What sounds good to eat right now?

Mellow 2010/07/23 19:12:50
I want to eat:
MMM, this sounds sooo good:
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I'm so indecisive when it comes to what I want to eat... So I want to hear what you want.
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  • miley cyrus 2010/11/25 17:46:04
    MMM, this sounds sooo good:
    miley cyrus
    i want sommat 2 eatt !!
  • cookie monster 2010/08/26 22:07:01
    MMM, this sounds sooo good:
    cookie monster
    pizza pocket.
  • SANDERS 2010/08/25 04:42:10
    I want to eat:
    Anything. Everything's good when you're high.
  • Frank J 2010/08/16 02:28:01
    I want to eat:
    Frank  J
    A thick steak smothered in fried onions and a big helping of french fries, with a few ice cold Buds to wash it down with.
    ...............I know what you need to eat right now,but if I tell you you will d r me, so just guess........L O L ha ha, no one uses that any more
  • Mellow Frank J 2010/08/16 03:16:04
  • XRenX 2010/07/26 22:32:59
    I want to eat:

    seriously, pigs feet are the ugliest things, but with hot sauce, (or even without it) it's AMAZING!! no lie
  • Mellow XRenX 2010/07/26 23:17:36
  • XRenX Mellow 2010/07/26 23:21:54
    lolz don't blame u judging by the looks of pigs feet.
  • Mellow XRenX 2010/07/26 23:24:43
    I'm sorry, I just don't think I can bring myself to eat something that an animal used to walk on..
    But kudos to you for being not only brave enough to eat it, but try it in the first place.
  • XRenX Mellow 2010/07/26 23:28:29
    lol that's exactly what my mom says
  • Ramesh 2010/07/24 14:04:09
    MMM, this sounds sooo good:
    Gonna go for Italian Foccacia with side dish of cutlets and a Sorbet as dessert.
    mmm sounds sooo gonna italian foccacia dish cutlets sorbet dessert mmm sounds sooo gonna italian foccacia dish cutlets sorbet dessert
    mmm sounds sooo gonna italian foccacia dish cutlets sorbet dessert
    dish cutlets sorbet dessert http2 bp blogspot compra s400cutlets2 jpg
  • Mellow Ramesh 2010/07/24 22:52:44
    That looks delicious!
  • quickchem 2010/07/24 07:38:15
    I want to eat:
    what is good to eat? a large pizza frm pizza hut, a big mac meal, a milk shake, a carrot, and one more big mac meal. with extra 1000 island sauce.
  • Rebecca 2010/07/23 20:08:42
    MMM, this sounds sooo good:
  • Cantus_bird 2010/07/23 19:31:56
    I want to eat:
    crackers, cheese, and gala apples with cubed cream cheese
  • ILovePotter 2010/07/23 19:24:48
    I want to eat:
  • iRapeYou♥ 2010/07/23 19:17:57
    MMM, this sounds sooo good:
    Cookies and Milk.
  • jd 2010/07/23 19:16:00
    MMM, this sounds sooo good:
    some fresh sliced strawberries with a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of amaretto liqueur on top... delicious

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