What makes someone go into a diabetic coma?

Noah Alexander 2009/11/16 02:36:32
like for this story this 4 year old girl was gonna go into a diabetic coma but i dont know how.
her older brother who's 13 going on 14 in like a month gives her, her insulin.
my friend says he could give her too much or whatever but idk how.
she gets it in her stomach, but i don't now the process for that.
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  • maggiemay 2009/11/16 06:30:14
    Telling you how would take to long on here. You can look it up on line. We have to be careful what we eat that is why we check our blood sugars,and take our insulin like we should. If someone goes into a coma,and does not get help they will die.They don't come out of it without help.
  • Noah Al... maggiemay 2009/11/18 04:14:23
    Noah Alexander
    she's 4.
    how long would she be in
    a coma?
  • maggiemay Noah Al... 2009/11/18 04:36:08
    Depends on how long it takes to bring her blood sugars back in control. One of the things that they want to do is keep them from going into a coma. The sooner they can give them their insulin the better. If she goes into a coma you need to get her to a hospital right away.
  • Noah Al... maggiemay 2009/11/18 08:28:01
    Noah Alexander
  • 5p0k3n4 2009/11/16 02:50:29
    My fathers gone ino two of them already. There are many diffrent things that can trigger them. Too much insuline, too little, not taking it at all is what happened to my father. This may be helpful to read.

  • Jester 2009/11/16 02:37:58
    The human body goes into a form of toxic shock. If left untreated for more than a couple of hours, its hello grim reaper.
  • Noah Al... Jester 2009/11/16 02:39:59
    Noah Alexander
    well we were thinking like she goes to a friends house
    and eats too much candy without the mom knowing
    so her blood sugar goes high or low and she goes
    into a coma.
    how long do those usually last?
    for a 4 year old.

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