What if one day you walked into school/work and your principal/boss announced that you weren't allowed to be yourself? How would you react to that?

speedmonster 2011/05/11 01:29:28
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  • Hadros the dryphon 2013/09/11 02:04:00
    Hadros the dryphon
    leaving would be a bad idea for it imply's they have won. Instead, say no and every time you see them in the hall way/break room, be yourself as openly possible and if they stare at you, stare them in the eye and mentally tell them "I OWN you"
  • Alley Cat 2012/03/27 04:07:23 (edited)
    Alley Cat
    How does being gay affect my work differently from being a smoker? [for that matter] If I'm wanting to be sarcastic [hopefully NEVER]- don't worry you're the last pants I'll ever want to get into. And then I'll throw them with the law! [human rights]
    Recently I had to deal with a colleague who [I didn't know this] placed me on a professional pedestal. Somehow he found out and really went off the rails for almost two weeks![it could have landed him in a hospital, I was afraid for my life] I remained calm day after day. Did not change my everyday behavior [although I was shit scared]or approach to anyone. I didn't discuss it, condemn it or indicate that I wished to justify my lifestyle, my exsistence or my valuable contribution to the company. Four weeks later - he's back to normal and in fact , I think he has even more respect for me [gauging from his attitude towards me].
  • redroses 2012/03/23 10:36:34
    I'd tell them very sarcastically to 'have a nice life', before quitting and leaving.
  • Alley Cat redroses 2012/03/27 04:19:35
    Alley Cat
    That's actually admitting defeat. Saying I'm sorry that I offended you [when you did not] I'll rather remove myself is no solution at all. Ignoring a problem will not let it go away and besides, you have contributed NOTHING to change other perceptions.
  • redroses Alley Cat 2012/03/27 23:09:45
    In what way did I admit defeat?
  • Alley Cat redroses 2012/03/28 01:42:06
    Alley Cat
    By doing nothing about something you could have done
  • redroses Alley Cat 2012/03/28 04:24:08
    I never said I was sorry to the person, "Have a nice life" was basically me saying they can stick the job up their a**. I'd properly be to angry to try and change them, No way am I working for someone like that.
  • Alley Cat redroses 2012/04/03 02:43:46
    Alley Cat
    Read my answer carefully
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2012/03/21 03:19:31
    Screw them...Forget em...
  • Alley Cat ~TheDre... 2012/03/27 04:19:59
    Alley Cat
    Why? When you can be the change agent?
  • zomgitsyoulol 2011/06/23 17:32:40 (edited)
    Principal: Oh, Samantha...yeah...you can't be..this *makes motion to all of me*

    Me: You saying I can't be...me? o.O

    Principal: ....yeah..

    Me: oh, well that's just great.

    P: Nothing against you personal -

    Me: Nah, I got it. Whatever, leave this shitty place any who.

    P: Now don't say that..

    Me: Seriously, there's a few exceptions to the teachers here who actually like doing their job. Then there's the bratty students (also aside from my friends and others) who can't get enough of spending mommy and daddy's money on new everything. The counselors who just look at you as another stereotype, and try to tell you what's wrong with you since they themselves failed at being a psychologists so they chose school counselor. The secretary who "secretly" hates her job, yet every time you go there either to talk to the dean or ask her a question about something she just...stares...And you, the worst of them all. The school board just has you fill out their agenda. The only thing you are is a tool with a title and tie. So yeah, I'm sure I can do without the supposedly "best" years of my life.

    *walks out*
  • Pam 2011/05/15 06:39:35
    You know that's a tough question, since my daughter's former school principal (she graduated!!!) was a lesbian and out. If by "being yourself", you mean I can't be out, that wouldn't be a problem since I don't talk about my sexual orientation at work, its no one's business who I sleep with. Young people now can have GSA organizations at school and take same sex dates to the prom and no one bats an eye, much different then when I attended school.
  • Alley Cat Pam 2012/03/27 04:23:30
    Alley Cat
    If your orientation is out AND you handle it with the necessary responsibility there is no need to put up with all the crap insecure people hand out to you. Question is, how can I change their perceptions? [Obviously by not complying to their distorted expectations] The proof in the pudding is in the eating! If you don't make the pudding, no one will taste it - so to speak.
  • royalguardian ►One Hit Rage... 2011/05/14 23:05:21
    royalguardian ►One Hit Rage Quit◄ ♠ BTEF ♠
  • Alley Cat royalgu... 2012/03/27 04:23:51
    Alley Cat
    And where does that leave you with the following job?
  • Cloaked_In_Darkness 2011/05/14 15:27:45
    Laugh. Real long, I'd just laugh and laugh and laugh.

    "This is America, sweetheart, you don't control who I am."
  • nickells 2011/05/11 14:13:51
    I'd say "dude, you're never gettin laid" and if it was a woman I'd say "ooooh a little overdue on shaving your moustache? kiss my ass, bitch" Then I grab my girlfriend and makeout with her right in front of the person. whoooo yeaaaauuh ;D
  • Alley Cat nickells 2012/03/27 04:24:52
    Alley Cat
    I cannot believe this! And you are raved!!!!! One cannot fight fire with fire!
  • Destiny 2011/05/11 03:48:00
    I would say "fuck you", walk out, and never go back
  • speedmo... Destiny 2011/05/11 11:52:59
    two thumbs up
    exactly what i would do
  • Idc anymore 2011/05/11 01:31:18
    Idc anymore
    Fuck you!We have rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alley Cat Idc any... 2012/03/27 04:27:19
    Alley Cat
    Lets assume you are in a relationship with someone you care for, you know you have done wrong and you respond with your answer above.............what now?
  • Idc any... Alley Cat 2012/04/01 05:21:20
    Idc anymore
    If u cant accept me than why than tell why were together ?thats what you say if youre with someone

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