What should i wear to my first ever Gay Pride Parade ever?

Looking4Marine 2011/06/04 22:32:22
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going for the first time ever and i dont know what to wear. help me
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  • ronald.vantonder 2013/08/25 18:14:38
    this is my first gay pride i am a proud gay guy and i think wearing a mankini is a great think to wear i feel comfortable and good about wearing it also!
  • Jinn 2011/07/30 22:29:23
    Sexy Flanders

    Nothing at all...nothing at all...nothing at all...
  • Chunkybaby 2011/06/19 17:12:52
    A tee-shirt saying "I need a threesome asap"
  • Flea 2011/06/13 00:57:23
    Ummmm- normal clothes that are weather-appropriate???? That's what all the gay people I know do....
  • Shawna 2011/06/08 21:47:43
    you should wear something that you feel sexy and comfortable...maybe some silky pajama bottoms..slippers and wife beater tank top..I think thats hot on pretty much anyone(male or female)!!!comfort always good when partying..plus it gives the sexy/laid back aura
  • ontinashi 2011/06/07 19:25:35
    sexy clothes ;D
  • zoumonkie 2011/06/07 11:32:02
    A blindfold and noose.
  • Bureauc 0Blunder 2011/06/07 02:01:43
    Bureauc 0Blunder
    You are assuming I would be at such an event. Not that I am against Gays or Lesbians (have friends) but it would be wrong for me to 'celebrate' a perverted lifestyle.

    Here come the attack dogs...........
  • ohh yeah Bureauc... 2013/02/27 23:19:09
    ohh yeah
    How is it perverted its not perverted to love some one and its good to celebrate the fact gays can have rights but clearly homophobic people like you have a stereotypical view that all gays are perverted so just tell me how it's perverted.
  • Bureauc... ohh yeah 2013/02/28 19:23:58
    Bureauc 0Blunder
    I am certain the gay friends I have would disagree that I am a homophobe.

    Two males together or two females together is wrong, not natural, whether you look at it from an evolutionist point of view (a species can not procreate this way)or a religious point of view.
  • Emily S... Bureauc... 2013/05/26 08:07:57
    Emily SkittleKiss
    I can see why your picture has the head of a donkey- You're an ass
  • Bureauc... Emily S... 2013/05/26 16:55:42
    Bureauc 0Blunder
    I always know I've won the argument when you abandon the debate with a parting insult.
  • marie Bureauc... 2013/06/05 19:02:28 (edited)
    lol if winning the argument means more to you than being civil and open minded then your even lower than the way you sound in your first comment. oh and btw, people can have kids other ways ie my parents who are gay... people adopt. welcome to XXI... seriously.
  • Bureauc... marie 2013/06/06 01:07:35
    Bureauc 0Blunder
    For starters, disagreeing with the gay lifestyle does not equate being uncivil.
    I prefer a debate as opposed to the insult the previous poster left. Notice i did not respond in kind. However you could not help YOURself from throwing an insult. "...then your even lower than the way you sound...".
    Please, if you must insult me at least spell correctly. Lastly, adoption is not procreation, never will be.
  • Avery V... Bureauc... 2013/06/27 14:51:58 (edited)
    Avery Van Gaard
    The fact that you believe that homosexuality is "wrong" and "not natural" is the very definition of heterocentrism (or homophobia). You have been taught that heterosexual relationships are the only right and natural way, and therefore superior to all other forms in which two consenting adults of any variety of genders can love each other.

    Your friends are so lucky to have someone as accepting as you! Welcoming those heathens who commit those perverted acts. You're a martyr, you are.
  • sweetgreatmom 2011/06/06 23:46:22
    You should wear what makes you feel good.
  • basketcase<3 2011/06/06 20:30:28
    Go ahead wear something insane...but nothing slutty. Straight or gay, I'd hate to see anyone walking down the street naked.
  • JJ Marvin 2011/06/06 19:11:30
  • cookie monster 2011/06/06 16:59:02
    cookie monster
    man i dressed up like a maniac. bikini top, with a rainbow painted onto my belly. wearing this undescribable skirt with one blue leg & one black leg fishnet stockings.
  • Emily 2011/06/06 16:34:14
    please don't wear a thong or a bikini...
    Wear something that will show the rest of the world that gay people can be serious and not some psychos that like to wear women's clothes...
  • wombat 2011/06/06 16:11:08
  • Gordon 2011/06/06 12:36:53
    Wear something that will not do any harm to the cause of gay people. We have many gay neighbors who are very nice people, and we enjoy our time socializing with them. Nice gay people are like all other nice people in what they want from life, and to be treated as equals by society at large. Perhaps pretty in pink!? people people life treated equals society large pretty pink pink speedo
  • Bob 2011/06/06 06:02:51
    my first gay pride parade was the morning after a sleep over and all I had was my Tshirt and shorts so that was good Everything was fine. It doesn't really matter... Like the renassanse festaval you can wear corsets and puffy pants or your jeans and a tshirt, though I think if you wear a dress from the 1800s to the parade that would be weird. If you a want to look exiting wear a rainbow or.... don't
  • Bomb a 2011/06/06 03:46:49
    Bomb a
    A space suit
  • υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    Anything rainbow-fabulous
  • Hsmagst 2011/06/06 03:18:18
  • Sacred Flame 2011/06/06 02:11:10
  • cruisnsus 2011/06/06 01:28:07
    a purple boa?
  • Fluttershyfan 2011/06/06 00:56:25
    I don't think you should make your goodies stand out. There are some people there that don't care about gay pride, they just want sex. Wear like all kinds of rainbows. :) where are you going to the parade?
  • James 2011/06/05 23:16:40
    Your Birthday suit
  • MaryKontrol 2011/06/05 22:39:10
    in my opion you should wear some hot that makes all u goodies stand out;) thats wat i would do>_<
  • jay 2011/06/05 22:21:40
    whatever you normally wear. Why do people wear diapers and stuff to these things? I guess they want the hate and people to see them as different.

    where are the straight pride day events?

    some more contrversial ideas

    "dicks are not just for chicks anymore"

    "california or bust a nut"
  • Sonya jay 2011/06/21 02:48:21
    Walk down any street on any given day, and that is a straight pride parade.
  • jay Sonya 2011/06/21 23:11:50
    Unless you live in san fransico
  • Chaya2010 2011/06/05 21:38:50
    Something that is comfortable, practical, sexy and you can dance in. I've been quite a few people are to busy enjoying themselves to worry about how you look.

    Bring yourself and a smile.
  • relic 2011/06/05 21:22:21 (edited)
  • Cptfreakout . 2011/06/05 20:20:25
    Cptfreakout .
    Wear what you like , some people are flamboyant some conservative in dress just wear what is comfortable for you .
  • Imperious Is Not PC 2011/06/05 17:04:07
  • American_Rights 2011/06/05 16:57:01
    hey! I'm going to my first ever Gay Pride events too this summer! I'd recommend the shirt we have to wear to field day at my school. My homeroom is hot Pink!
    summer recommend shirt wear field school homeroom hot pink pink tye die shirt
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/06/05 16:38:28
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Rainbow colors, i think that is their symbol, wear tie dye.

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