What Type of Dog Do You Prefer? (It May Hold the Clue to Your Personality)

Living 2012/04/20 17:00:00
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Do you love having a tiny pooch peeking out of your purse? Or do you prefer a bigger pup, preferably one who is always up for a game of Frisbee? Your answer to this question may say a lot about you. "We go for dogs that are a bit like us, just as we go for a romantic partner who is a bit like us," study researcher Lance Workman, a psychologist at Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom, told LiveScience.

Workman conducted a survey of 1,000 owners of purebred dogs in collaboration with the Kennel Club, and found that owners of toy dogs (like Chihuahua-lover Paris Hilton) score high on "openness," meaning how intellectually curious, open to new experiences and appreciative of arts and culture a person is. (Does Paris Hilton really fit into this category?)

Along with toy dog owners, owners of gun dogs (such as the Labrador retriever or golden retriever) are the most agreeable. People who own pastoral breeds, including German shepherds and collies; or utility breeds, such as bulldogs, are the most extroverted. And the most emotionally stable people are likely to own hounds, including beagles, Afghans and greyhounds. So, spill it: What type of dog do you prefer?
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  • AnubisDhole 2012/05/02 15:12:30
    Utility breeds
    My favorite canids are not domestic dogs.
    I love dholes, they are beautiful.
    canids domestic dogs love dholes beautiful
    Abyssinian wolf is another beauty:
    canids domestic dogs love dholes beautiful abyssinian wolf beauty
    African wild dogs are very interesting as well
    love dholes beautiful abyssinian wolf beauty african wild dogs interesting

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  • Sabrena... bbwolf35 2012/04/23 23:22:26
    Sabrena Heimes
    The 'gun dog' category is classified as sporting in America. It is called 'gun dogs' in Europe, however.
  • bbwolf35 Sabrena... 2012/04/27 14:56:13
    Thank you!
  • Sabrena... bbwolf35 2012/05/01 21:59:02
    Sabrena Heimes
    No problem!
  • Preplovesyou 2012/04/23 22:39:55

    I love my dogs!
    Guess they could be considered toy dogs.
  • ellie 2012/04/23 22:21:30
    Toy dogs
    I love my little cocker spaniel poodle (cockapoo)
  • Sabrena... ellie 2012/04/23 23:22:59
    Sabrena Heimes
    I have one of those! His name is Max, They sure are cute.
  • ellie Sabrena... 2012/04/26 00:59:35
    Yeah! Sweetest dogs. They don't shed either.
  • Gordon 2012/04/23 22:05:15
    Toy dogs
    Toy dogs for inside, but our large attack dogs for our fenced in yard. Actually, the attack dogs come and go as the like through a dog door. It is funny how the toy poodle seems to run the show. She is sweet to us, but if a stranger comes around...
  • silentart 2012/04/23 21:36:36
    Pastoral breeds
    2 dogs in our family, black lab,service dog and chihuahua. Both are our children as our 2 daughters were married and started their family... both dogs give us full of lovings and keep us excerised daily.
  • Thomas Wasserberg 2012/04/23 21:09:41
    Thomas Wasserberg
    Love my greyhound. He's so graceful, but even more sophisticated are my two cats... ;-)
  • inewsmaster 2012/04/23 21:05:34
    Pastoral breeds
    Give me one of each.
  • Diamond Girl 2012/04/23 20:50:56
  • 2585661 Diamond... 2012/04/24 00:29:04
    Beautiful dog.
  • Diamond... 2585661 2012/04/24 10:17:05
  • keri 2012/04/23 20:36:45
    I just have alwaysed loved hounds
  • dj 2012/04/23 20:22:27
    Toy dogs
    I like small dogs that behave and are house broke.
  • dzzshadz 2012/04/23 20:20:08
    Utility breeds
    And toy dogs.
  • YOMOMMA 2012/04/23 20:14:23
    Utility breeds
    Chow Labs, Border Collies, Fox Terriers, Glen Terriers... I love allll dogs. My dogs sleep in with me and come in and out whenever they please.
  • ID51 2012/04/23 19:01:20
    Pastoral breeds
    Love Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, and "Heinz 57" mutts....
  • shundra.anderson1 2012/04/23 18:59:03
    Utility breeds
    I dont know the different types..never heard of gun dogs, or pastoral breeds, or utility breeds..maybe my fav falls under utility. My sister owns a Great Dane, and my father has on ol mixed up dog..looks half Labrador and half something else..but his name is Rock and he practically climbs into my car when I visit, hoping I brought him a snack.His eyes and fur are the same hazel color! We have small dogs in our family, but I really think if I were to own a dog, I would want a big ol pooch! I like large dogs, but not large scary dogs! Just a big lovable, pooch! Currently I have been a cat person...mostly because they are more independent.
  • Moh Al-a 2012/04/23 18:35:48
    Toy dogs
    Moh Al-a
    I don't know the types of dogs and I love cats more but I wish to have one but the society here does not accept adopting dog for just for adoption I hate this so much

