What does a yellow traffic light mean to you?

Magzilla 2008/11/03 20:09:21
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  • Zavier Chua 2013/10/18 08:52:35
    None of the above
    Zavier Chua
    if theres no cars speed up if theres a lot of car slow down
  • Steven Gomez 2013/03/10 23:26:22
    None of the above
    Steven Gomez
    The yellow light simply means that it is about to turn to red maintaining a safe speed is better than slowing down.
  • Brian 2011/06/25 02:07:48
    None of the above
    I was taught that it means stop unless it is unsafe to do so, so I would interpret that to mean STOP, as long as you are not making and emergecy stop. You should not be in the intersection once the light is red, for several reasons. For one, people need to be able to complete their left turns, and if you are running the light, you might nail that left turner or at least prevent them from getting through before the cross traffic has a green. You interfere with the other direction of trafiic, who may now have a turn signal, but there are still left turners trying to clear the intersection after the yellow and red light runners finally are clear... If you are running lights saying that you don't want to get rear ended, then you are making excuses. If you are speeding up, you are eventually going to kill someone. If someone hits you from behind when you are stopping at a light, the person rearending you is 100% at fault, and would be running a red light if you did not stop. Better that they drive into your car, than run over a pedestrian while running a red light.
  • Taba Brian 2012/03/10 17:33:16
    I was taught the same too, but let's say you're going 35 mph and you're like 1 car length from the stop line and the light changes yellow...is that enough time to stop? Do you proceed or slam on the brakes?
  • JDLogan 2009/03/02 04:17:31
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    Actually speed up so you don't get rear-ended!
  • Ally 2008/12/15 00:08:48
    None of the above
    It depends on the traffic lol.
    If there is a lot of cars, slow down.
    If there's little, SPEED UP!
  • JinNJuice 2008/11/23 05:23:08
    Slow down to stop for the red
    It is supposed to be this, but I find the fast pace of society is causing most people to speed up. I wondered this same thing about 2 years ago, I'm glad someone is thinking the same way as I am.
  • .Abigail.ACR. 2008/11/18 18:55:52
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    I mean its really for u to slow down but if u know u can make it go for it! lol
  • sam .Abigai... 2011/02/28 14:27:37
    my answer is just like yours....
  • Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    αυвzzz☣ßαmf☣►One Hit Rage Quit◄
  • mztims 2008/11/12 03:33:48
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    I look ever so cautiously for the cops, then I floor it! Lol!
  • tncdel 2008/11/09 03:07:40
    None of the above
    It's just a heads-up that the light is getting ready to turn red? So proceed safely on through the intersection. DON'T stop, or you might cause an accident.
  • jjl 2008/11/08 23:30:59
    Slow down to stop for the red
    It depends how far I am from the intersection, If I'm already in the intersection or really close to it I'm not going to slam on my brakes and get rear ended by some idiot like some people do. If I'm far away I slow down gradually to a complete stop. I think the time the yellow light stays on is not long enough,I've seen lights change so quickly from yellow to red that their is no way somebody can react so quickly to that traffic change.
  • realistic one 2008/11/08 21:45:04
    Slow down to stop for the red
    realistic one
    Exercise extreme caution as to whether you can stop or not in time for the red. If you have to proceed look carefully all around you. I've never understood why a yellow light is a problem. If the red light is blinking for "NO Walking" to the right as you approach the intersection you have about 7 or 8 flashes at the most(depends on when you first seen them) for the light to go from green to yellow.
    I have reflexes of .45 on testing and I have never understood the problem with a yellow light if the person is halfway observing the flashing red light to the right. Or lack thereof.
  • fietje26 2008/11/08 12:59:26
    Slow down to stop for the red
    That's what i always do :)
  • shawna 2008/11/08 06:07:20
    Slow down to stop for the red
  • da' snake 2008/11/08 02:46:47
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    da' snake
    Speed up so you don't have to sit through the red light
  • rywag 2008/11/08 01:24:06
    None of the above
    It really depends on when it turns yellow, if it turns yellow and I don't have time to stop safely I will go through it. If it turns yellow and I am at a safe enough distance to stop I will stop.
