What Type of Dog Do You Prefer? (It May Hold the Clue to Your Personality)

Living 2012/04/20 17:00:00
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Do you love having a tiny pooch peeking out of your purse? Or do you prefer a bigger pup, preferably one who is always up for a game of Frisbee? Your answer to this question may say a lot about you. "We go for dogs that are a bit like us, just as we go for a romantic partner who is a bit like us," study researcher Lance Workman, a psychologist at Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom, told LiveScience.

Workman conducted a survey of 1,000 owners of purebred dogs in collaboration with the Kennel Club, and found that owners of toy dogs (like Chihuahua-lover Paris Hilton) score high on "openness," meaning how intellectually curious, open to new experiences and appreciative of arts and culture a person is. (Does Paris Hilton really fit into this category?)

Along with toy dog owners, owners of gun dogs (such as the Labrador retriever or golden retriever) are the most agreeable. People who own pastoral breeds, including German shepherds and collies; or utility breeds, such as bulldogs, are the most extroverted. And the most emotionally stable people are likely to own hounds, including beagles, Afghans and greyhounds. So, spill it: What type of dog do you prefer?
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  • AnubisDhole 2012/05/02 15:12:30
    Utility breeds
    My favorite canids are not domestic dogs.
    I love dholes, they are beautiful.
    canids domestic dogs love dholes beautiful
    Abyssinian wolf is another beauty:
    canids domestic dogs love dholes beautiful abyssinian wolf beauty
    African wild dogs are very interesting as well
    love dholes beautiful abyssinian wolf beauty african wild dogs interesting

