What Is The Youngest Age, You Think You Should Teach Children How To Shoot A Gun?

Guess~GOD GOT IT~ 2009/03/06 16:26:16
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Children do not think like adults, their mind doesn't develops as quick as an adult, their memories can't instore as much and they can't hold to much in their mind at a certain age. Children are not stable like adults, they don't view life the same as adults and maturity comes with knowledge and common sense. Their body don't grow strength like adults and their heart don't heal as quick like adults, their very own thought is just a mind of a child. If adults don't know the proable cause when to shoot, what make you think a child do. Children are not your protection, you are surpose to protect them. If your child must fight, teach them how to fight with their God given might.
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  • Laura Guess~G... 2009/04/16 23:29:03
    I'm telling you, it's the drugs!


    PROZAC and its Generation

  • Guess~G... Laura 2009/04/17 05:59:10
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    ok, if its the drugs, why would a parent teach a kid that they know is having problems or on drugs, this sounds even more of a reason why they shouldn't. I'm sure their parents was the one (s) who taught them, correct me if i'm wrong. Not all parents are mature. Those who do drugs, acohol and uses other subtance to get high should not teach any kid how to fire, in my opion...
  • Lynn 2009/04/15 01:45:23 (edited)
    When he's born, the more experience, the more he will learn when to shot
    Parents need to (here's the tricky part) use some common sense and make a judgement regarding thier kids' ability to use this knowledge responsibly.

    I was around 6 or 7 when I learned to shoot and have been a responsible gun owner since I was 12.
  • Guess~G... Lynn 2009/04/16 02:45:55
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    just looking at your avator, i can tell you can't wait to have a reason to fire and most kids that was taught at a young age can't wait to have a reason, why, because they think it will solve everything and since hunting is fun, killing humans must be to...thanks for ur input..later
  • Lynn Guess~G... 2009/04/16 03:01:11
    I wonder what your life is like as you jump to so many hasty, ignorant and wrong conclusions.
  • Guess~G... Lynn 2009/04/16 19:37:44 (edited)
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    your under arrest for your bad behavior, drop your weapon now and don't ever insult me again because being under arrest will be your least problem...can't touch this
  • Laura Lynn 2009/04/16 23:29:57
    Guess-G is absolutely ridiculous! No basis or facts for his opinions.
  • Guess~G... Laura 2009/04/17 06:01:26
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    are you taking to him are me, i'm all woman....
  • Jon 2009/04/15 00:51:31 (edited)
    If you teach a child properly, at age 5
    Dad taught me at 4 or 5 when I got those matching cap-guns at Christmas!

    He showed me how to wear the holster, how the two faux pearl handled six shooter cap-guns went in grips forward, and NEVER, NEVER, EVER point it at anyone!!! Or you'll lose 'em!
  • Guess~G... Jon 2009/04/16 02:54:29
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    thanks, glad you corrected me, much appreciated. You the man and that's all i have to say to you, because you cares and that says a lot about you, thanks for coming...later
  • redneck woman 2009/04/14 23:37:31
    redneck woman
    It depends a lot on the kid. We started teaching my son with a .22 last summer when he turned 6. He knows that the only time he can shoot is when I or my husband is right there with him. Otherwise the guns a locked up. We have been teaching him gun safety since he was 5. Each time we take him out to target practice we ask him what the rules are, & he tells us all of them, before he can even touch the gun. That way we know that he is learning what we are teaching him.
  • Guess~G... redneck... 2009/04/16 03:00:20
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    parents are teaching kids how to shoot but not teaching them when not to shoot. I have no problem with parents teaching kids, just have a problem with parents that are not teaching them all that comes with it...later
  • redneck... Guess~G... 2009/04/17 02:07:45
    redneck woman
    I understand that. At the age my son is now, I wouldn't expect him to be able to asses a bad situation & decide if he needed to get a gun. That is why for now, he knows that he can only shoot when my husband & I are there to help him. As he gets older & more mature, then we'll be able to teach him what situations would call for excessive force & what wouldn't. Lord knows I don't want him to grab a gun just because he's angry at someone.
  • Lord Nils 2009/04/14 22:19:43
    None of the above
    Lord Nils
    I think it should depend on the child. I taught my oldest daughter when she was nine, but the younger sister learned when she was six. My son learned when he was seven. My best friend's daughter is learning right now, at six. I have seen children in their teens that I would not trust with a firearm. The same can be said about some adults.
    I will be buying a good rifle for another friends son. He is 14, and has been responsible for the past six years. I even let him take MY guns with him when he goes camping. So there is really no magic age.
  • Guess~G... Lord Nils 2009/04/16 03:07:35 (edited)
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    parents don't consider when they children becomes adults, mind changes, feelings develops and their personality don't stay the same and no one knows when a person mind is going to trigger, since they have been taught to use a gun at a young age, you gotter know they are itching to shoot, it just stays in the back of their mind...later
  • Lord Nils Guess~G... 2009/04/16 03:18:24
    Lord Nils
    Yet I learned at a very young age, and have not gone any shooting sprees. S just what is your point? I am not getting it.
  • dpm ext... Lord Nils 2009/04/16 11:25:02
    dpm extremist
    THe point is not wanting to know when or how! the point here is they hate guns period! They think noone should have any because they can't beleave people know when to and not to shoot. They think that if you teach a child or adult about a gun and to shoot then they will go an a killing binge! Get it.
    Just one that you can't talk to because they don't want to know the truth!
  • Guess~G... dpm ext... 2009/04/16 19:47:02
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    don't hate guns, just don't like the fact that too many innocent people are dying at the hands of those who wasn't taught the proable cause to fire..don't make me arrest you..lol
  • dpm ext... Guess~G... 2009/04/16 23:25:20
    dpm extremist
    soooo are these shooters tought to shoot at a young age or are they just street gangs doing the shootings with guns they buy on the street?
  • Laura dpm ext... 2009/04/17 00:05:29
    I don't think gang bangers had dad teach them gun safety. Guess-G is barking up the wrong tree.
  • Guess~G... dpm ext... 2009/04/17 06:04:55
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    i say all the above and some...under arrest for not knowing....hold your hands in front of you and don't move...lol
  • Guess~G... Lord Nils 2009/04/16 19:44:26
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    the point is this, parents are not teaching their children all that comes with guns and the conquences that comes with it if you fire witout proable cause. I have arrested so many people today, i don't even want to go there with you, go as you please, no arrest will be made, unless i have to come back..
  • Lord Nils Guess~G... 2009/04/16 19:49:45
    Lord Nils
    Part of me teaching how to shoot includes when, and the disipline and responsibility that goes with carrying a fire arm. If I came off sounding pissy, I am sorry, that was not my intent. I just wanted to know what you were getting at.
  • Lord Nils Guess~G... 2009/04/16 19:52:49
    Lord Nils
    Also, many parents are not teaching their kids ANYTHING. They learn from GTA, or the latest hip-hop video. Please, some of us are being responsible. More, I think than anyone wants to admit.
  • Guess~G... Lord Nils 2009/04/16 20:04:04
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    you seem like a very responsible person and I just hope no parent have to deal with after teaching their children how to shoot, then end up sorry they ever taught them, if they kill without proable cause, certainly the parent will feel somewhat responsible, no need for an arrest here, have a good one....
  • Lord Nils Guess~G... 2009/04/16 20:09:23
    Lord Nils
    OK, now i get it. Cool. You have a good one, too.
  • Laura Lord Nils 2009/04/16 23:30:56 (edited)
    I think Guess-G is one of those people who are itching to shoot. Sounds like he has some issues with his parents.
  • Lord Nils Laura 2009/04/16 23:38:25
    Lord Nils
    I would not be so quick to judge with that verdict. I think there may be something deeper. I am not passing judgment on any side, but let us ask what is the motivation for this question and responses.
  • Laura Lord Nils 2009/04/16 23:57:18
    I have asked. He just keeps repeating the same thing over and over.
    As I've read his posts, I get the feeling he has some deep seated issues.
  • Lord Nils Laura 2009/04/17 00:02:15
    Lord Nils
    OK. Let me try. Some points made actually made a bit of sense. For some reason I am feeling very open minded today. Perhaps it is the cheap Whiskey I am drinking. Normally, I am very set in my opinions. Why should I change just to make someone I don't know happy, neh?
  • Laura Lord Nils 2009/04/17 00:09:51
    It's hard to have a discussion with someone who keeps saying, "they are going to come and arrest you."

