What is a cute and creative way to tell someone that you love them for the first time?

I Am Tessa 2010/03/25 17:27:46
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  • Raven 2013/12/08 02:10:54
    One day, my boyfriend bought me a chocolate bar, and when I unwrapped it a little note fell out that said "I love you" (:
  • LoveNJoy 2013/09/06 20:12:08
    write it on your hand and take a pic of it, then text it to your loved one!
  • Assata Konneh 2013/08/29 17:14:19
    Assata Konneh
    I meet the guy 4 mouths a go and I really like him but he is not ready for serious relationship yet, what can I do
  • niceass 2013/07/04 07:20:55
    I dont think, my boyfriend doesnt believe that i love him what do i do ?
  • AkiBubbles 2013/05/23 02:42:49
    Hang out with him and then when it becomes "the right time" say "Umm.. Well in case you didn't know... I LOVE YOU" You can do this is text too but you said you wanna do it in person
  • Nemolover 2013/05/20 21:14:35 (edited)
    what if you're trying to avoid it but unfortunately you know your feelings for him are getting sronger? not unfortunately bc love is a beautiful thing... but what if your just afraid of what comes with it and stuff...
  • fran Nemolover 2014/06/09 00:08:38
    Don't be afraid. Love is beautiful and even if it doesn't work out you'll have that experience. If you love him. Tell him so. He may feel the exact same way about you but has the same fears. When you tell him he will be over the moon excited. Just say "hey, you know what? I am in love with you"
  • Mr Joshey 2013/04/06 11:39:13
    Mr Joshey
    I'm going to be a slight bit harsh with my girlfriend. I've been with her for a while and we haven't said 'love' yet. S in a few days when I see her I'm going to say we need to talk. Ill then be a bit mean and say 'I don't like you and more, because I'm falling in love with you' this may not work for some of you out there but I know that Amy will love it. Good luck to you :)
  • crazy girl 2013/02/13 11:26:05
    crazy girl
    Write i love you on your three fingers than tell him /her you gotta tell them something then one finger at a time raise up ya fingers and see their reaction
  • jk 2013/01/29 01:26:23 (edited)
    Just sit next to him/her and start a conversation. In the middle of you two talking just say "I think im in love with someone" he'll ask who and you say " you c:" hope this helped
  • Brook 2013/01/24 07:44:41
    Well i wanna tell my boyfriend i love him on valentines day but i wanna make it meaning full & something he will never forget. I wanna make it super freakin' cute Something he's defiantly gonna wanna say " iloveyoutoo " ! Any suggestions? Help me please.
  • crazy girl Brook 2013/02/13 11:26:58 (edited)
    crazy girl
    Aw i was going to do that 2 tell my baby i love him on vday 2!
  • tess 2011/04/14 02:44:41
    my girlfriend is in the army and is in basic training and i want to tell her i love her how do i do so?
  • Zozo 2010/04/22 23:51:04
  • matt 2010/04/19 16:59:40
    i would have to say that a way to tell someone you love them is to tell them the reasons you cant live without them
  • ✔i.♡.y.o.u✔ 2010/04/18 01:01:55
    go to the beach and write it in the sand or go to a dance and make them put it in big letters on the screen...B) beach write sand dance letters screen
  • Diaphram.is.dead♠BTEF♠ 2010/04/14 18:59:12
    jizz in their conditioner...
  • I Am Tessa Diaphra... 2010/04/15 12:51:46
    I Am Tessa
    if only i had a dick... lol
  • Diaphra... I Am Tessa 2010/04/19 19:37:10
    chicks can still cum,
  • arleneW... Diaphra... 2012/06/29 23:52:49
    I was under the impression that this was a MATURE blog. For people looking for ACTUAL advice. You obviously need to get a life with meaning if all you do with your time is write immature posts. Pathetic.
  • arleneW... Diaphra... 2012/06/29 23:57:14
    You two really need some respect for yourselves. I'd say you need respect for others too, but I very highly doubt you're capable.
  • Mindy 2010/04/01 20:26:35
    i'd write a song. it's hard for me to talk about my feelings, so i's have to say it in a song.
  • Zozo Mindy 2010/04/22 23:51:50
  • royalguardian ►One Hit Rage... 2010/03/30 00:48:27
    royalguardian ►One Hit Rage Quit◄ ♠ BTEF ♠
    write a little note and sneak it to them-like in kindergarden ^-^
  • Velanarris 2010/03/29 17:13:15
    Slap em in the ear with a handful of whipped cream.
  • Katy S. 2010/03/29 15:58:00
    Katy S.
    "I think i am in love" ... "how do you know"... "because you know your in love when you cant fall asleep because finally reality is better than your dreams.... I love you"
  • judy ann 2010/03/29 14:22:12
    judy ann
    Get their attention first ,like at a movie or after dinner, when her tummy is full attention movie dinner tummy
  • Andrea 2010/03/29 08:09:49
  • Jack Andrea 2010/03/29 17:23:54
  • I Am Tessa Andrea 2010/04/06 12:40:25
    I Am Tessa
    i used to say that to everyone when i was little becasue i thought that it was so cool that no one knew what i was saying.. lol
  • killa 2010/03/29 03:57:22
  • ~Roxy~Navy~Brat~ 2010/03/29 02:21:12
    i would draw something saying "I love you" & give it to them
  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2010/03/28 18:30:42
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    depends on the person but maybe go somewhere where is quiet like a confence or somewhere u can use a mic with a crowd of ppl. he comes up to the stage *clears his throat* "sorry for inturrupting but i love you___"
  • msteresa87 2010/03/28 15:15:58
    burn the words "I love you" in their front yard...lol
  • MindReader 2010/03/28 07:31:50
    Hi, meet my Daddy.

    meet daddy
  • FALLoutBOYmetal GODZ 2010/03/28 01:17:28
    FALLoutBOYmetal GODZ
    CALL HER MOMMY and make a mess in the Depends diapers you are wearing. Tell her you have hidden a ring in the pooh and that she may change your diaper. Let her dig for the ring you have hidden in the heart of a turd. Now that ROMANCE!
  • I Am Tessa FALLout... 2010/04/06 12:41:41
    I Am Tessa
    thats really freaking creepy!!
  • ~head~first~fearless~ 2010/03/27 23:02:35
    Well, like the pic, i took his hand in class one day and wrote i love u on it n he said it back in the middle of class. Thank god our teacher was out that day. hehe <3
  • Emmers :DD 2010/03/27 13:00:58
    Emmers :DD
    It'd take alot of work, but it's cute. Ask your partner what their favorite flower is, and arrange the flowers to say "I Love You". *SO CUTE* ♥
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2010/03/27 04:30:24

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