What is your favorite eye color?

Gupriela 2012/04/22 18:03:11


Blue eye
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Blue eye

Beautiful blue eye
  1. Blue eye

    Blue eye

    Beautiful blue eye

  2. Green eye

    Green eye

    It's like harry potter's eye :)

  3. Brown eye

    Brown eye

    Its a brown eye

  4. Grey eye

    Grey eye

    I know this isn't a real eye color but its beautiful

  5. hazel eye

    hazel eye


  6. purple eye

    purple eye


  7. Red eye

    Red eye

    Sorry i couldn't find a good picture of red eyes :(

What is your favorite eye color?
Brown eyes
Hazel eyes
Blue eyes
Green eyes
Grey eyes
Purple eyes
Red eyes
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I LOVE eyes! I just think that you can have the most gorgeous eyes in the whole world and some people don't even notice
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  • LenaEverdeen 2012/10/04 03:41:35
    Hazel eyes
    I am asian and I have green eyes (gold in the middle)
    I think hazel is very pretty
    blue is a little too same old same old (they are beautiful tho!)
    i just think pretty much everyone has blue eyes or brown
    i love brown eyes
    they look mysterious..
    however i dont really like flat tone eyes
    but all eyes are gorjus!
    purple eyes wuld be so cool!
    im thinking maybe a person with deep blue eyes and a person with kinda
    gold eyes could maybe get someone with purple eyes
  • Hello. 2012/06/03 11:04:25
    Brown eyes
    Brown eyes are really pretty - they'd come 1st place. Blue eyes would come 2nd place but they have to look very dreamy...
  • Crime Time 2012/04/23 07:31:56
  • Abby Crime Time 2012/06/05 21:59:26
    Grey isn't rare all my friends have grey and my aunts and cosins have it
  • Crime Time Abby 2012/06/05 23:20:11
  • Abby Crime Time 2012/06/09 16:36:54
    Ohhh which contrary do u live in if the USA which state?
  • Crime Time Abby 2012/06/09 19:27:51
  • Abby Crime Time 2012/06/12 19:12:20
    haha thats cool
  • LenaEve... Crime Time 2012/10/04 03:42:56
    kentucky was my state report!!!
    its pretty awesome
    o kentucky the blue grass state
    i still remember that song ulggh its kinda stuck in my head
  • Pat 2012/04/23 03:41:41
    Brown eyes
    My husband, my kids and my dog all have brown eyes so I have to go with that. Mine are blue.
  • LenaEve... Pat 2012/10/04 03:43:21
    My dogs eyes are dark blue
  • Kristen *Guru* Lynn 2012/04/22 21:23:20 (edited)
    Blue eyes
    Kristen *Guru* Lynn
    I'm such a sucker for blue eyes. Too bad I have green/gray eyes. damian mcginty
  • LenaEve... Kristen... 2012/10/04 03:43:41
    green eyes are way more rare!
  • Vision of Verve 2012/04/22 21:23:20
  • Bill 2012/04/22 21:21:55
    Brown eyes
    I love eyes,too--but it really doesn't matter---the color--it's the person behind them--it's how they're presented.
  • Stacie 2012/04/22 19:38:26
  • rand 2012/04/22 19:03:10
    Green eyes
    ...but don't tell my hazel-eyed wife.
  • SayHelloTo...Oblivion 2012/04/22 19:02:57
    Grey eyes
    I love Adam Lambert's eyes :)
  • k-9 2012/04/22 18:34:07
    Brown eyes
  • Rimvydas_M 2012/04/22 18:26:57
    Blue eyes
    i love all of them.but blue are my favourites
    blue eyes
    blue eyes
  • Sour Dime 2012/04/22 18:15:48
    Hazel eyes
    Sour Dime
  • Zoey Zombie 2012/04/22 18:04:59
    Green eyes
    Zoey Zombie
    Natural eyes goes to green, contacts go to purple!
  • Sour Dime Zoey Zo... 2012/04/22 18:16:33
    Sour Dime
    I've never seen a person with natural green eyes.
  • Abby Sour Dime 2012/06/05 22:02:14
    My eyes can change into natural green eyes cause Im in the rare group for hazel! Hazel eyes change every once in a while but that's the common group I'm in the rare group and that means it changes more than once everyday! I'm in the rare group

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