What do you think of Men Painting their toes?

FreethinkingGuy 2012/05/09 17:12:00

SLIDESHOW: Examples of men with painted toes

One more of a guys painted toes with chaco sandals and jeans
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One more of a guys painted toes with chaco sandals and jeans

  1. One more of a guys painted toes with chaco sandals and jeans

    One more of a guys painted toes with chaco sandals and jeans

  2. Another of a man with painted toes and flip flops

    Another of a man with painted toes and flip flops

  3. shows a man with painted toes exiting his home

    shows a man with painted toes exiting his home

    This is to show how a guy can paint his toes and still look like a guy. Painting your toes, or fingers, doesn't change your sexual preference or make you less masculine in my opinion.

  4. Relaxing with painted toes and birkenstocks

    Relaxing with painted toes and birkenstocks

  5. A mans big toe painted in a cherry red

    A mans big toe painted in a cherry red

    This is an example of a mans toes with nail polish done professionally

  6. Guy Polish Jim's painted toes

    Guy Polish Jim's painted toes

    This photo courtesy of another male blogger showing his painted toes with some cool artwork. Courtesy of: http://polished-men.blogspot.com/

What do you think of Men Painting their toes?
I have been painting my toes for several years and going out in public with them painted and showing and I get a lot of positive comments and almost no negative ones. I even blog about the issues men face with doing this at www.menwithpaintednails.blogspot.com .

My question to everyone is what do YOU think about this trend? Now assume that if a guy does this he will take proper care of his feet and nails and not just slop on paint like lipstick on a pig. Therefore most mens feet would look much better just from the professional pedicure. So if a guy were to get a professional pedicure and display his painted toes in public, what would be your opinion?

Read More: http://menwithpaintednails.blogspot.com

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  • Elad 2015/06/03 05:05:57
    I recently had my toenails painted for the first time. Purple life in pink. I did it on a lark, but I'm really glad I did. I love the way they look. The haven't been accepted by the family too well, but hey there my toes and I love it. Next month a different color.
  • thatguy 2015/05/03 14:30:23
    I am a teenage straight boy and have an urge to paint my goes sometimes and I actually do a pretty good job on them too I actually like the bright colors like pink and red and yellow but I only do them when nobody is around
  • moriah 2015/02/02 20:59:59
    This is my question?? Do guys paint their toes for a reason i mean i really don't know??? :0
  • thatguy moriah 2015/05/03 14:30:57
    I do just for the fun of it and itakes me feel so much better
  • Jackson Shredder 2015/02/02 17:15:48
    Jackson Shredder
    For me, I would not or even have the urge to do it but would not have a problem or criticize another guy that does it. This is an individual thing.
  • jeroldc 2014/07/20 01:50:20 (edited)
    I am a man who has taken some medication that has yellowed my toenails up some. Although the nails look fine shapewise, the color bothered me. I saw an article several years ago in the St. Petersburg Times that show a couple of teenage boys painting their toenails. They talked about using dark colors such as gun metal, brown, olive green, silver, or black.

    Since I am 60, I have reached the point where I do not really care what anyone thinks. I started painting them black which looks a hell of a lot better than that sick yellow color. I do wear sandles (Hey, it is Florida), and get the occasional comment but surprisingly, they have all been positive.

    I am also more aware of others and see polish more and more on other men's toenails. Would I wear pink or something like that? Probably not - not because there would be anything wrong with it, but those are colors I do not care for. I have nothing pastel in the house.