    Anyway I wish I have one like this (my favourite husky dog) but it will not be able to survive on hot weather

    adopting dog adoption hate favourite husky dog survive hot weather

    adopting dog adoption hate favourite husky dog survive hot weather

    or this one chihuahua this one I know it and it's so cute

    adoption hate favourite husky dog survive hot weather chihuahua cute

    also this

    adoption hate favourite husky dog survive hot weather chihuahua cute

    and the mask dog (milo)

  • KeenyaN Moh Al-a 2012/04/24 04:28:55
    Alaskan Husky dogs are beautiful!
  • iguanab 2012/04/23 18:32:08
    Gun dogs
    I sort of had a problem with sporting dogs being labeled "gun dogs." My Lab was the most incredibly, loyal dog I ever had - and neither he, nor I, ever had a gun.
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/04/23 18:28:18
    Gun dogs
    Margaret Jacobson
    Don't care LOVE THEM ALL............As long as it is housebroken, barks, friendly, it will work fir me !!! Don't want a mean "BITER"........just bark to alert me to danger or trouble
  • Mr Marvin 2012/04/23 18:19:33
    Toy dogs
    Mr Marvin
    Boston Terrier; non sporting and non working, but they are wonderful companion pets.
  • Ole SGT Joe 2012/04/23 18:00:49
    Gun dogs
    Ole SGT Joe
    "Almost" any dog will do. Some of the "bred" dogs are unpredictable but all of the gun dogs are your best friend forever.............
  • TwentyBeauties 2012/04/23 17:56:21
    Utility breeds
    Finnish Spitz
    finnish spitz
  • stevie.luplow 2012/04/23 17:55:52
    Pastoral breeds
    My favorite dogs are German Shepherds, Great Danes, Greyhounds and Beagles. I also love Schnauzers like crazy.
  • Ronna 2012/04/23 17:26:27
    Pastoral breeds
    Australian shepherds...they are brilliant!
  • 3kidsandamom 2012/04/23 17:20:10
    Utility breeds
    I love American Pit Bull Terriers, mine have always been awesome dogs that enjoy doing everything with the family.
  • chuck 2012/04/23 17:13:58
    I like hounds but hate getting hounded
  • Tennessee3501 2012/04/23 17:11:31
    Toy dogs
    Although I answered "toy dogs" we love all dogs. We have a miniature (toy) Maltese, a resued mixed breed Jack Russell Terrier, a recued beagle and a rescued New Finland Labarador Retriever. We have three cats also. They all get along.
  • Ex Republican 2012/04/23 16:51:19
    Utility breeds
    Ex Republican
    I prefer dogs with kind eyes, no matter the breed. My 12 yr old mixed breed is the sweetest dog I know.
  • mikeyavelli 2012/04/23 16:40:11
    hounds, but best viewed from binoculars while they chase prey and i re-load.
  • Gothic Valentine 2012/04/23 16:39:56
    Toy dogs
    Gothic Valentine
    I prefer dogs I can pick up and cuddle. No larger than 25 or 30 pounds.
  • John T. 2012/04/23 16:35:53
    John T.
    Utility breeds are too expensive and high upkeep.
    Toy dogs can often be too expensive, high maintained and one step better than a cat.
    Gun dogs Great, if you are a hunter and or into outdoor activities. These dogs often do not and should be made to be a house pet. They are very active and work dogs.
    Pastoral breeds Great work dogs and should not be made to be kept in confined areas.
    Hounds or mixed bresds often make the most loving of pets. Trainable and great with kids.
  • Cat 2012/04/23 16:30:52
    Pastoral breeds
    This was tough because I like most larger dogs. Not that I have anything against small pups, I just prefer to have a sturdier activity partner.
  • darlenedoskas1969 2012/04/23 16:26:45
    Toy dogs
    honestly, I love most dog breeds, and my dream is to have a hunting pack of Irish Wolfhounds, but being as I live in a city, and don't even own my own house, I love toy breed dogs, who don't need as much space or exercise... just makes sense with my lifestyle, and I refuse to live without a dog in my life, if I don't have to!
  • Ben Nickelson 2012/04/23 16:25:15
    Toy dogs
    Ben Nickelson
    SodaHead never fails for offering a "classroom." First, I had to learn about what a "utility breed" is, what "Gun dogs" are, and "Pastoral Breeds." Well, I like animals. I like all dogs. But, if I had the choice, I would say "Pug" which is a Toy Dog. http   www thesniffa com _resources files breeds pug jpg
  • E.Kanto 2012/04/23 16:22:13
    Gun dogs
    I had to read the article to find out what I liked. We adopted a goofy 2 year old labradoodle...which actually falls under large mutt! What does that make me? I am afraid to ask. We just needed a lower allergen dog and I really love labs and golden retrievers!

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