What has been your local news headline to-day?

Missile 2012/06/20 12:33:54
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No news is good news...
Ban all bad news.
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Here, it was about the murder of two Northern Ireland women killed in Turkey.
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  • Teresa 2012/06/20 19:28:29
    China pumps up IMF firewall

    CHINA on Monday offered US$43 billion to the IMF’s crisis-fighting reserves, joining other major emerging markets in pledging new funds to shore up the global financial system while demanding reforms to give the developing world more clout at the IMF.

    China’s contribution follows Russia’s pledge of $10 billion and is in line with a promise to supply the International Monetary Fund with extra firepower to help cope with the fallout from Europe’s debt crisis.

    The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, meeting before a G20 summit in Mexico, said they “agreed to enhance their own contributions to the IMF.”

    They sought to tie the funds to long-delayed reforms that would give the developing world more say at the Washington-based Fund.

    “These new contributions are being made in anticipation that all the reforms agreed upon in 2010 will be fully implemented in a timely manner, including a comprehensive reform of voting power and reform of quota shares,” the BRICS leaders said in a joint statement.

  • Missile Teresa 2012/06/20 19:43:27
    Thank you for the effort put into answering.
  • ☯♡♡Kelsie♡♡☯ 2012/06/20 17:07:50
    "Report says economic benefits of Birmingham's Northern Beltline exaggerated"

    Don't even know what that means. Haha :p
  • Missile ☯♡♡Kels... 2012/06/20 18:25:12
    How can English be a foreign language in this case... haha
  • Tresa 2012/06/20 16:09:04
    Carrie Underwood responds to gay marriage backlash.
  • MJ 2012/06/20 15:15:48
    Fast moving Wild fires, Weather forecast=nice for a camel,
  • Missile MJ 2012/06/20 15:27:13
    Hot Hot Hot.
  • gkirmani 2012/06/20 15:15:48
    Ban all bad news.
    same old NOTHING worth NOTING/ sharing
  • Missile gkirmani 2012/06/20 15:27:36
    A slow day news wise.
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/20 14:38:17
    Sister Jean
    city of Woonsocket is broke
  • Missile Sister ... 2012/06/20 14:41:44
    Oh dear, thats not good news.

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