    As I get older, less and less bothers me. I wear tank tops and muscle shirts even though I am a bear with lots of body hair. I will be damned if I am going this shaving route that advertisers are pushing on on us men now. My philosophy is that if you don't like it, don't look at it.
  • Bill Thomas 2014/07/15 03:50:47
    Bill Thomas
  • Ray Louis 2014/05/28 19:30:06
    Ray Louis
    I don't see anything wrong with it.
  • Alex 2014/03/13 00:58:56
    I am a teen boy, and while I have never painted my nails, I have wanted 2 since at least 1st grade.
  • Zshagnasty 2014/02/09 21:38:28
    I am a straight married male with children and I have been painting my toenails for over 30 years. I finally got to the point where I go out in public probably about 15 years ago. I like it, I enjoy it, I'm not hurting anyone and I figure life is too short to worry about what some homophobe thinks about me. I have been hurt and hospitalized a few times and realized that the only people that really matter are those that were there for me through those tough times. If I live my life worried about people that mean nothing to me, I am missing out. By the way, I am a body builder and have been martial arts my whole life, so go ahead, say something to me when I'm out and about. So far, in 15 years I have only had a few weird stares nothing more. I say if it's something you enjoy, just do it. Screw what anybody else thinks. They mean nothing in your life. Another thing, if any of your friends dis-own you, they really aren't your friends, if they accept you, they always were.
  • 2013/12/18 05:13:08
    Personally, I don't understand societies' double standard. If a guy can wear an earring on each ear, why can't he paint his toe nails and be free to paint them any color of his own choosing? I have them painted red right now, but my favorite colors are a medium shade of green, lavender/purple, and hot pink. These are my favorite colors. I take care of my feet and colors look great on my toes. Painted toes does not define or identify a man's sexual preference. To believe that is nothing short of stupid! :)
  • Garysays01 2013/10/31 02:18:46
    It's becoming much more common and looks good if done well. Great colors for guys include black, gray, blue, green and even maroon. Besides, the pedicure that usually goes along with this is so relaxing and enjoyable, it's a wonder guys haven't figured this out before now!
  • shimmer 2013/07/12 10:03:21
    I think it's totally awesome i have been doing it since 2001, i even wear womens flat sandals and i also have been shaving from my neck to my toes everyday i have no man bodyhair and it looks super hot ,, my legs make women made all the time
  • JakeK 2013/07/10 02:57:59
    Why shouldn't guys wear their nails polished? My niece asked if she could practice on my toes (she was attending beauty school at the time) and she did a very nice job - so much so that my wife and I actually liked how my feet looked with polish. Since then (that was about four years ago) I have been wearing my toes polished almost regularly. They look a lot better than they did plain.
    And my wife and I even enjoy an occasional pedicure together, which is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.
  • Corbin 2013/04/28 14:43:11
    I happen to be a guy who pints his fingernails on a regular basis. I tend to match the color to my shirt when I dress up. I think it adds a new level of professionalism, and attention to detail. People that tend not to like my nails being painted are narrow minded from my experience. Is it a new trend I don't care because everybody should stay true to themself. And for some that is outside the realm of what society accepts as normal.
  • zack 2012/12/15 04:50:51
    just love it!!! about time
  • bryanb 2012/10/18 21:54:11
    I think "guys " who come on sites like this and claim nail painting is unmanly may be fighting their own internal battle of sexual identity. Why would a "macho guy" come onto a site like this, and comment? You should be on "manly" sites cutting bark with your teeth or something
  • pablo bryanb 2013/01/30 09:10:28
    I am straight guy and you are very ignorant and stupid. only a man with not education wanna show what he is not (macho guy) all macho guy is a GAY. and you are one of them.
  • JakeK 2012/10/17 16:23:42
    Toetally cool. I think it's great that guys are taking a bit more interest in how they look and trying some cool and creative styles. Gals have been great at experimenting wearing men's style for quite a while and they have managed to make it really work well. A little paint isn't going to hurt anyone, and guys can have some fun with this too.
    In fact, there are actually quite a few men who do wear their toenails polished already, many with color too. Since you don't see it as much because guys don't wear open-toed shoes as often as women you might not have noticed how much this trend has grown in the past few years.
    Hey, it looks good, is fun and some guys really like having great looking nails too, so why not?
  • kenny 2012/09/25 06:28:54
    I believe that a man who wants too paint his nails should do it. It doesn't mater what color ether whether its pink or blue or any other color. I am man and love painting my toes.
  • chaz 2012/08/29 01:46:00
    I think It's cool that guys paint there toes but should not go over board. I believe that certain colors are fine and make guys feet masculine. Black, dark blue, silver and clear polish are the best for dudes. If you a dude and you have a female buddy ( girl, ex, wife, ect or in a group of bros that thier cool with walking with you) walk with them in public while you have your nails painted, with time you get use to it and people get use to seeing you that way and won't care anymore if they did to begin with. In that case you feel comfortable and wont get slammed with ignorant comments also. It's not gay to a certain point, if you like to have little details like flowers or hot red or pink then it would be questionable. But either way just do you and enjoy your toes nails. Some people wish they had some.
  • JakeK chaz 2012/10/17 16:26:20
    I agree that a guy can go overboard with the length of his toenails and bright colors. Women can go beyond 'pretty' as well if their nails are not done with care and tastefully. The darker colors seem to look pretty good on guys in my opinion. I find I actually don't like black polish on women, but on guys, it rocks!
  • john 2012/08/01 21:32:15
    i believe that men should paint their nails too it is not fair only women to do it,besides if you think about it jeans and trousers were only for men then girls decided they can wear jeans too,so if girls can wear trousers men can paint their nails. There are no man things or woman things,who said you are not allowed to paint your nails because you have a penis?who decided it,who makes the rules anyway?i hope it becomes fashion and men can paint their nails feeling free to do whatever they like without being judged.
  • hollywood john 2013/09/29 01:13:29
    hey i am a trk drvr n i love painting my toes! my colors are dark blue,green,purple,n peach n my clothes match..now i will cover my feet up whn i get off the trk.reason the trk drvrs are really hostile out here...usually i walk and show thm at the rest areas.o have had some good comments n it will get better! i love it..its a shame that i take care of my feet n toes better thsn my girl.well she found out n left me which is ok..maybe there is a woman out there that would accept me for me...i am a straight man thst love women.for me i wouldnt change it!! i love my toes lookn the best!"! so for all u out there deciding go for it!!! u will feel a positive difference!"!

