote. when i'm playing games i don't want to look at the remote I want to see who is attacking me.

    PS Vita looked like an updated PSP, nothing big. Not enough people would be interested.

    Kindle Fire 2 - the kindle is still trying to catch up the the Nook.

    Google is a bit late to the tablet market. close second to apple in terms of tech launch then a downward spiral shortly thereafter. Remember how the Google Nexus phone was going to change how we buy phones and cell phone plans.
  • EricHamby mblack 2012/01/05 22:02:32
    Apple makes big flops as well.
  • mblack EricHamby 2012/01/08 12:51:06
    true but they always have the old apple cult blended with the "trendy" people that will make the launch bigger than what it is.
  • bye im out sodahead 2012/01/05 11:58:50
    Wii U
    bye im out sodahead
    come wiiU you can do it dont let the wii down
  • mblack bye im ... 2012/01/05 14:03:57
    don't get your hopes up too high. what serious gamer is going to be looking down at the remote while trying to escape attacks. i don't see that happening.
  • gone i guess 2012/01/05 09:20:19
    PlayStation Vita
    gone i guess
    sony fan here
  • Joey 2012/01/05 09:12:00
    Google's tablet (TBA)
    I just picked something I don't think any are that good . However people will eat up anything that apple throws out now matter how good or bad it is .
  • mblack Joey 2012/01/05 14:08:20
    Even if the phone does not make calls.
  • Joey mblack 2012/01/05 14:37:10
    It was called the I-Pad I
  • Spudski 2012/01/05 08:49:12 (edited)
    Google's tablet (TBA)
    I don't use the kindle, I don't think a new Wii will hold consumer interest for as long as Nintendo hopes for, Vita could be cool. I'm not an Apple fanboy, but I love Android. I think an official branded Google Tablet would be pretty neat.
  • mblack Spudski 2012/01/05 14:10:02
    Remember that Google Nexus Phone? Google makes good software, not good affordable hardware yet.
  • Spudski mblack 2012/01/05 19:31:47
    Google made the Nexus series in a partnership with different companies. HTC manufactured the Nexus One. Samsung made the Nexus S and the new Galaxy Nexus. It's not like they don't have the power to do the same in this case, they could pair up with Motorola or Samsung again for a super tablet.
  • ScoutLdr 2012/01/05 08:18:53
    Kindle Fire 2
    Eventually people will catch on the fact the Apple has shorten it's "planned obsolescence" cycle. Now it's about seven months between new models.
  • Wizard 2012/01/05 07:43:59
    iPad 3
    When looking for short term trends...return to the source.
  • TARDISgirl 2012/01/05 07:15:15
    Wii U
    I wouldn't really care about any of them, except my brother is a HUGE Nintendo fan, and therefore I've kind of been sucked into the Nintendo-ness, if you know what I mean. The iPhone 5 looks interesting, but it's special features ARE available already through other devices. Since I don't own an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PlayStation, or Kindle, the Wii U seems most appealing to me.
  • Stephan Verheyen 2012/01/05 06:05:43
    iPhone 5
    Stephan Verheyen
    Its easy that apple gets it. By the time you buy the iPhone 5, I am sure you will find that it is already not as good as the iPhone 6 that will come out a short time later. You will never be up to date on the latest apple product!
  • Orangedragan 2012/01/05 05:34:18
    Wii U
    Why are Apple products so highly sought after? How much do they really change in just a few months that requires a rebranding of the same hardware?
  • DavidK 2012/01/05 04:59:30 (edited)
    iPhone 5
    More will be sold then the rest. I really like my Iphone 4s. Should be interesting to see a better phone.
  • Angry Congressman 2012/01/05 04:31:01 (edited)
    iPhone 5
    Angry Congressman
    easily. Then when you all upgrade I'll buy your 4GS's. I'm running a 3GS right now lol.
  • kay29 2012/01/05 03:53:15
    iPhone 5
    They haven't told us much about the iphone 5 which could mean that it's really great, or really bad. But considering my iphone 4 is magnificent, iphone 5 should be even better.
  • ..::localeye::.. 2012/01/05 03:51:16
    iPhone 5
    Since the iphone4 is incredible...I think this is a safe bet.
  • TooSweet 2012/01/05 03:33:03
    PlayStation Vita
    I am pretty sure this is what Iran used to fake the long range missile pics.
  • beck 2012/01/05 03:26:29
    iPhone 5
    hype and all

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