What is better and why? Uncircumcised (Natural) or Circumcised

rmprdl1964 2010/09/21 19:45:21
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It seems that there are more uncircumcised (natural) than there are circumcised males. Having grown up in the Netherlands my parents have left my penis alone and I'm thankful that I still have my foreskin. My younger brother however was circumcised at about the age of 4 as recommended by the family doctor at the time. It might have been possible that he never needed to get sircumcised and that the foreskin would have retracted at an older age.
Having moved to Canada at the age of 17, I found out that circumcision seems to be the norm in Canada and the USA at the time. Later with the yonger population the circumcision rate has been lowered and more males get to keep their foreskins.
We as parents have also left our sons intact. If thaught proper hygiene, including cleaning the penis daily, there is no reason for circumcision.
Having married a Canadian wife over 21 years ago who was used to the tradition of circumcision accepted my and my penis the way that it is.
I myself am very happy that I still have my foreskin and am not likely to part with it.
Other than for traditional or religious reasons ther really is no need for circumcision any longer. Why is itt still done. How can it still be done when doctors took an oath. "First do no harm". It also seems that most people view female circumcision as barbaric. That makes males different? As far as I can see it is no difference and it is a form of child abuse. We cannot dictate for different religions, but routine circumcision has to end.
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  • andrew1g12 2014/04/28 05:15:44
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    As a study in school in 2012 we found in circumcised men, Do not get nearly as much sexual pleasure it is none that the forskin, of a mans penis has almost the same amount of nerve ends running thru it as a female clitoris glad. The baby is strapped down to a table while a doctor mutalates the babies penis, I live in Canada and it's very uncommon that boys will be getting circumsized now, it's not any cleaner and new study's prove it. It has no affect at all. A male that is circumcised has the same risk as a male who isn't all these study's where done when every kid was circumsised for no reason. As you enter sexual intercourse males who have forskin can control thrust, male who don't cannot there for makes who are not are much more gental on inside the female and makes who are not tend to hurt them because they lost there sense of thrust and may go to fast. New study's prove that circumcision is completely pointless and it's all cosmetic
  • mountainpoo 2013/07/28 18:22:36
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    Well im 12 and im uncircumcised and i kinda enjoy, but a smart thing to do is leave ur child uncircumcised and wait for your child 2 get old enuf 2 know this stuff and if they want to get circumcised they can if not ok then. Also if this uncircumcised penis turns out bad in sex im getting circumcised. uncircumcise roks.
  • billycat98 2011/10/27 21:16:13
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    do not it is the babys body
  • jesus 2011/02/04 19:57:18
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    all reasons are b.s. its painful and unnessary and damages the penis permanently
  • rmprdl1964 jesus 2011/02/10 21:51:28
    Thank you for your response. I completely agree with you. Almost all of the male population were born with a foreskin. The only exeption being in the case of a bad hyospadia. The foreskin does have a function and adds to stimulation during intercouse or other forms of sex. The so call hygienic issues are nonsense. Most males at an early age learn to clean their penis during bath or shower time. Only those with poor hygiene have a problem with a bad smelling penis. It is no different from some people that don't seem to take the time to brush their teeth.
  • CaliGurl 2010/10/29 00:29:46 (edited)
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    I had a difficult time with this one. I have 2 circumcised sons that were born in the 80's, and then I had a 3rd child in the mid 90s that I did not circumcise. I think circumcision has been so popular in America, that it is more accepted. I worried about my youngest son being accepted in the gym and with his girlfriends when he got older. From what I hear, it is becoming much more acceptable not to circumcise. It is supposed to be more pleasurable for both the male and the female, sexually. Natural is always better, I think. And from what I hear from my ex and my son's older brothers, my youngest son looks fine and has grown into it. As a mom, I have to say... I worried about my decision for years. Seriously!! Mothers' Guilt is something that can't be explained, and us moms worry about the silliest things.