  • dan@wildkingdom-overland.com 2012/06/07 23:01:22
    I think it is awesome. Like anything new in the public, takes a bit getting used to. Like the first time men wore ear rings and shaving their legs. Seriously, it's a societal thing to not accept change. I started painting my toenails in February. My wife likes it, my kids are like what th!! but now it's all good. as a family, we all go get pedicures together. akes big balls to start a trend, but do it, you will never go back. Personally, I stick with black or silver color.
  • chaz dan@wil... 2012/10/18 01:57:35
    I believe that it can be sexy on a dude that knows how to pull it off. He definitely has to have feet. I paint mines once in a wild. I only use black, silver, silver bue, dark brown.based on my opinion. Alot of guys should start the trend. It is not gay at all! , matter fact 99% of gay guys wouldn't even think of doing it for for any reasons,
  • Queen Katherine 2012/05/11 02:19:31
    Queen Katherine
    No just no!
  • hollywood Queen K... 2013/09/29 01:20:23
    come on lets be a little open minded here...in ths mixed up world everythng else goes..n to tell u the truth ths is the new trend..its already here..just sayn.
  • Erin Innocent 2012/05/10 21:01:19
    Erin Innocent
  • El Jefe 2012/05/10 13:50:01
    El Jefe
    Well, I would never be attracted to a man who paints his toenails. Secondly it takes away from my prank bank: painting guys nails when they fall asleep.
  • JakeK El Jefe 2012/10/17 16:30:27
    Cool. That is actually how I began wearing my toenails polished. My GF at the time (now my wife) painted them when I was asleep and she did such a good job that it looked pretty good to me, so I kept it on. I recall it was a dark maroon that just seemed to 'work' for me. Been hooked on polish ever since!
  • Ayushee 2012/05/10 09:59:34
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/05/10 09:53:11
    AWESOME. I love it when guys paint their nails. I wish my boyfriend would let me paint his. Face it, nails get dirty and gross very easily, especially toenails. Paint at least hides that, and adds a layer or two of protection!
  • JakeK TheMadC... 2012/10/17 16:26:57
    Awesome attitude! : )
  • rknothead 2012/05/10 06:53:27
    too east or west coasty for me
  • Bali 2012/05/10 01:26:28
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2012/05/09 22:39:31
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    Whatever floats their boat.
    NO GUY of mine will paint anything on his body, unless he's in the woods hunting during hunting season.
  • pablo Azrael-... 2012/09/27 19:10:29
    What kind girl you are, you are so ignorant , the feet is the the most erotic part of the human body, the feet is the most important point of sex, paint one time your toe in red color and wear and stiletto sandal and looking your self in the mirror and you gonna fill something different, but may you have an ugly feet then you must hide you feet for ever, amen
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2012/05/09 18:31:29
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    I personally find it a tad on the creepy side. I also find it creepy when women do it too. To me it's just like you're trying to show off your feet for some reason (which, btw, is the same reason I don't like shoes that show ones feet).

    It's one thing to take care of your feet, another to try and glam them up for no reason. I personally don't see the point in nail-polish at all, for woman or men.

    Personally I think the only time one should show off their feet is when going barefoot. But when you do that, your feet get dirty, tougher, rougher, things like that. That's what I personally prefer, totally natural bare feet.

    But seriously painted toe nails are creepy regardless of who has them.
  • pablo Surgeon... 2012/09/27 19:58:10
    You must be one in one million to said something like that about the men and women whom paint they toe nail, may you are the more embittered girl in this planet Earth. just in case if you have not boy friend , I suggesting you to paint your toe in red carpet, and you will get thousand of men interested in you, but if you have an ugly feet you can keep hide, and never show your toe to nobody, because, when you boy friend looking you ugly feet he gonna ran away from you. then you gonna realize so. what important is to keep you feet in
    sensuousness mood, please read the mail from the up of you mail, it is almost the same problem you have, amen

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