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What does 69 mean

amy 2010/04/15 04:24:26
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  • Spider20 2010/04/15 06:22:28
    Another example of why we need a teeny bopper version of SH.
  • Velvetrose 2010/04/15 04:45:41
    Your asking questions like that??? What is the matter with you child! Ask your friends or google it! You could get people in trouble for that!
  • Nat™ 2010/04/15 04:32:57
    It's a number, duh!

    lol, ra pretty much said it.
  • crotchrot 2010/04/15 04:30:43
  • CJ 2010/04/15 04:27:49
    Love questions like this. mean I get to corrupt a mind. Its when two people suck eachother off. Like give eachother head at the same time... though the way i said it makes it seem like two dudes... So when a girl is on top of a guy, or under, and his dinger is in her face while his face is between her legs. Can go with any pairing... thats all. Anymore info on that look it up on Urban dictionary.
  • zoey CJ 2013/05/26 12:28:46
    that is so gross
  • SobeAngel* BN - 0 2010/04/15 04:27:22
    SobeAngel* BN - 0
    You're only 11 years old, I don't think you need to know.
  • amy SobeAng... 2010/04/15 04:34:31
  • cece amy 2013/10/23 21:15:14
    i am only 11 and knew what that meant since i was 9 only cuz my friend told me.
  • wildernick 2010/04/15 04:26:06
    look at the position of the 6..to the 9..

    do the math

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