What does it mean to be truly free? Is it really possible to attain total freedom or is that just an ideal?

Buster Brown 2012/09/08 06:43:44
People talk about freedom all the time, but what
does it mean in actuality? Is a person who has a job truly free? What
about the responsibilities of having a family? Freedom means that there are no boundaries or limitations, yet aren't we always limiting ourselves and building boundaries?

We are free to choose our religion - Christianity, Scientology, Judaism, etc., but then we have to live within the confines of the religious guidelines.

are many restrictions on our freedoms. But I guess we still have the
freedom to choose whether or not we will adhere to those
restrictions. If we don't, though, there may be consequences and if it
includes going against the laws, then we may loose our freedom.

What does it mean to be truly free? Is that really possible to attain total freedom -- or is that just an ideal?
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  • NotTargetMaterial 2012/09/14 03:32:35
    Well our legislative branch's (congress) sole job is to make laws. So each year we have less and less freedom.
  • TEPP 2012/09/08 18:31:30
    To be truly free is to be in an infinite space, secluded from all other existing life.
  • Shadow13 2012/09/08 18:02:04
    Freedom like most things is a balance. Individuals given absolute freedom from social restrictions will inevitably constrain the liberties of others creating a system of tyranny. Liberty is a balance of freedom and responsibility. Liberty cannot exist without justice nor can it exist without mercy. It must carry within it institutions to ensure that the rights of all are protected from exploitation and that the concentration of power does not rest into the hands of a few. These institution are meant to be transparent and answerable to the public to prevent injustices and brutality.

    There was a saying when I was in the Army. "They can't force you do do anything, but they can certainly make you wish you did."
    Consequences are inevitable to choices, from whatever source they derive from.
  • ALofRI 2012/09/08 16:16:44
    Not THAT extreme. It's impossible to be THAT free "in a free country", because that freedom must be a "shared freedom". YOUR freedom cannot override someone else' freedom. YOU can't be free to dig a hole wherever you want, YOU can't be free to drive to endanger others, YOU can't be free to insist others follow YOUR religious views. Share.
  • Koma 2012/09/08 16:07:29
    Total freedom is freedom from mortality.
  • sonofason 2012/09/08 16:02:00
  • ALofRI sonofason 2012/09/08 16:18:56
    I certainly agree with your first three paragraphs.
  • rand 2012/09/08 15:47:10
    Since our bodies have needs to survive, we can not be totally free. I'll settle for having enough that I don't have to answer to a boss...other than my wife.
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2012/09/08 15:23:07
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    Freedom is an illusion... you are bound by laws, morality.and how others think you should act... how free you are is determined by the society around you...
  • Truth Matters 2012/09/08 13:28:54
    Truth Matters
    Being free does not mean an absence of limits or boundaries.

    Christianity / Theism provides a basis to ground human rights and liberties - apart from enslavement by ruling dictators
  • Cantus_bird 2012/09/08 13:23:44
    The most freedom i have ever had in my life was when i had no knowledge of the politics of this world or people. Cruelty at its best ...
  • Rave 2012/09/08 11:02:26
    It's just a concept.

    In the end we're all tied to something rather we want it or not, we're not free to have never been born, we're not free from our own mind which in the end can become a prison of thoughts and feelings and distortion, we're not free to travel around, we need passports and visas and IDs and money and permission, we're not free to pick up herbs from the ground and use them as we please because the government has decided to label some of them as drugs and has decided that we cannot decide for ourselves, we are not free to leave this life behind in most places as it's considered illegal or insane, if there is a God and certain religions are true then we are most defiantly not free since we have been created to follow a set of orders and if we fail to do so we cannot simply stop existing but we must against our will suffer for eternity, we are not free from the duties and responsibilities of life which force us to go forward and find a means of food and hydration and shelter in order to survive. We are not free from death either, which can decide at any point that us or one of our loved ones has to be rid of existence. ¨

    Only in a legal sense can we provide a much closer experience of freedom, in which we get rid of useless personal laws and allow people the responsibility to decide for themselves and are not told how to live.
  • Sodahead Founders are Fascists 2012/09/08 10:47:20
    Sodahead Founders are Fascists
    The somalians are truly free.
  • Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) 2012/09/08 10:33:15
    Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)
    We will never be really free,but we can at least be free in out hearts.
  • Vijay Pawar 2012/09/08 09:38:58
    Vijay Pawar
    All in your neurons....! Like a parrot....sitting on a rope ....dose not fly as he feels that he may fall...if he loosens his legs....! so fly high all can....YES.
  • LQ~phaet 2012/09/08 09:22:42 (edited)
    "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." ~ Janis Joplin

    Freedom comes in degrees. It's important to obtain and maintain as much as you can get.
  • JMCC 2012/09/08 09:07:12
    We are all restricted by "the ties that bind us", and I believe that in this world the only freedom that we have left is the freedom of thought.
  • mr echo 2012/09/08 08:50:02
    mr echo
    people get everything they want they get spoiled and bored
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2012/09/08 08:37:50
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    A true total freedom. rip
  • Crime Time 2012/09/08 07:51:18
  • Red 2012/09/08 07:08:40
  • Kyra 2012/09/08 07:04:04
  • Crime Time Kyra 2012/09/08 07:47:38
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/09/08 06:59:53
    I am afraid it is just a dream.
  • Rust 2012/09/08 06:45:48 (edited)

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