What Turns You Off on a First Date?

Living 2012/04/23 22:00:00
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The first date: Exciting as it is, it's absolutely crucial when it comes to landing a second date... and a potential relationship. Therein lies the problem. After conducting a loose poll, How About We has come up with a list of things you should not do on a first date. Read on, and let us know which one is a total turn-off for you.

1. Licking Your Fingers
Table manners are key from the get-go!

2. Cellphone Dependency
"Not being able to put your cellphone down for more than 5 minutes at a time is a huge turn-off, especially when you’re supposed to be getting to know someone," How About We says. We couldn't agree more ... if he's not paying attention to you on day one, what's it going to be like in six months?

3. Burping
Sometimes nature calls ... but try your best to hold it in on the first date.

4. Grabbing Food Without Asking
The first date is a little too early to be sharing entrees. Or even appetizers.

5. Saying It and Spraying It
Getting spit on takes us back to junior high, when everyone had a metal mouth. Not very sexy.

6. Tipping Poorly
Do your best not to look like a cheapskate if you want to score a second date.

Read More: http://www.howaboutwe.com/date-report/10-nasty-hab...

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  • Mia 2012/04/23 23:04:09
    Cellphone Dependency
    They can have the date with their cellphone, because I'd be leaving...

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  • lucky 2012/04/25 13:25:33
    Cellphone Dependency
    All of the above and add bragging to that list.
  • Dax 2012/04/25 13:12:15
    Licking Your Fingers
    I don't like it when people are ill mannered, I admit I am old fashioned that way. My big turn off on a date though is if you can feel that you don't 'click' and it's awkward.
  • blackri... Dax 2012/04/25 14:21:00
    Ugg, I hated that when I was dating, so awkward, especially when they think there is a connection!!
  • Dax blackri... 2012/04/25 14:26:01
    Yeah, and then you have until the end of the date to figure out how to 'politely' end things or else you are doomed to a second date with the same problem.
  • Alice Evie 2012/04/25 11:49:33
    Cellphone Dependency
    Alice Evie
    hate this! its like he doesnt pay attention to me at all......
  • John Kerkhoff 2012/04/25 06:29:01
    John Kerkhoff
    saying it and spraying it does happen, big deal. but burping is usaully a choice, and if a girl on a date burped i might as well date a dimwit dude.

