What is the newest fad for kids?

Danale 2010/07/17 14:13:14
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Silly Bandz
Slap Braclet
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I'm a mom of 4... my kids range from 8 to 2 and I want to know what the latest fad thing is for kids these days...
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  • ~TheDreamer~ 2010/07/21 06:26:27
    Silly Bandz
    what the crap is a smencil? I know all the kids like the silly bandz though. (hey, even i like them)

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  • Shilo 2010/07/24 22:49:10
    What do you think?
    Biting each other and convincing themselves they're vampires and werewolves.
  • Astro-Boy 2010/07/24 22:39:15
    Silly Bandz
    I seen these on the news...they made me laugh, reminds me of the Pogs from when I was like 7-8.
  • Jenni 2010/07/22 05:54:30
    What do you think?
    Crazy socks.



    Not just for kids either. I have always loved fun socks and collected them. Over the past several years I have noticed that knee/ thigh highs are becoming more popular and crazy. fun socks collected years noticed knee thigh highs popular crazy
  • Kristen 2010/07/21 16:13:52
    Silly Bandz
    kids are freakin out over those
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2010/07/21 06:26:27
    Silly Bandz
    what the crap is a smencil? I know all the kids like the silly bandz though. (hey, even i like them)
  • hayleybomb 2010/07/19 03:38:12
    What do you think?
    i have no clue! t-shirt
  • Fef 2010/07/18 04:39:34
    Silly Bandz
    My kids went to sleep wearing their Silly Bandz tonight. Silly Bandz make me think it doesn't take much skill or brains to make billions of dollars.
    wearing silly bandz tonight silly bandz skill brains billions dollars
  • jbandff5lover 2010/07/17 22:00:26
    Silly Bandz
    i'm 16 and i still love them...even though i only own one lol
  • jefx 2010/07/17 18:07:15
    Silly Bandz
    my kid told me so
  • Cri 2010/07/17 16:10:37
    Silly Bandz
    I see a ton of people wearing them nowadays.
    silly bandz ton people wearing
  • PinkSugarZombie (Tori) 2010/07/17 15:52:18
    Silly Bandz
    PinkSugarZombie (Tori)
    There awesome!
  • Sister Jean 2010/07/17 14:23:28
    Silly Bandz
    Sister Jean
    and any electronic
  • The Savior/Scourge of the I... 2010/07/17 14:20:01
    What do you think?
    The Savior/Scourge of the Internet- Sodahead member of F@G!
    Modern Warfare 2. lately, ive seen a lot of kids playing that, but i think they are about 10 or something. and protip, dont buy your kids video games, they will spend a lot of time on that.
  • Michael 2010/07/17 14:19:02
    What do you think?
    Wish it were hula hoops! They get great exercise!

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