What Makes You Happier, Money or Respect?

Living 2012/06/22 18:00:00
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Was it Lil' Kim who rapped the lyrics "Money power respect... It's the key to life"? Turns out, she was only partly right. New research suggests happiness has a lot more to do with respect than it does with money, Medical News Today reports.

In a series of studies, psychological scientist Cameron Anderson of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, found that:

1) Respect and admiration, but not socioeconomic status, predicted students' social well-being. 2) The relationship between respect/admiration and well-being was partly due to the sense of power and social acceptance that the students felt in their personal relationships. And 3) Changes in respect/admiration corresponded to changes in MBA students' well-being. And respect/admiration predicted well-being more strongly than socioeconomic status.

"I was surprised at how fluid these effects were -- if someone's [social] standing in their local ladder went up or down, so did their happiness, even over the course of 9 months," said Anderson. What makes you happier: money or respect?
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  • jackie 2012/06/22 23:25:40 (edited)
    Im a loner. People always had bad opinions of me and talked about me.

    some people like it when you are poor and pathetic like them, but when you get some money they all hate.

    thats what stop some people from being successful. because of what other people think.

    let them hate. they can

    kiss my ass

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  • Bob P. Clarkson 2012/06/25 19:53:55
    Bob P. Clarkson
    The race to choose one over the other was really too close to call. You can be personally socially respected, but if you don't have the money to spread your presence, your respect is limited. Most people in today's society look at money as a sign of SELF-respect. If your self respect, or self esteem, is lowered for whatever reason, your chances of respect from others declines.
    While the folks at Berkley may have bit a bit surprised, I am not.
  • PortaPocketGal 2012/06/25 19:48:39
    that's an easy one.
  • dimwit 2012/06/25 19:30:22
    Neither. I have none of the first and don't go out of my way to get the latter.
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2012/06/25 18:47:41
  • Wesloco 2012/06/25 18:21:35
    This is a no brainer! (-:
  • A.Oscar 2012/06/25 18:19:56
    Money would be good if not involved with greed; some could be enough, if you keeping more and more, don’t go anywhere, then without circulation only cut jobs. But the Bilderbergers King with fries could create too much cholesterol, and you die.
  • Ralph Richards 2012/06/25 18:17:02
    Ralph Richards
    with money you get respect even if it's a false respect you still get it. Also with money you can limit your contact with people so, all the respect you need is from family and true friends.
  • Justin Teufel Hunden 2012/06/25 18:15:38 (edited)
    Justin Teufel Hunden
    Money doesn't always buy respect. I don't respect many politicians, movie stars, temporary fads made by so called musicians that have more money than morals/sense I.E. Dick Cheney, Barack Hussein Obama And stupid people with saggy jeans and gold teeth etc
    I feel no need to flaunt what I have. Most don't know and don't need to know. No need for a pathetic wannabe or 'hater' following me. Act like you have more than you do, and that's what you receive; 'haters'. I hate equally. Lol If you don't care what others think...stop giving the image you believe they prefer.
  • Ralph R... Justin ... 2012/06/25 18:18:16
    Ralph Richards
    but, still they get respect shown to their faces, so money does buy respect!
  • Justin ... Ralph R... 2012/06/25 18:27:51
    Justin Teufel Hunden
    Doesn't sound like respect to me. Just fake people trying to get near and feed. Not respect.
  • Dave 007 Justin ... 2012/07/01 11:51:20
    Dave 007
    Most people are fake. Women want a rich guy. Men want a women who has a great body (which takes a lot of money).
  • Tasinahri 2012/06/25 18:08:32
    Why? Because in this day and age, with our economy in the toilet at least I am confident that my needs are being met, and that that is one less thing I need to worry about. I am already respected by those who mean everything to me.
  • Donald Eric Kesler 2012/06/25 18:00:56
    Donald Eric Kesler
    I opted for Money just so I could offer a comment. The study cited does not explore how money affects an individuals social well-being. Instead, it explored the affect socioeconomic status has upon the well-being of college students.

