What happens when I finally let out all my suppressed emotions?

Nydeng 2013/09/02 14:32:39
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I've practically shut off my emotions for a while now but occasionally somethings leak out and they're pretty intense. What will happen when it all comes out at once?
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  • Luca 2013/09/02 17:54:04 (edited)
    U may then finally be in a position to interact with the world in an authentic fashion, rather than looking at it through a screen of defenses. It will enable you to "take in" accurately, rather then expend so much energy defending "against". It will give you not only awareness, but also the increased sensitivity that comes from that awareness, so that you can more fully participate in the human experience and more fully appreciate other people's experiences...and, you cannot even begin your journey to "healing" or towards wisdom, until you are internally free of those things that block it.

    Expressed another way: No one ever grew via suppression and denial.
  • Sid♥ 2013/09/02 16:18:06
  • ahhaterry 2013/09/02 15:08:38
    You will feel better?
  • Grabitz 2013/09/02 14:51:54
    Not a thing going to happen besides people looking at you like you're some kind of freak having a temper tantrum .
  • Answer Ops 2013/09/02 14:47:10
    Answer Ops
    They all come out and once during an angry moment and you might scare or hurt yourself or others. It's better deal with our emotions before they spill out into a big ball of rage.
  • Gone. 2013/09/02 14:46:55
    Who knows. Ye may laugh, cry, get angry, or just down a gallon of Ben & Jerry's.
  • Bobby C 2013/09/02 14:42:58
    Bobby C
    When I can't express myself honestly, I present a false version of myself to others. There are valid reasons for this given our responsibilities toward our profession, business associates or co-workers. There are times to hold back emotion.
    That's different than suppressing these emotions.
    Find an outlet to let loose these emotions, because if you're anything like me, what happens is my veneer eventually crumbles. I become violent and destructive.
    That's not cool!
    crazy man gun
  • luxurioustiff 2013/09/02 14:38:44
    I've learned this the hard way. You'd want to let it all out at the same time. It may take days or weeks. But, the outcome is just what you're going for and is worth it.

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