What should we do with Nadya Suleman - octet mom?

Swedish Meatball 2009/02/11 18:46:29
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  • The Skinny Buddha 2009/03/19 23:37:44 (edited)
  • Depp78 2009/02/19 17:30:09
    Take all the kids away and have her committed in a pschiatric facility for life
    A Doctor of Psychiatry has reported her to Child services asking for them to step in and not let the children go to an unfit home. I hope child services acts on this.
  • trying to delete this account 2009/02/13 21:33:26
  • greek 2009/02/11 21:41:14
  • teddybear 2009/02/11 19:21:08
    Ignore her - she will eventually go away
    Its a shame that this has happened. No one should have to pay for her having 14 kids. Her parents probably want to retire and will not be able to if they help. I believe she probably has a mental disorder and the kids should be adopted out. Maybe the doctor, Nayda and all whoever were involved should have an IQ test taken. The results may scare us.
  • Tutboy 2009/02/11 19:06:53
  • CácaMilis 2009/02/11 18:59:28
    Ignore her - she will eventually go away
    Deflate her lips! They're weighing down her brain and making her looney.

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