What does it mean when you talk to a girl and you get nervous and the butterflies? but you never used to get them when you talk ot girls

cold_heartedsoul 2010/02/21 01:52:52
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  • slave 2010/02/22 16:37:34
    Do you like the girl?
  • Skittlelicous Mirly 2010/02/21 17:25:38
    Skittlelicous Mirly
    you like her most likely
  • Grissom 2010/02/21 09:35:25
    u're 'girlervous, nothing more.
  • Fishy Freshman 2010/02/21 05:29:57 (edited)
    Fishy Freshman
    That means this girl is obviously the one. With this feeling you got to be careful because you can loose her faster than anything, don't force yourself to her but don't stray away. Get to know her, talk to her, bond to her and when the time is right tell her. I know how you feel. I felt like that with a guy but I was too late, I lost him and I'll never get him back...

    P.S. Good luck with her, you'll need it...
  • sexiigirl 1 on 1 2010/02/21 04:22:59 (edited)
    sexiigirl 1 on 1
    you like them alot,so who is it
  • bcole82995 2010/02/21 03:11:38
    u prob like this grl. good luck.
  • Seasoned BN-0 2010/02/21 02:15:34
    Seasoned BN-0
    This one must mean a lot to you...good luck.
  • Yeliahlee 2010/02/21 02:10:38 (edited)
    hahaa id say either your in love, gay ,or you should go see a docter,lol JK
  • Gina 2010/02/21 01:56:26
    i get them when talking to guys sometimes, it comes an goes.. just nerves
  • cold_he... Gina 2010/02/21 01:59:52
    o okay thnxs well how have you been
  • Gina cold_he... 2010/02/21 02:17:50
    good an you?

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