What do you think will have changed 7 years from now?

Eyes See Wide North 2012/06/21 02:03:27
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You can think, I have come up with a strong guess based on patterns.

It is part of my work to know where we are heading, I am also capable of effecting how our society changes, either to benefit my work, the greater society, or both.
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  • MidnightCowboy 2012/06/21 03:35:18
    In my opinion, nothing dramatic.
  • Eyes Se... Midnigh... 2012/06/21 19:38:46
    Eyes See Wide North
    Many do not want things to stay as they are, and people like me who feel the same, will do anything to ensure change comes.
  • say what? 2012/06/21 03:35:06
    say what?
    Those that survived will probably be digging through the rubble looking for something they can eat or use.
  • Eyes Se... say what? 2012/06/21 19:39:02
    Eyes See Wide North
    VIP treatment more like.
  • Lindy... 2012/06/21 03:27:37
    Mother Nature will become more violent all across our world and millions of people will have lost their lives. Earth can't sustain itself under the triple threat of over population, over use of natural resources and fisheries, the pollution of our rivers, lakes and streams.
    And.... there will be an ongoing wars in the Middle East.
  • Eyes Se... Lindy... 2012/06/21 19:40:18
    Eyes See Wide North
    Wars are coming to the whole world, you are right our planet is massively overpopulated, even if every human on our planet decided to only have 1 child, it might take thousands of years before we are at a manageable population. Our planet will not survive us that long.Our planet will not tolerate us that long.
  • Dodgerfan 2012/06/21 02:44:19
    Nature will do some natural selective thinning either drastically or just enough to take a little off the side and back.
  • Eyes Se... Dodgerfan 2012/06/21 19:44:13
    Eyes See Wide North
    Humans have the ability to control nature now im sure you are aware, we could fire a nuke into yellowstone park (many of the traits of yellowstones eruption seem to fit the judgement day, for one, the ashes would block out the sun all over the world for almost a month).

    What is about to happen is not natural, it is selective thinning by the master race of humans, I know, I am one, an INTJ, I already know ways of setting massive populations into chaos, society is to delicate right now to survive even me, if I choose to take action.
  • sockpuppet 2012/06/21 02:20:48
    I think Europe will be a much more violent place as the muslims extend their sphere of political control. Hopefully, we'll be smart enough to see it coming on this side of the planet.
  • Eyes Se... sockpuppet 2012/06/21 02:25:23
    Eyes See Wide North
    Completely wrong, that is what American media would have you believe, I have watched the Muslim movement gain power in places like England, but not the rest of us, Muslims fit in well in our communities.
  • sockpuppet Eyes Se... 2012/06/21 02:35:24
    No... they don't. YOU have to "fit in" with THEM. That's just how it is, and your fantasies are not persuasive in the least.
  • Eyes Se... sockpuppet 2012/06/21 19:46:16
  • sockpuppet Eyes Se... 2012/06/21 20:24:18
    Met plenty of them during Desert Storm, when you were about 5 years old. You'd be surprised how many 'stereotypes' pan out when you get out into the real world.

    Islam is a political movement, disguised as a religion. That's why they get a pass from Liberals everywhere.

    If they were white Christians, you'd be calling them brutal misogynistic anti-intellectual rednecks. One or two million of them might be fine, but when the balance is tipped in their favor, it gets ugly. Look at the Middle East today and see what your peaceful, cooperative Muslims are like. No other group of people behaves like rabid animals in this way.
  • Eyes Se... sockpuppet 2012/06/21 21:14:27
    Eyes See Wide North
    You were in territory controlled by fanatic Muslims...
    I could make a similar assumption on Christians from what I have seen.

    I have seen much of our world, I travel constantly, I doubt you have seen anything like me.
    Islam religion like any religion, has effected the countries in which it is strongest, did you get a look at Ireland when the church was in power?

    I know Christians better than I do Muslims, chap, and so do most people in the 1st world, so dont act like such a little nark when we complain about em.
    If I was to talk about ACTUAL issues in the middle east and rest of our world, people would not have a clue what I am talking about?
    The Middle East is the middle of massive change, soon we will see our entire planet covered in changing times, they are essential, if you are an ex-marine, you should stop whinging and start acting.
  • sockpuppet Eyes Se... 2012/06/21 21:39:29
  • Eyes Se... sockpuppet 2012/06/21 21:51:44
    Eyes See Wide North
    Christians nothing like jews nothing like buddhists nothing like atheists.

    Thats how we have seen it until now, I am forming my own religious society (with around 40 people working close with me, and another almost 2000 following) that brings every religion (including Islam) together, we ditch all the bad parts of each religion (Muslim treatment of women, Christian treatment of homosexual etc.) and use all the good ideas. But mostly, we combine and create new ones, using science as the understanding of human power.

    My book is almost finished, I have yet to hear someone disagree with my plans, the Freemasons support me, people of all faiths support me, people from every part of the world, see me as a uniting figure.

    I am aware of what the world has been before, I feel that is irrelevant, I am creating a new foundation which means all old ideas, need to be forgotten or re-designed.

    The Middle East is currently in a war, when we have a similar war in our own land, you will see something you thought could only exist in the East.
    I am not trying to convince you of this, whether you believe it or not does not make it any less true.

    I often see medics as more courageous than those killing, trying to remain calm while saving a life is a much bigger obstacle than remaining calm when killing.
  • sockpuppet Eyes Se... 2012/06/21 20:26:58
    (response, part 2) And thanks for separating me from my political views. We would probably get along quite well, discussing music over a bowl of weed. :O)
  • Eyes Se... sockpuppet 2012/06/21 21:17:02
    Eyes See Wide North
    I am sure we would, we are both humans and we can always find something good to talk about, our views do not separate us, no matter how much we might object each other.

    Some of my closest friends are nothing like me, weed seems to be the most consistent thing people can share with each other, the oldest and most efficent networking tool since mouths and legs :)
  • sockpuppet Eyes Se... 2012/06/21 21:41:02
    It IS a networking tool... that's a great way to think of it. :O)
  • Eyes Se... sockpuppet 2012/06/21 21:56:24
    Eyes See Wide North
    I noticed this years ago, two of the most different people will approach each other calmly at any time when cannabis is present, when people are calm, they can never find problems, when someone can stay calm even in the face of death, there life is great.
    I use to think of alcohol as the networking drug, but alcohol has such a high tendency for poor communications with violent reactions. I still cant understand why it is legal? I had to quit drinking years ago because of the problems it caused for me, I can only describe its effect on people as a catalyst of evil.
    It does more than baffle me that so few notice this, I have to ask how every person can ignore such things?
  • HarleyCharley 2012/06/21 02:05:25
    we will be slaves...
  • Eyes Se... HarleyC... 2012/06/21 02:07:54
    Eyes See Wide North
    What makes you say that?

    I know I will never let myself become a slave
  • NPC 2012/06/21 02:04:10
    Won't be on SH in 7 years for sure.

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