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  • David 2012/04/28 19:14:17
    Pastoral breeds
    We rescue dogs. Over the years, we have had many different breeds. Yellow labrador, golden retriever, afgan/flat coat retriever, lab/german shephard/dobie, great dane/coon hound/??. Currently we have a black shephard/pointer and a malamute/?
  • Tariq 2012/04/28 15:05:11
    Utility breeds
    Sheltie (Shetland Sheep Dog)
  • MikeNassau 2012/04/27 00:11:49
    Pastoral breeds
    Belgian Shepherd
    belgian shepherd
  • Bear 2012/04/26 16:32:33 (edited)
    Toy dogs
    Apart from the one I have...a hot dog with mustard is yummy.ehhehehehehehe
  • MS PRUD 2012/04/26 12:20:35
    Utility breeds
    I love my English Bulldogs. They are wonderful dogs. They do slobber all over the place and they are a high maintenance dog but they are worth it.
  • Tre 2012/04/26 11:51:51
    Pastoral breeds
    Love a German Shephard.
  • Holmes 2012/04/26 10:00:18
    Gun dogs
    I have Labradors
  • P. Sturm 2012/04/26 07:13:50
    Utility breeds
    P. Sturm
    German shepherd / Labrador mixes. They seem to regain all the intelligence that purebred breeding took out of them.
  • tisiga 2012/04/26 04:48:57
    Toy dogs
    I LOVE PUGS!!!
  • NancyR1 2012/04/26 02:42:02
    Utility breeds
    ...rescued adopted dogs are my favorites! Especially Pits and pit mixes!!!
  • MikeMelungeon 2012/04/25 20:33:23
    Gun dogs
  • Bethany Jansen 2012/04/25 15:42:49
    Pastoral breeds
    Bethany Jansen
    I had a husky/Australian shepherd mix and I absolutely loved her. My husband on the other hand had a disagreement with her and all of his chewed up shoes so we got rid of her. I've wanted a German shepherd for a long time, a samoyed, weimeraner, dalmation, and a husky. but I also want a shih Tzu. what does that mean?
  • sylvie dumont 2012/04/25 12:50:35
    Pastoral breeds
    sylvie dumont
    They're adorable. Slobbery, but adorable.
  • Eccles 2012/04/25 11:42:46
    Utility breeds
    Whatever love all dogs.
  • simly Eccles 2012/05/10 22:05:07
    yes u are correct bro
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/04/25 06:09:25
    Utility breeds
    Like the one Mitt Romney tied on his car roof(:
  • Steamtrain 2012/04/25 02:27:43
    Bassets and Beagles are great, but I like them all.
  • Rose 2012/04/25 00:40:32
    I like all dogs because I know what they're useful for and it makes me appreciate them more. Though, I like the Irish Wolfhound and mastiff better.
  • EmoBunny13 2012/04/24 23:38:29
    Mine is bulldogs and beagles
  • IndianFace.German 2012/04/24 23:12:21
    Um, I don't think that's true. My family has a beagal and all of them are emotionally unstable.
  • Cain2012~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/24 22:59:54
  • simly Cain201... 2012/05/10 22:09:50
    omg i just love this dogg pics
  • jaydenvdv 2012/04/24 22:42:12
    Utility breeds
    I have a firm love of dogs that can work for a living!!! Dobermans are my first love followed by Pit Bulls :)
  • dude 2012/04/24 18:30:49
    I like all labs and beagles and would mind a terrier.
  • TJ 2012/04/24 17:18:35
    Gun dogs
    I have a golden Lab right now. I would love a Boxer, or a English Bulldog....
  • M'lud 2012/04/24 14:28:31
    Pastoral breeds
    Unless you need a working dog bred for specific tasks, the nearest rescue facility is the only place you should look for a dog.
  • AngelaDuke 2012/04/24 12:28:14
    Toy dogs
    Gotta stick with toys since I have two chihuaua/ jack Russell/Dachsund mixes
  • Mike 2012/04/24 12:18:09
    Utility breeds
    German Shepherds to be exact> had two of them they do evertything well.
  • click1695 2012/04/24 12:06:13
    Utility breeds
    I don't really care what the breed is. As long as i have one to keep me company, i'm happy :)
  • Andrew Carter 2012/04/24 10:25:26
    Gun dogs
    Andrew Carter
    why would you want a little puppy? they pee more and hard to find. whilst bigger dogs dont pee as often and are easy to find in your house and one more thing...they are easier too take care of!!
  • Michael Wildermuth 2012/04/24 06:32:50
    Pastoral breeds
    Michael Wildermuth
    i dont want a dog but i do want a canine. i want to own a red fox, but i am waiting until i get a steady job with regular hours so i can work with it on a regular basis. and to the people who say "why not just get a regular dog/pet?" why do some people prefer a chihuahua over a german sheppard? Why not just get a cat? or chicken? everyone has there own animal that they feel connected to. my older bother has has a tarantula for over 8 years i believe, and my little sister has been raising chickens as pets for the last 5.
  • KeenyaN 2012/04/24 04:23:39
    Toy dogs
    I have a yorkie & poodle and love them as if my children, which I have none, and I cant see life wit out my Tank (yorkie, because shes a lil ball), and Precious (poodle, the name fits her cause she rambunkcious but when shes sleepy she so sweet and cudley)!
  • Undead Little Red 2012/04/24 02:06:48
    Pastoral breeds
    Undead Little Red
    that and hounds I love Husky and a irish wolfhound Husky and a irish wolfhound
  • Edie 2012/04/24 01:22:38
    Toy dogs
    I got my first yorkie fives yrs ago she weighs 4 pounds and rules the whole house. I take her everywhere most of the time people do not she is even in my purse what a jewel.
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2012/04/23 23:50:29
    Toy dogs
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
  • tisiga Phyl *I... 2012/04/26 04:50:23
  • Sabrena Heimes 2012/04/23 23:24:02
    Utility breeds
    Sabrena Heimes
    IIf I could I would surround myself with bully breeds like pitties and mastiffs. Look how cute they are! Plus, with a big awesome dog in your house, no one will mess with you. Also, if I had a really nice one, I would be able to teach people that they're not vicious monsters out to kill everything. Don t mess with mommy s pit  bull
  • mikeyllo 2012/04/23 23:14:12
    Toy dogs
    Smaller dogs are best for me because I live in an apartment. Sometimes I wonder how people manage with huge dogs in a one or two bedroom apartment.
  • DianaXoGirl 2012/04/23 22:56:32
    Dachshunds forever
  • bbwolf35 2012/04/23 22:43:53
    Gun dogs
    I think of hounds as gun dogs. I don't think the AKC has a gun dog group...but maybe they do. Anyway if I could pick a dog and had the room it would be an English Setter.

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