What is the difference between living and existing?

jt 2011/06/16 23:09:47
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  • Dar 2011/06/16 23:11:18
    Living, you know you're alive, you feel alive.
    Existing, you wonder why you're alive.

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  • Chibi 2011/06/26 22:35:12
    Living is actually doing something good with your life. Existing is just being alive technically.
  • YukikoT 2011/06/19 00:58:14
    living= organism
    existing= physical presence
  • Another Lone Wolf 2011/06/18 00:56:50
    Another Lone  Wolf
    existing- just being on the planet.

    living- having fun, being with friends, and do all of the other wonderful things life has to offer.
  • Phoenix 2011/06/17 19:38:27
    Existing is breathing, living is having a reason to breathe.
  • ELLIE 2011/06/17 11:30:38
    Living is when you can enjoy live during and after work.Existing is to just toil away regardless to survive into the next day.
  • Johnny Angel 2011/06/17 10:09:17
    Johnny Angel
  • lady blue 2011/06/17 06:36:32
    lady blue
    Living is finding your happiness in life and being excited about your life ;
    Existing is surviving in life and feeling unhappy and incomplete.
  • skye 2011/06/17 04:22:15
    living is when u have fun with life existing is being dead in a walking body
  • pandabear. 2011/06/17 03:45:09
    living is spelled as l-i-v-i-n-g.
    existing is spelled as e-x-i-s-t-i-n-g. :)
  • Leigh 2011/06/17 02:29:48
    That can be a difficult question. At times i have Existed and other times i have lived, depending oh how my life is going.
  • . 2011/06/17 02:28:20
  • princess_kelly 2011/06/17 01:11:04
    living is doing everything you can to make life worth while and make yourself happy existing is just being there
  • Pretend Sk8ter Chick117 2011/06/17 00:02:41
    Pretend Sk8ter Chick117
    living is being noticed. existing is wasting what little time you have here
  • Justin.Long 2011/06/16 23:58:07
    Living is love what you doing, existing is not
  • Wonder Woman 2011/06/16 23:27:14
  • Keen Tojones 2011/06/16 23:25:20
    Keen Tojones
    I've been just existing for many years and the difference between living and existing is a degree of injustice which schizos can't seem to deal with.
  • Death On Two Legs 2011/06/16 23:23:23
    Death On Two Legs
    Living→ Enjoying life, and trying to make the best of it
    Existing→ Waiting and looking foward to death while hating life
  • SA 2011/06/16 23:13:48
    Living is accepting that which we have no choice over to make the best of each day, existing is being here physically, but not emotionally or spiritually.
  • ♫❤Samiieee❤♫ 2011/06/16 23:12:10 (edited)
    existing is physical... living is more than physical. existing physical living physical existing and living
  • Dar 2011/06/16 23:11:18
    Living, you know you're alive, you feel alive.
    Existing, you wonder why you're alive.

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