What Kind of Lesbian Do U Prefer?

gray 2009/10/30 00:02:36
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  • Bratz 2014/02/20 16:29:54
    Lipstick Lesbian
    hell yeah
  • Rosie Pinkum 2014/01/31 16:04:22
    Lipstick Lesbian
    Rosie Pinkum
    cute, girly girl, and stacked
  • Adele-fan<3 2011/06/26 19:00:50
    Lipstick Lesbian
    I love the girly girls , cause im kinda boyishhh .
  • Theclubofawesomeness'sguardian 2011/03/06 00:46:26
    all of the above(:
    Especially those who make it last
  • bella_the_NCIS_freak!<3 2011/01/30 19:13:27
    Lipstick Lesbian
    hehew i love meh some girls :)
  • Rudy 2010/10/20 17:19:06
    Lipstick Lesbian
    ahhh i like the simple kind, but as long as she can melt my heart with the little things im okay hey... i really have a thing for girls that know how to make me weak
  • JessiOakes 2010/07/09 06:50:15 (edited)
    Any Other ONe?(:
    I like many kinds of girls...I love the kind of girl who has a cute, sexy face with eyes that seduce me. I like girls who I can love and protect, but who can melt me with a smile regardless of her style of clothing and hair. I do have a HUGE weakness for goth/punk girls, though. And OMG a girl with an atheletic build and curves, too. hair huge weakness gothpunk girls omg girl atheletic build curves
  • PandaBoo Bear <3 2010/05/23 20:39:48
    Any Other ONe?(:
    PandaBoo Bear <3
    tomboy, edgy kind of girls :) but ones that actually look like a girl, unless they look like a rly hot skater/punk boy :)
  • Ann 2010/05/08 19:21:39
    Lipstick Lesbian
    I like girly lesbians. the ones that don't look like one. The really sexy and cute ones.
  • william_shatner4 2010/02/02 11:12:26
  • Chancy99: Plague Rat 2009/10/30 02:48:34
    all of the above(:
    Chancy99: Plague Rat
    Any Kind Really. I like the tomboyish Girls. Gothy Girls are always awesome aswell. ^_^ tomboyish girls gothy girls awesome aswell
  • l 2009/10/30 00:53:20
    Blue Jean Femme
    lesbian, bi, straight or anywhere in between...kind of the "girl next door" and/or "tomboy" girls!! yummm! femme lesbian bi straight girl door andor tomboy girls yummm
  • Sick Boy 2009/10/30 00:40:15
    Any Other ONe?(:
    Sick Boy
    Not this,

    But this!
  • Dinosaur99 Sick Boy 2010/04/30 07:03:56
    Those are called Lipstick Lesbians. Well if they really are lesbians, and not just doing it for attention....
  • Sick Boy Dinosaur99 2010/04/30 14:56:08
    Sick Boy
    They're a lot prettier then the two above them though! =]

  • Waiting 2009/10/30 00:33:24
    Lipstick Lesbian
    Well i prefer bisexuals really.
  • Deactivate Pl0x 2009/10/30 00:27:28
    Lipstick Lesbian
    Deactivate Pl0x
  • Unnamed 2009/10/30 00:26:41
    Sport Dyke
  • Bobby 48 2009/10/30 00:20:51
  • AdventPhantom .::New Holoca... 2009/10/30 00:08:57
  • ☣AlεxKαy☣GTS☣BYE GUYS.(: 2009/10/30 00:07:01
    Any Other ONe?(:
    ☣AlεxKαy☣GTS☣BYE GUYS.(:
    there is different kinds of gay? hmmm. i feel old.
  • kevracer 2009/10/30 00:05:17
    Lipstick Lesbian

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