What is the most awe inspiring architecture that you have ever seen up close and personal?

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  • pies_Guy 2009/12/16 23:10:40
    The Eiffel Tower....in person it is amazingly larger than life!
  • STEELANGEL 凸 Metal Up 凸
    but I think Machu Picchu would be badass to see!
  • wpsark 2009/12/16 22:51:58 (edited)
    it has to be the Clinton Library, not very inspiring but it just looks stupid on the outside

    clinton library Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2009/12/16 22:47:18
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Either Stonehenge or the Empire State Building. (Didn't get to America until after 2001..)
  • Redneck 2009/12/16 22:37:04
    I don't know if you'd call it architecture, but the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde near Cortez, Colorado are pretty awesome.
  • Outtolunch 2009/12/16 22:36:32
    Edinburgh Castle

    edinburgh castle
  • danaslc Outtolunch 2009/12/17 04:01:57
    Oh beautiful.
  • karim 2009/12/16 22:24:45 (edited)
    i am from egypt and i love Pyramids and Sphinx too much love pyramids sphinx
  • danaslc karim 2009/12/17 04:02:13
    I would love to go there.
  • Cass 2009/12/16 22:15:17
  • -Daughter of Apollo- 2009/12/16 22:09:17
    -Daughter of Apollo-

    Allstate Arena^ (It's my home away from home.)
  • Gary 2009/12/16 21:25:47
    Notre Dame cathedral in Paris France. History, man! History!
  • Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy* 2009/12/16 21:01:15
    Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy*
    My father built a shed in the back-yard about 5 years ago. It's still standing, surprisingly.
  • Mark Seth (c... 2009/12/16 23:22:44
    Great addition to the long list of man made structures . I can relate ...
  • <--That guy 2009/12/16 20:59:35
    <--That guy
    For me it's one of these.

    (I went to the very top!)

  • mike 2009/12/16 20:44:23
    when iam naked and look down,,,,lmao,,have a great day.
  • Gun665 2009/12/16 20:42:36
  • kevracer 2009/12/16 20:42:04 (edited)
    indianapolis motors speedway tower terrace indianpolis motors speedway tower terrace
  • jefhow22 2009/12/16 19:34:47
    Our Grand Canyon.
  • Gary jefhow22 2009/12/16 21:27:10
    Who was the architect?
  • STEELAN... Gary 2009/12/16 23:13:36
    STEELANGEL 凸 Metal Up 凸
  • jefhow22 Gary 2009/12/23 14:36:02
    GOD was the architect...
  • Lunatic jefhow22 2009/12/17 04:14:06
    yep our arizona is da bomb, I live in northern
  • ♥Isis♥ 2009/12/16 18:35:09
  • ϟ Emma ϟ_♥loves♥supernatural♥ 2009/12/16 18:17:48 (edited)
  • Ladnar 2009/12/16 18:12:45
    St. Louis Arch

    louis arch
  • Shell 2009/12/16 18:02:07 (edited)
  • ☠Marz555☠ 2009/12/16 17:49:54
    Disney world
  • patti 2009/12/16 17:42:27
    Man made, it would be St Peters in Rome...Both awesome and frightening. peters rome awesome frightening peters rome awesome frightening peters rome awesome frightening
    Natural architecture, Islands being formed.. This is Hawaii..
    peters rome awesome frightening natural architecture islands formed hawaii
  • Mark patti 2009/12/16 23:32:23
    Frightening is right . Did you pick up on why it does NOT put off the feeling of the Holy Spirit' present ?

    If you look over where the walls meet the floors ( and tourism hasn't worn it off ) busy staring at the ceiling , you can still see the blood stains of the persecuted Christians deep in the marble floors , cause they took the marble out of the Coloseum and installed it in the Vatican . Very creepy ...
  • patti Mark 2009/12/17 01:05:08
    I am a recovering Catholic, I know that sounds creepy too.. Its certainly not a loss of belief or faith but just a loss of the organization. I spent my school years in a Catholic school.
    I felt very uncomfortable there at St Peters, I didn't know about why I just felt it.
    My great grandmother, she would now be about 130 to 140 year's old now, once had an experience at St Peters.. Being very Catholic she missed mass one morning from illness, she was punished for this absence. her penance was to crawl the length of the square and up the stairs, her nose touching the ground as she crawled. it is a very long distance and she was not well. I felt that when I stood there.
    She then had to kiss the feet of the statue of Saint Peter. She was truly devout, as was my grandmother before this incident.
    Whether the blood be visible or not, you can feel it everywhere. its lovely architecture with a sad past.
  • Mark patti 2009/12/17 01:49:15
    What do you mean by recovering ? You do NOT have to answer on this public
    format , Just click onto my name and when ya see the envelope icon (for private messaging ) , we'll go back and forth on the private format provided .

    One thing is for sure , it is hard sometimes for people to be able to detect when
    the Holy Spirit is trying to get someone away from something .

    Just like it is hard for people to differentiate between the feeling they get in their chest when they've been insulted / offended , and when it is really" heart conviction" which is a good thing ,cause although it will cause the same or similiar feeling in our chest , it is better to know that there is something that we have to work on , rather than to think everything is OK while walking straight into the Lake of Fire . I am appalled by what the clergy did to your relative ,especially a woman .

    It would be bad enough if the person was a man that actually did something
    reprehensible and was directly connected to the priesthood and needed to be
    punished , but for a simple member , in good standing and female - I rest easy knowing that judgement starts at the pulpit .

    little mark
  • danaslc patti 2009/12/17 04:03:04
    Dang! Beautiful
  • alonnastorm 2009/12/16 17:25:36
    Luray Caverns... luray caverns

    pictures don't do it justice, you have to go if you have never been!
  • Daveman 2009/12/16 17:23:54
    After 30 miles of hiking, we finally arrive.
    30 hiking arrive
  • pocket ... Daveman 2009/12/16 19:32:01
    pocket squirrel
    I was there in '99 and hiked the Inca trail. what an amazing place! Getting there was the most fun of all.
  • Daveman pocket ... 2009/12/16 19:38:30
    I must agree. The hike was just amazing but oddly I found going down more tiring with my pack than going up. I proposed on top of what they called the "Nipple" or Warmiwanusca-Dead-Woman's Pass @ about 14,000 above sea level. She said yes. It brings back so many good memories. I think we went in July 2003. When we got to Machu Picchu, It was the beginning of the winter solstice. We got there about 4am to watch the sun cast the shadow over this indicator. Totally cool!
    winter solstice 4am watch sun cast shadow indicator totally cool
  • wah-yaw 2009/12/16 17:19:40
    the space needle in Seattle
  • socialmedic 2009/12/16 17:14:25
    Up close and personal?
  • Dark De... socialm... 2009/12/17 08:15:38
    Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    Something you have seen with your own eyes. :o)

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