What should I look for in an external hard drive to back up my computer?

Sour Dime 2012/08/08 02:59:13
Something to back up my music, videos and movie, pictures, games, and documents. I went through my computer and totaled what I would like to back up and it came to about 165GB but I think it would be a good idea to go a bit higher. What are some other things I should look for, and how big should I go?
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  • Radical Ed 2012/08/09 21:22:45
    Radical Ed
    i'd suggest a seagate or WD 1-2TB drive. they are pretty cheap in most specialist stores.
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/08/09 10:34:57
    Cunning Stunts
    I'd go with a 1 or 2TB drive. They aren't the latest but they are heavily revised.

    Avoid prepackaged kits and get a 3.5" drive (a 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green is lower speed but enough for an external at around $50) and an enclosure with a supplied DC power pack.
  • Dan 2012/08/08 03:26:26
    I just bought a relatively cheep 500gb one it's a slim version so you can stick in a pocket I'd say something like that.
  • Rob Williams 2012/08/08 03:14:59
    Rob Williams
    Go as big as you can afford!

    I think that when you get a large back up drive you lose the discipline to delete old files. I've currently got 6Tb and I'm starting to run out of space again!
  • Rob Wil... Rob Wil... 2012/08/08 03:19:57
    Rob Williams
    I've got two of these...


    ... and two 1Tb ones. My problem is available USB sockets! Talking of which... maybe you should start thinking about USB 3.0?

  • Sour Dime Rob Wil... 2012/08/08 04:44:31
    Sour Dime
    Well I can't afford much I'd like to stay below $100 preferably in the $60-$80 range.
  • Rob Wil... Sour Dime 2012/08/08 08:11:51
    Rob Williams
    Well just go to your equivalent of Maplins or PC World. preferably when there's a sale on, and say "I've got $X... what's the biggest external hard drive I can get for that?"

    That should keep you going until you can afford somrthing bigger.

    Oh... just be glad that things have moved on!

  • haarp35117 2012/08/08 03:05:43

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