    I'll just chalk it up to another stupid Soda Head Blog that I wasted my time on.

    Way too many stupid, time wasting blogs, talking to stupid people.

    I must need some whiskey too, because I'm done trying to reason with most of the morons on Soda Head.
  • Lord Nils Laura 2009/04/17 00:37:55
    Lord Nils
    OK. I hear that. And I tend to agree with you. So, I raise my glass to you. hear raise glass
  • Laura Lord Nils 2009/04/17 00:39:43
    Thanks. I think I'll leave now and do something that is actually productive with the rest of this evening.

  • Lord Nils Laura 2009/04/17 01:12:59
    Lord Nils
    SKOL! As me dad always said.
  • Laura 2009/04/14 21:36:08 (edited)
    If you teach a child properly, at age 5
    All my children started learning gun safety at around 5 or kindergarten age. It was a big deal when they got their first "Red Rider" BB-Gun.

    They entered BB gun competitions annually and every year took another Gun safety course or refresher.

    They graduated to CO2 BB guns and when they were around 10-12 they got their first 1 shot rifle.

    If more children had gun safety courses and learned a healthy respect, they wouldn't be sneaking into their parents rooms trying to discover the "forbidden."

    I've talked to some of the older members of my community and they talk about the "old days" when they used to walk to school with their rifle in hand and hang it on the rack when they arrived at school.

    It is funny how all of those kids managed to survive. (sarcasm)

    I intend to train my children up so they know that owning a gun is their Constitutional Right and will not be a generation that has been brainwashed into surrendering their arms when they are older.

    All other parents should do the same. You can't even look at a Mc Donalds place mat without reading anti-gun propaganda!
  • Guess~G... Laura 2009/04/16 03:12:36
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    how many of us can say, we just know our kids want do nothing stupid because i taught them to do the right thing, i'm sure a lot of parents of saying to themselves now, maybe i shouldn't have taught him at that age.....
  • Laura Guess~G... 2009/04/16 11:32:30
    Not me. I have no regrets as far as training them in gun safety. They know their weapons, (have won several medals in competitions) they know their rights to use them ()their Constitutional rights) and will proudly pass these things on to the next generation.
  • Guess~G... Laura 2009/04/16 19:50:10
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    how did you get loose.....glad you taught your kids the right way...my thoughts are just that, i'm not judging, just wondering....have a bless one
  • Lord Nils Laura 2009/04/17 00:03:51
    Lord Nils
    BTW, You are right here! I just don't really know what the point of this poll is.
  • Mom *Standing in the Christ... 2009/04/14 21:29:32
    Mom *Standing in the Christian Line*
    OK....I'm a Christian....I do not have a gun in my home......BUT...that does not mean in any way that I am
    anti-gun. I believe that when a child has proven that they are of a responsible age...responsible enough to handle a gun....then the parent/guardian should make sure that they have the proper education....That could be 14........or.......98

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