What kind of mood were you in when you woke up this morning?

Kyle 2012/06/22 12:41:12
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  • spiderpanda 2012/06/23 09:53:33
    Good Mood
    until i looked at the clock and it said 12 o clock. must be summer. XD
  • Rangiku 2012/06/23 05:40:47
    Bad Mood
    more blah then anything
  • India 2012/06/23 00:02:14
    Bad Mood
    i had to wake up really early to travel but i wanted to go back to sleep
  • MyDaydream90 2012/06/22 22:02:02
    Bad Mood
    The heat woke me up before I had my 8 hours. hehe
  • Kitty 2012/06/22 21:45:04
    Good Mood
    it's gone downhill though.
  • GeorgeAMartini 2012/06/22 21:43:42
    Good Mood
    Don't know why, but I'm not fighting it.
  • Carol 2012/06/22 21:01:24
    Bad Mood
    Pissed off beyond reason and thinking of ways to punish people. Everyone, including the other adult, in this house can't seem to understand that summer vacation doesn't effect me. I still have to get up in the morning. But they can't be bothered to turn down a television, or stop yelling into a gaming headset.
  • ALofRI 2012/06/22 19:29:24
    Good Mood
    I woke up; I raised my arms; I flexed my knees; I turned my neck, They all made the same sound...cra-ack, cra-ack, cra-ack...I came to the conclusion, I'm not only getting old...I'm getting crispy!
  • pammerjammer 2012/06/22 19:18:22
    Good Mood
    Most of the time I wake up in a good mood. I do not understand grumps, but I tell them "Stay the hell away from me until you can be civil" . The one thing that will piss me off is if my little dog pooped in the night and I step in it.
  • Missile 2012/06/22 19:17:11
    Good Mood
    Always in a good mood
  • DeborahLakeHelen 2012/06/22 19:16:44
    Good Mood
    I'm in a good mood 99.9% of the time. As I usually do, I woke up in a good mood, but I've put in 50+ hours this week, and I'm tried!
  • Callaway 2012/06/22 16:57:02
    Good Mood
    Always get up in a good mood, sadly the events of some days change that.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/06/22 16:30:28
    Good Mood
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    hungry too
  • bubbles Siniste... 2012/06/22 20:03:01
    Really me too l
  • sky 2012/06/22 16:27:12
    Good Mood
    Indifferent but optimistic.
  • ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪ 2012/06/22 15:52:52
    Good Mood
    ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪
    I woke up really randomly happy.
  • Fighting4U 2012/06/22 15:46:01
    Good Mood
    Until my SH best friend disappeared on me, we didn't get to talk at all.
  • King Anti-Christ 666 2012/06/22 15:40:34
  • Maddog 2012/06/22 15:34:11
    Bad Mood
    Homicidal. Next door neighbor's dog woke me up an 3:00 AM!
  • Kashee 2012/06/22 15:14:39
    Bad Mood
    The dogs woke me up and I wasn't ready to get up.
  • LittleMistersMom 2012/06/22 14:58:44
    Good Mood
    Neither really. Exhausted. My husband and Little Mister woke up at 5:30....when I finally convinced them to go into another room so I could sleep until my alarm went off, the baby I am currently carrying decided to do gymnastics. So I woke up, exhausted? lol
  • superangrymonkey 2012/06/22 14:28:37
    Bad Mood
    I got a sleep blowjob from my wife last night but she "forgot" to pull my pants back up. It kind of sets the whole day off.
  • Laura 2012/06/22 13:43:03
    Good Mood
    Horny. Lol jokes.
  • ♒ßεllεchεvεllε®♒ 2012/06/22 13:37:41
    Bad Mood
    kyle, i'm normally a very happy morning person, but i'm not feeling too well lately. Anyway...

    boring cat gif
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/22 13:18:46
    Good Mood
    Sister Jean
  • Blonde Angel 2012/06/22 13:00:15
    Good Mood
    Blonde Angel
    Great mood :)
  • beach bum 2012/06/22 12:55:29
    Good Mood
    beach bum
  • Momena 오어ㅣ나 2012/06/22 12:53:26
    Bad Mood
    Momena 오어ㅣ나
    tired and my head will explode
  • Aingean 2012/06/22 12:53:20
    Good Mood
    I got to sleep past 7 I am in a wonderful mood.
  • SarcasticB*tch 2012/06/22 12:48:23
    Good Mood
    it's always a good morning! <3
  • voodoo doll 2012/06/22 12:47:02
    Good Mood
    voodoo doll
    I'm a morning person so I'm always in a chirpy mood in the morning. I woke at 4am today and went for a walk. It's better than being drained of energy and being in a bad mood.
  • nana 2012/06/22 12:46:53
    Bad Mood
    not had coffee yet
  • Mellisa <3 2012/06/22 12:45:45
    Bad Mood
    Mellisa <3
    The whatever mood
  • Evil 1 2012/06/22 12:45:40
    Good Mood
    Evil 1
    Another day above the grass is a great day!
  • Suni 2012/06/22 12:45:07
    Good Mood
    i am almost always in a good mood when i wake up!
  • Reggie☮ 2012/06/22 12:43:52
    Good Mood
  • !TARD~MUFFIN! 2012/06/22 12:43:36
    Good Mood
    I get to see the boyfriend today! :)
  • Jessica ♥ Nick = foreva 2012/06/22 12:43:34
    Good Mood
    Jessica ♥  Nick = foreva
    Good mood but I'm thinking my amazing super adorable my bbe my bf

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