What is the worst flaw an infographic can have?

Infographic World 2012/03/20 00:14:08
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  • Call me Mark willya? 2012/05/11 00:15:11
    Manipulating the story
    Call me Mark willya?
    I really think these are all about the same except the one about design quality and the hard to see... To me, those are tech issues, and simply shouldn't be issues. As far as the rest they're all pretty lousy, but the media (whether people believe it or not) DOES have an agenda and most news stories commercials and television shows are written to aim public opinion in a certain direction, they're all pretty subtle, but they add up... Seriously. Of course the main thrust of their agenda is getting us to give them money for useless crap.
  • Figment 2012/05/10 00:29:16 (edited)
    Inaccurate information
    It's gotta relay the facts- right? That's the bare minimum.
  • psiEnergos 2012/04/18 05:22:26
    Misleading facts
    Inaccurate information / Misleading are pretty closely tied. I went with misleading only because sometimes it can be harder to spot.
  • BigFig#9 2012/04/17 23:48:59
    Inaccurate information
    Also inconsistent - changing axises, scales, etc
  • EdVenture 2012/04/17 23:03:16
    Inaccurate information
    Complexity of use
  • Rubyking 2012/03/31 20:55:14
    Inaccurate information
    it needs accuracy
  • alex hilson 2012/03/24 01:22:45
    Misleading facts
    alex hilson
    the facts better be true
  • OzSurfer 2012/03/20 20:00:45
    Too busy
    That questions about it can come up like spam 50 times in a row, this has a reverse marketing affect on me, i'll avoid it like the plague from now on.
  • Linkums 2012/03/20 19:50:54
    Inaccurate information
    Inaccurate info, questionable sources, misleading facts, and manipulating the story are all almost equally bad.
  • CREW grand 2012/03/20 04:24:53
    Inaccurate information
    CREW grand
    Biased, outdated or otherwise unreliable data.

    Merk Yuri Mars
  • Rebecca 2012/03/20 02:04:31
    Inaccurate information
    I hate taking the time to read one only to find out it isn't true.
  • Sister Jean 2012/03/20 00:38:47
    Sister Jean
    I guess
  • chloe s... Sister ... 2012/05/11 10:58:04
    chloe stockton
    hahahahaha is it me or do u feel really lazy today ? xxxxx :9

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