    Oh, btw...... My son has never had a problem with cleanliness or UTI's.
  • rmprdl1964 CaliGurl 2010/10/30 01:04:02
    Thank you for your opinion.
    For too long circumcision has been used as a cure all for almost everything. I'm pleased to read that you left your son intact. Should he decide that he wants to be circumcised it will be his choice and no one else's. Having said this, I very much doubt the desire to be circumcised later in life.
  • CaliGurl rmprdl1964 2010/10/30 01:27:45
    Good. Thank you for your reassurance. My older boys have been altered, unfortunately.
  • JDLogan 2010/10/28 20:03:36
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    The only legitimate, scientifically backed, medical reason to circumsize anyone (male or female, young or old) is to help prevent disease and infection; however there are many ways (that are more effective, by the way) of accomplishing these same goals that do not involve cutting off part of your body: WASH, keep yourself clean, use soap and water at least once a day, and after sex; use condoms, if the virus or bacteria can't touch you, it can't infect you; and be monogamous, fewer sexual partners equals less exposure to disease; these are just the easiest, least expensive examples, and they ALL do a better job (each individually) of preventing disease and infection than circumcision.
  • rmprdl1964 JDLogan 2010/10/30 01:06:16
    You have pointed out some very good points. Thank you.
  • rockfan 2010/10/12 04:08:47
    Circumcise, Why
    Since I was born circumsized, I really don't know the difference. But personally I like being circumsized because I know uncut people have to pull back their foreskin during masturbation.
  • rmprdl1964 rockfan 2010/10/12 23:34:56
    I myself being uncircumcise find it a bonus that I can slide the foreskin up and down the glans. No lubrication required and a much natural movement of the penis. It's an up and down motion and not the litteral jerking off, by puling on the penis. There is no friction in between the hand an penis. If you want that friction you can re ajust your hand to obtain that friction.
    I don't think that I will ever give up my foreskin for a long as I live.
  • Namano rockfan 2012/09/20 07:11:18
    I am uncircumcised and sliding my foreskin (which is optional, especially with lubricant during sex or during masturbation) along my glans and shaft (1) adds to the amount of stimulated sexual nerve endings and (2) gives me a whole other method to masturbate (that actually feels better). By the way, by leaving the glans covered it will not lose sensitivity from rubbing against clothing, skin, bedding and other such material over the course of many years, letting it remain at the number 1 slot for most highly contact sensitive location on the human male body (i.e. sex feels better).
  • brendan rockfan 2013/03/31 09:07:41
  • Paul Fr... rockfan 2015/01/02 12:55:31
    Paul Fregosi
    well you have no clue what you are talkin about then. when hard my foreskin automatically retracts showing the head. chicks can jerk me off without worrying about ripping my skin off. honestly, if all circ'd guys in the 21st century were oblivious to gettin cut they would be glad to be uncut. you lose like 80% of your nerves when you lose ur frenulum and foreskin...pass
  • Conservatism Rules 2010/09/21 21:53:58 (edited)
    Circumcise, Why
    Conservatism Rules
    Pro of being circumcised:


    Less infections (UTI) - Don't believe this? A circumcised male will never have a Urinary Track Infection.

    And as pointed out, without the donation of foreskin to the Leftest Hypocrite Party, they would never be able to blink. Which does explain why so many are cockeyed or just plan d*cks.
  • rmprdl1964 Conserv... 2010/09/21 22:17:07
    Hi, I'm not quite sure as to how I should view your reply. You are saying that it is cleaner yet the statement "don't believe this" does seem to suggest otherwise. As for cleanliness daily washing of the penis would take care of that. It is no different than brushing your teeth. Removing the skin from the penis would be the same as female circumcision. Nothing is cleaner unless males do not practice good hygiene. Should we insist that females should have their genitals altered to make them cleaner. This would not make sense. The foreskin does not make a penis less hygienic.
  • Conserv... rmprdl1964 2010/09/22 13:16:26
    Conservatism Rules
    Female Circumcision is not the same thing. Female Circumcision would be like cutting off the tip of your penis not your foreskin.

    Question for you, when you are finished urinating, do you shave and zip up?
    If you are uncircumcised, you should be wiping off the end of your penis first.
  • rmprdl1964 Conserv... 2010/09/22 17:08:10
    In some femal circumcision they only remove the skin of the clitoris. As for me I allways used to wipe my penis after urination. I also retract the foreskin. Currently I have not had to because I have a catheter in since I have a neurogenic bladder. Having a foreskin does not make the penis unhygienic. Like I have mentioned proper hygiene must be practiced and is no different than brushing your teeth or combing your hair. When women urinate some urin will drip down and they have to wipe due to that. I'm not going to tell my wife that these part are unclean do to that. You should realize how much nonsense that is. Most circumcised males claim hygienic reasoning for this. If that is the case than it is just a lazyness problem. Wash up in the morning and before you go to bed.
    We can also claim that not washing the anus is dirty because we only wipe it. I hope that you can see the rational behind it.
  • volley15 2010/09/21 20:36:08
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    Really, I do not care one way or another. It just doesn't matter to me. there are more important things to worry about. And if you like the guy why should it matter?
  • rmprdl1964 volley15 2010/09/21 20:54:04
    Thank you for your response. You bring up a valid point. There is more than just a penis in a person. However what about your possible sons? Would you have the circumcised or not? If so what is the reason. Thank you
  • volley15 rmprdl1964 2010/09/21 21:05:51
    My ex wanted our son circumcised. I told him that it didn't really matter to me as I had bigger things to deal with (I was recovering from a c-section at the time, and needed help figuring out the breastfeeding). He decided to have out son circumcised. It doesn't and wouldn't matter if my son was cut or not. I love him all the same. If whenever I find myself in another relationship and we have a son the father will be able to decide, cause it's just not important to me one way or another if he would be cut or not. The baby boy would be my son. Being intact or not wouldn't change that.
  • rmprdl1964 volley15 2010/09/21 21:09:32
    Thank you for your answer. Circumcision is just not something that I would have put our sons through unneccesarily.
  • JazzyT 2010/09/21 20:10:11
    Do not circumcise, Why?
    It is sexier to have the whole thing -- glides easier, too.
  • rmprdl1964 JazzyT 2010/09/21 20:40:50
    Thank you for your rely. We were born with a foreskin for a reason
  • Matt 2010/09/21 20:02:52
    Circumcise, Why
    Most painful operation that I ever experienced ! It was done at birth and I didn't walk for almost a year !

    Obama was born without eyelids and they used the circumcised foreskin to surgically construct them for him !... That is why he's kind of cockeyed !
  • rmprdl1964 Matt 2010/09/21 21:13:40
    Could you state as to why you are pro circucmcision? It took my younger brother quite a while before he walked normal again.

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