    Socioeconomic status is not the same as money. Money, for many people, means having sufficient funds to address basic needs. Respect is far less important than being fed and clothed and sheltered. Only after have these basic needs have been met can one be concerned with feeling respected and admired. Since the individuals studied were students actively enrolled in college, it seems safe to assume that all of them had their basic needs met.
  • Jennifer Villarreal 2012/06/25 17:57:07
    Jennifer Villarreal
    But it also depends on what you use the money for
  • 22rexy22samo 2012/06/25 17:56:08
    if there is no respect there is no friendship.
  • KingTez 2012/06/25 17:55:50
    Money. And with only u knowing u got the money than no worries in the respect department.
  • RobinPeta 2012/06/25 17:50:20
    You can buy respect with money.
  • 22rexy2... RobinPeta 2012/06/25 17:57:45
    oh really just like u can buy love.
  • ben RobinPeta 2012/06/27 08:44:15
    Lol.... no you can't.. it's not tangible!
  • nina 2012/06/25 17:41:32
    If your respected an admired you dnt need money cuz you get free bees from you admirers
  • John Hall 2012/06/25 17:41:23
    John Hall
    give me millions and ill respect myself .
  • Kitty Kat 'CARROT' 2012/06/25 17:40:30
    Kitty Kat 'CARROT'
    everyone makes fun of me cause im small bt i'd showen them what same people can do :)
  • Sheila 2012/06/25 17:37:53
    There was a study done a while back that showed people would rather (all things being equal) would rather make 100K per year and be the HIGHEST PAID employee at a company that make 200K per year and be the lowest paid.

    So all things being equal we would rather have the "respect" of being the highest on the food chain and actually BE lower, than to be seen as the low man on the totem pole but actually be higher.
  • RobinPeta Sheila 2012/06/25 17:52:50
    I saw a similar study that said that it is not how well you are doing that determines happiness, but how well you are doing compared to people around you (family, coworkers, neighbors).
  • Tre 2012/06/25 17:35:36
    I'm big on respect!
  • RobinPeta Tre 2012/06/25 17:53:18
    F u! :)
  • Tre RobinPeta 2012/06/26 19:19:41
    Ya mama!
  • Kerymi 2012/06/25 17:35:29
    I meant to click respect -_-
  • the_old_coach 2012/06/25 17:11:13
    I mean, come ON.
  • kepowell 2012/06/25 17:11:10
    Respect is earned and money can't change that. I really don't care what MOST people think of me.. only the people in my life. With money we could all have a good time; so definitely money.
  • Kevin 2012/06/25 17:08:26
    What really matters is your health.
  • RobinPeta Kevin 2012/06/25 17:54:20
    Which I closely related to money. Respect can't get you health.
  • kurtanderson1 2012/06/25 17:06:01
    Now I don't possess an abundance of either one, unfortunately...
  • andrew lyagunga 2012/06/25 16:59:35
    andrew lyagunga
    both of them!!!!!
  • Nat™ 2012/06/25 16:03:25
    I agree with the top comment. I give out a lot of respect but I don't receive it back. SMFH. So money for now, then maybe I'll get some respect.
  • Carlos ... Nat™ 2012/06/25 19:59:05
    Carlos benoit
    That seems to be the most sensible answer to this interesting - but meaningless question that we all (Deep Inside) know the answer to very well.
  • GLaDOS 2012/06/25 14:59:16
    I could not, generally, care less about other people's opinions of me, so long as the ones I figure to be important, respect me.
  • SarcasticB*tch 2012/06/25 14:48:28
    but having money is nice, too.
  • smitty 2012/06/25 14:19:13
    Gimme the money. Money can buy respect.

    Wanting respect and admiration is a form of narcissism anyway. Nothing beats cold hard cash.
  • Red smitty 2012/06/25 14:37:04

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