What do you think of 25+ year olds always hanging around teens?

Veronica ~RWAC~CFM 2010/04/26 02:30:42
I see that a lot on this site. Even off the internet. But I find it amusing when a 33 year old comes on to a 16 year old. And all of their friends are under 21. To each their own. But I wonder what you all think on the topic.
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  • Karen 2010/05/01 21:42:53
    So wrong!
  • Russ 2010/04/30 12:16:30
    Meh, its all fun and games on the net. Now if one of these kids knocked on my door somehow, my 1st call would be to the cops. There is a big difference between flirting on the net, and actually doing something in real life.
  • Roberto~R.W.A.C.~ 2010/04/29 02:45:06
    That is unacceptable online or off! I have a 13 year old daughter and that would raise a flag.
  • Karl69 2010/04/29 02:00:11
    I think the adult needs to go somewhere else to find friends.
  • John Clark 2010/04/29 01:30:13
    John Clark
    There is nothing wrong with having a friendship...but when older guys/girls come on to the young people then there's seriously something wrong with this picture.
  • Tyler 2010/04/29 01:18:43
    Always hanging around no. Flirting NO WAY.
  • E.G. 2010/04/28 06:33:58
    Define "hanging around." I like to interact with some under 18 because it helps me keep a broad perspective. As for a 33 year old coming on to a 16 year old... that's creepy as hell!
  • Symmetry_Sculptor 2010/04/28 00:30:47
    I must admit that I feel slightly strange having friends on this site that are teenagers (I am pushing 30 myself). I will say though that many of the young people I have encountered on here are substantially more mature and adjusted than I was at a similar age. So long as the boundaries are not crossed, I do not see the harm. I am certainly behind the times in pop culture references, and I can always offer them my slightly expanded life experiences.
  • Maria 2010/04/27 23:03:14
    I believe it highly mistake to go lower to hang out teens, maybe all mostly have mid life crisis who know? oh well sad too inmature and won't learn to enjoy their own lives..teens aren't grown up like adults does depend on their IQ... still a foolish anyhow..http://midlifecrisisb...
  • Thailor 2010/04/27 20:29:39
    it's disgusting. but in the state of FL it's legal for people to be together between the ages of 16-24. but gross. i mean why the hell would a 24 y.o. wanna hang out with a 16 y.o.?!
  • AL-X ♥ 2010/04/27 18:27:16
    AL-X  ♥
    While INNOCENT friendship has no age, flirtation btwn a 33+ yr old and a 16 yr old CHILD/TEEN, does raise a red flag. I've seen this all too often both off and online and it makes me wonder, wtf is going through peoples minds when they think it's cool to get their flirt on with someone who can technically be their child and at times, all too often, underage. I'm pretty damn sure if they were a parent to a 16 yr old KID, they wouldn't appreciate in the least a 33+ yr old, hitting on their CHILD on and/or offline. They would raise f*cking hell and want homeboy/girls head.
  • The guy with Billy May's icon. 2010/04/27 17:07:05
    The guy with Billy May's icon.
    Seems fine to me, I don't even ask or care about other people's ages. now if I had kids it would probably be another story.
  • Fingon Celebrindal 2010/04/27 16:26:05
    Fingon Celebrindal
    I see no wrong with it.
  • Joker~R... Fingon ... 2010/04/27 18:37:18
  • Fingon ... Joker~R... 2010/04/27 19:34:05
    Fingon Celebrindal
    Hit on, hanging around online. Completely different stuff.
  • Joker~R... Fingon ... 2010/04/27 22:28:55
  • Fingon ... Joker~R... 2010/04/27 22:30:59
    Fingon Celebrindal
    Missed on that. It is more than odd actually.
  • Shorty 2010/04/27 13:08:51
    I guess I don't really care but then again I don't have kids so
  • عهود عوايص 2010/04/27 13:08:21
    عهود عوايص
    I like to have old friends
    cuz they have many experiences in their life
    and i like to know abt their lives
  • Philadelphia Freedom 2010/04/27 12:50:38
    Philadelphia Freedom
    It goes back to do you friend anybody under the age of 18 i try not to but sometimes you just don't know their age , and i do believe it's inappropriate to friend them but i will talk to them in posts but never answer messages or requests for friends .
  • Yog 2010/04/27 09:11:00
    I often find that I don't actually check someones age.
    I've thought that I was talking to 30 year olds when I was actually talking to a teen.

