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I am not a young chick any more but let me tell yea each line on my face has a storey.I have traveled many roads and seen all sides of the tracks.I know what it is to go with out and i know what it is to have what I need.I know what it is like to be alone and I know what it is like to have some one with me.But through it all the one thing I have come to find the most important lesson of all is that God is really there people.I can not say it any clearer than that.I watch as children cut there self to make the pain go away or they thank it will help there pain I watch as baby's lie in hospitals addicted to drugs because mommy was so addicted to them trying to escape the pain and pressure she was in.I watch people drink and drink till it kills them or when they run out they drink rubbing alcohol just for that hit.I myself have been down these roads and seen all.I have seen mom walk away from her child I have seen daddy say goodbye and the list goes on and on I have seen how mean this world can be.I have felt the agony and the pain and I found the way out of it all and it is GOD!

When I was young around 1o or 11 I was mixed up into some sick thanking I had no one to teach me of the Lord because neither parent ever talked about the Lord so I did not know him.As I got older between all the anger I held for my mom and my dad leaving and just down right being alone not to even talk about all the other stuff I grew angry and mad and dark.I started having mest up feelings and got a hold of one of my friends mom's wedge boards and chased her around her apartment with it because she was scared of it and I thought it was a joke.Oh the joke was on me! I remember her telling me how she was afraid of it and it was evil and come to find out later she was right.I did not actually use this thing I just picked it up and chased this girl with it and made her almost cry before I stopped Me and her went on to school that day and went on with life later on that night I kept feeling very strange and felt like there was some one there but no one was at least no one you could see as time went by things got more early and I started to hear things and see things move or just down be gone or be changed.My mom was never home and when she was all she did is yell so I could not talk to her about it I just tried to deal with it.I grew more SCARED and eventually down right scared to death.Was not to long before I realized there was something in the house with me and I new it was not kind after a while I had no one to talk to Sept friends and they just thought I was crazy but I new what I new was there and real.One day I was watching the movie the Exorcist and my mom happened to be there I do not personally remember what I did but it was bad enough that my none caring mom noticed I was acting a bit odd.Enough that she cared now.She was a waitress and with in a few days some people from the church came in to eat and she started talking to them about my actions Before I new it they where on there way to the house mom did not tell me they where coming but oh I new because I was scared to death.Bye the time they got there I was hiding in the kitchen and they actually had to come find me it was 3 of them if I remember right and I remember them surrounding me and me telling them to leave me alone but they did not and they prayed over me and prayed for what seemed like hours and I then herd about Jesus and what he could do and all about that.As the days went on I grew more interested in Christ but at the same time things was getting more violent at my house and I new I was dealing with demons at this point.Mom went on with her life like all was OK and I went on trying to figure out how to get away so I finally decided to give this Jesus a looking in to so I did found out more about the story I learned that Jesus was the key to getting this demon out of my life but I did not know how I made a cross out of a close pin broke it and put the two together and rapped yarn around it to hold it as a cross I laid it next to my bed for protection and comfort I Went on about my day went up later to find it tour apart and just laying there.I seen many things like this happen the fear was unreal.It seemed that I was getting no where but deeper in and no way out.Then that tragic night came I was a sleep in my bed it was the middle of the night and I was woke up by the pictures on my wall and things blowing all over the place like I was out side during a wind storm I jumped up and ran out of the room in to my mom's room and jumped in bed with her I looked back in the door way as tears are running down my face and saw dark images I tried to wake my mom up but I actually thought she was dead because she would not wake up I kept hearing voices but could not tell what they where saying and laughing a awful laugh before I new it this big black image entered the bedroom right in front of me I will never forget it.You might thank I am crazy but it is true black with red eyes.I did not know what to do and I thought of Jesus I remember closing my tear filled eyes and talking to Jesus asking him to save me I do not know how long i went on but all I know is i opened my eyes after a few minutes I guess because I realized nothing had touched me and the sounds where gone.I opened my eyes and it was all gone I can not tell you the peace I felt I looked on the wall next to me and there was a big cross made out of the moon light on the wall.I can not tell you what a wonderful felling that was and that was the beginning of my knowing Jesus.

Now back to the things I was talking about earlier The evil in this world is so much more than many even want to realize it is there and it effects everyone Jesus is the only way to defeat it but you must believe and be saved.The cutting the evil in this world takes many roads to pull you in.There is nothing the Lord will not help you with it is are weakness that sets us back.I am telling you I have seen a little of every thing and I had to put my life in God's hands and turn the pain the hate and the anger everything over to him and pray till one day it got better and better.No I am not rich but i guess that all depends on what you call rich to me I got more than money could ever get.The Lord gave me a life he gave me peace of mind he protects me and my daughter and he is there.So everyone when you look at how bad this world is just stop a realize the Bible warns us of all this to come.We are not to worry of this world but if you are with out the Lord the world to come can be worse than anything you can ever imagine.No one is that tuff or cool because let me tell you will fall to your knees just like I did if you ever faced the demons.But if you die and face them there is no way out.Do Not be fooled demons do not always show there self most the time it is things in are life the evil and sometimes just are weakness.Find the Lord while there is still time.Jesus Christ is his name the only name.I pray this helps someone because believe me I do not like to talk about it at all.Please read the Bible learn of the Lord Jesus is the best thing that ever walked this earth and ever will.Please seek him out.Blessings my friends.Amen

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  • SA 2012/09/23 15:57:37
    God Bless You Sister.
  • Boris Badinov 2012/09/23 13:14:41
    Boris Badinov
    Ps 34:8 - Nahum 1:7
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/09/23 10:00:50
    I don't know anything about you and your Lord; That's between both of you. I do know about me and my Lord, and I am holding steadfast to his love and grace.

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