  • mgmpops 2008/11/07 23:48:08
    Slow down to stop for the red
    It means slow down u dumb ass--all the idiots that try to beat it cause most of the accidents.
  • MQ-American Values Again (AVA) 2008/11/07 20:28:36
    Slow down to stop for the red
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    slow down and proceed with caution... if you stop, expect to be rear ended because the folks behind you won't be expecting it
  • DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Tru... 2008/11/07 18:36:15
    None of the above
    DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Trust ♥
    LOL... It depends on how far away from the light I am or how familiar I am with it generally I speed up, but I know my limits!
  • mardi claw 2008/11/07 18:03:09
    None of the above
    mardi claw
    living in new orleans, it means stop quickly, as everyone here runs red lights...
  • ann mardi claw 2008/11/07 23:15:19
    I live in New Orleans.
  • i812 2008/11/07 17:20:50
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    get that throttle on the carpet. no for the stop sign, doesn't that stand for . spin tires on pavement?
  • chelseyerin 2008/11/07 17:20:38
    Slow down to stop for the red
    yellow means: floor it.
  • FleeWRATH2Come! 2008/11/07 17:07:35
    Slow down for the red and to give people in the left turn lane time to turn b...
    Courtesy in the way one operates powerful equipment. Hmmmmmmm? Most insightful, very kind, and applicable to just about any area of life. I wonder if it works for euphemistic vehicles! :/
  • luisofsuburbia 2008/11/07 16:39:07
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    I hate waiting.
  • Chartreuse Dog ~COB 2008/11/07 16:29:42
    None of the above
    Chartreuse Dog ~COB
    Stop. It does not mean prepare to stop, it does not mean slow down, and it does not mean speed up. If you do not have time to stop before reaching the intersection, then continue. Otherwise, stop.
  • Amanda 2008/11/07 16:21:56
    Slow down to stop for the red
    Slow down, biotch!! lol
    I really don't feel like getting into an accident cuz people coming from the other way seem to always hall ass.
  • cris 2008/11/07 13:52:22
    None of the above
    sometimes its hurry get thr the light before it turns red, when i am extremely busy or late, but mostly it slow for the red.
  • frogs 2008/11/07 13:20:22 (edited)
    None of the above
    this means get ready to stop or prossead with care, its a waning to drivers that the lights are changing! if you still dont get it go do your road test again and find out or if your to young to do this ask at your local RTA office were you get a licence from.ready prossead care waning drivers lights changing
  • Glit 2008/11/07 13:18:18
    None of the above
    A yellow light means "clear the intersection." So, use your best judgment on how to do that.
  • Bill 2008/11/07 08:59:54
    None of the above
    Oh crap, I have to make a decision. Have I been checking the review mirror and do I know if there is some one right behind me that will slam into me (the most frequent type of stop light accident) if I stop? Can I see the crossing traffic that can t-bone me if I try to go through the light (the most dangerous type of stop light accident)? Never mind I was trying to answer my cell phone and didn't see the light at all. Maybe when I get out of the hospital I will treat driving as the serious job it really is, and then I will have all the information I need and the full control of my vehicle when I have to make such a decision again. Maybe I should just take the bus, but they feds cut funding and they canceled to route to my town.
  • Allison 2008/11/07 07:03:04
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    speed up of course....who wants to sit at a red light that takes forever when you are already late for class or something
  • DOMINICANSTAR 2008/11/07 05:54:19
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    It kinda depends... if it just turned yellow then speed up and go through it. but its been up there for a while then i suggest to slow down... but where i live people just go thru it. speed red kinda depends turned yellow speed slow live people
  • loky 2008/11/07 05:39:33
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    Run like hell!!!! Just kidding!!! I know what it really means. I just dont follow the rules unless I am pulling a load of horses. lol..
  • Peter 2008/11/07 05:25:02
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    it means hurry on through, the red ones coming
  • Mad Hatter love <3 2008/11/07 04:17:01
    None of the above
    Mad Hatter love <3
    it really depends for me how close i feel i am to the cross walk. Sometimes i speed up other times i slow down so again it kind of depends
  • Kristy 2008/11/07 04:11:33
    Speed up so you don't have to stop for the red
    why would you wanna be stuck at a red light?? BORING!!!
  • jaskaur 2008/11/07 04:04:33
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