    some people lick fingers...some don't. it's a thing you either grow up with or don't. unclassy, yes, but not the worse thing in the world in a casual environment.
  • Scott 2012/04/25 06:11:16
    Cellphone Dependency
    1 .Asks me my penis size.
    2. Says "Heil Hitler" at inappropriate moments.
    3 Says "Heil Hitler at appropriate moments.
    4 Picks her nose.
    5 Picks her teeth.
    6 Picks her nose before picking her teeth.
    7 Asks me if I'd like a face ride from "Mr. Furry."
    8 Farts and then coyly turns to me and asks, "Does that turn you on?"
    9 Plays footsie with me under the table till suddenly I smell her feet...
    10Tells me about her 23 year old son who still lives with her, and is really also her brother.
  • Connect... Scott 2012/04/25 08:42:42
    Your power of imagination seems to serve you well
  • Tenness... Connect... 2012/04/25 21:52:44
    Its a good thing I am married! Your description of what could happen on a first date scares me to death!
  • Connect... Tenness... 2012/04/25 22:03:45
    I believed you reply to the wrong person, sir
  • Tenness... Connect... 2012/04/26 05:26:15
    I believe you are correct! Forgive the intrusion!
  • Connect... Tenness... 2012/04/26 07:23:11
    That's fine
  • Tenness... Scott 2012/04/26 05:27:06 (edited)
    It is a good thing I am married! Your description of what could happen on a first date scares me to death!
  • Playerazzi 2012/04/25 06:05:42
    Cellphone Dependency
    It's a show-stopper. A lady who can't pay attention isn't worth the time. I might even cut off the date in the middle for this.
  • Parth 2012/04/25 05:34:16
    Saying It and Spraying It
    Actually there should be an "all the above" or "other" on this list.
    My "other" would be "attitude".
  • Brian 2012/04/25 05:29:55
    Saying It and Spraying It
    To me, being on their cellphone a lot means they're not interested. I feel like calling that a "turn off" is a bit of a cop-out. It's more of a "very bad sign."
  • ShamshirMkII 2012/04/25 05:13:51
    Grabbing Food Without Asking
    This may annoy me a lot :D
  • :O R U 4 REAL??? 2012/04/25 05:01:03
    Saying It and Spraying It
    :O R U 4 REAL???
    i dont go out on dates,but if i did,this would probably be most annoying.
  • Kdog McPot 2012/04/25 03:54:50
    Cellphone Dependency
    Kdog McPot
    Talking about her x.
  • JENN 2012/04/25 03:49:21
    Cellphone Dependency
    Turn the phone off unless your texting me because my beauty left you speechless and you feel compelled to tell me in a text because your shy.LOL!!!!!!
  • Scott JENN 2012/04/25 08:44:35
    I am so going to use that. ;-)
  • JENN Scott 2012/04/25 15:30:03
    I actually had this happen to me. It was really a turn on more than I ever thought it could be. Sometimes guys can speak what they think or feel in a text better. Us (women) can be complicated sometimes at first until you get to know us. If your nervous it can be hard to speak when your afraid the wrong words might come out. In a text u can see it and reread it before you say it. ;)
  • Super l... JENN 2012/04/25 21:29:13
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/04/25 03:30:14
    Cellphone Dependency
    I should be the only center of attention at that moment. Turn the damn thing off(:
  • Mike 2012/04/25 03:21:06
    - Burping
    - Cellphone Dependency
    - Lousy Hygiene
  • haShe 2012/04/25 02:21:18
    Cellphone Dependency
    Social considerations and good manners say alot. Also I think it is important to know how to tip appropriately. It can sometimes be an insult or brass to overtip. Knowing what is appropriate & how they treat those such as wait staff says a lot about a person. You don't want a kiss up, over/under tipper. This person will soon be trying to manipulate you also.
  • Connect... haShe 2012/04/25 08:44:18
    I like your perspective
  • biizkit 2012/04/25 02:01:19
    Cellphone Dependency
    i hate it when ppl are constantly checking there phone
  • Ozymandias 2012/04/25 02:00:43
  • anime-lover123 2012/04/25 01:38:35
    Cellphone Dependency
    if your on a date put your phone down or else your NOT getting a second date and all the other one there either annoying or gross
  • Scott 2012/04/25 01:07:48
  • firebird 2012/04/25 00:56:18
    Licking Your Fingers
    ACTUALLY , all of the above and more...
    bad breath, body odor, bad manners, obnoxious behavior, bragging, being too nosy, to much touching, expectant behavior, loud and abusive language last but not least being blocked in a booth by the blind date...... Once I actually had to CRAWL under the booth and excused myself to go to the restroom... I then went through the kitchen and out the back door... I RAN to my car ... I then changed my cell phone number and blocked his email address....NO more blind dates.
  • Super l... firebird 2012/04/25 21:31:22
  • LuLu Cappuccino 2012/04/25 00:51:54
    Licking Your Fingers
    LuLu Cappuccino
    I can't stand it when anyone licks their fingers, let alone a date.
  • Classical Liberal 2012/04/25 00:46:20 (edited)
    Grabbing Food Without Asking
    Classical Liberal
    I hate women who order next to nothing because they're watching their figure, then wind up eating half my food...

    sharing appetizers is fine, though, 'cause that's kinda what they're for...
  • 2585661 Classic... 2012/04/25 00:57:27
    You 'hate' them. Lol. Hate.
  • Classic... 2585661 2012/04/25 01:07:34
    Classical Liberal
    can't stand. whatever.
  • FencerCat 2012/04/25 00:33:39
    Saying It and Spraying It
    Actually, the main thing that turns me off is a guy talking about -- especially complaining about -- his ex.
  • Rachel Searvogel 2012/04/25 00:27:24
    Licking Your Fingers
    Rachel Searvogel
    How about ALL OF THE ABOVE?! Ew.
  • blissful 2012/04/25 00:19:26
    Licking Your Fingers
    Table manners are important on a date and burping is another thing that can ruin a date.

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