    I don't thonk hanging around younger folk is wrong as long as it's not sinnister.
  • <3Plastic_Stitches<3 2010/04/27 06:52:57
    umm that the person is a little to hung up in the "glory" days umm person hung glory days
  • Randy 2010/04/27 06:10:51
    I look at it as though I were keeping up. But it does bring up some interesting situations.
  • BlondieBrownEyes 2010/04/27 02:49:14
  • Veronic... Blondie... 2010/04/27 14:40:51
    Veronica ~RWAC~CFM
    Thank you! That's what I'm trying to get at.
  • Blondie... Veronic... 2010/04/27 15:04:24 (edited)
  • Veronic... Blondie... 2010/04/27 15:32:43
    Veronica ~RWAC~CFM
    I agree. Great reply!
  • Blondie... Veronic... 2010/04/27 15:39:41
  • AL*MAHDي 2010/04/27 02:21:29
    It depends on whats inside the heart...
  • lintlicker 2010/04/27 01:57:42
    They have similar interests and get along well. The teens learn from the older people' mistakes and the older people feel like they're young again? Just my thoughts.
  • ImgonaluvAztroBoi4eva 2010/04/27 00:26:53 (edited)
    Define "hanging around with teens". Do you mean that we speak to them? Or that we might try to give them some sound counsel or set a positive example at times? This is a site where both teens and adults are all part of the mix and until that changes what would you have people do, ignore them as if they are not valuable people? Those young people are somebodys child just as we all were when we were young people. I don't go out of my way to get involved with teens but if they talk to me I will always try to treat them in the same respectful manner as I would any adult.
    *edit~ As long as certain boundaries are maintained there is nothing sinister about chatting with young people.
  • Veronic... Imgonal... 2010/04/27 14:43:18
    Veronica ~RWAC~CFM
    Well what if it's ann outside the internet friendship. Even if they were only friends wouldnt it be odd to see a (idk) 33 year old always hanging around a 16 year old.
  • Imgonal... Veronic... 2010/04/28 02:18:19
    People of varying ages seem to click sometime. *shrug* If the boundaries are maintained then there is nothing sinister about that either. Haven't you ever had friends much older than you, that was just that, friends? (Like let's say for example and just for the sake of this convo, when a person is 30 and might have pals that are 60) I know I have. And every person that I know has had at least one friend that is decades apart from their own age. I've learned a lot from older people. If people are merely sharing the wisdom of their life experiences and having a few laughs whats the problem. Some of my best personal growth came from social interaction with older people who were willing to share their wisdom and guidance with me. There was nothing sinister about it whatsoever. We weren't swinging or anything, lol, just a dinner and talk-laughter, maybe a game of trivial pursuit... I talk to humans of ALL ages on here, and that doesn't make me a perv. And the nice elders, the social interaction, that didn't make them pervs either. So it would depend what type of social interaction/relationship the folks of varied ages have...
  • Imgonal... Imgonal... 2010/04/28 02:38:41
    I wanted to add just one more thought:
    And besides how do we know that one person IS in fact 16 and the other is 25 or 33 or what. In case no one has noticed people embellish in the inernet and their lives ALL THE TIME, lol. ( I don't buy into a hefty percentage of what I read on the web that's posted concerning individuals. People fib about their age, gender, everything. And a site like this one is a virtual playground for embellishment. There's just no way to verify...)
  • AudiRS4 2010/04/26 23:59:36
    I'm 25 and I'm a volunteer soccer coach so I guess I'm around teenage boys all summer long! No it's not creepy as long as you don't get too much into their lives. On top of that, I'm in grad school so I hang around with a lot of freshmen and sophomores during the school year.
  • Veronic... AudiRS4 2010/04/27 14:44:05
    Veronica ~RWAC~CFM
    Well that sounds fine.
  • Katherine the Renaissance W... 2010/04/26 23:48:04
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    Isn't it the internet? I'm most likely not going to meet 99.0% of the people on Sodahead, so what does it matter? What if that 25 year old is a kid at heart? Or finds adults less agreeable or amiable to each other than teenagers are.

    Like myself, there are plenty of teenagers much more mature than adults in this world.
  • Veronic... Katheri... 2010/04/27 14:46:54
    Veronica ~RWAC~CFM
    No Katherine. Internet or not.. You have to wonder what kind of man would flirt with a 16 year old. Friendship is okay although not too much. If you found out your 16 year old daughter is flirting with a 33 year old man what would you think?
  • Katheri... Veronic... 2010/04/27 19:51:29
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    If they were over the internet, and the "flirting" was simply friendly and playing around (because they're comfortable with each other), I would probably not have a problem with it I know my daughter would be safe as long as she didn't give out personal info.
  • Veronic... Katheri... 2010/04/27 23:22:07
    Veronica ~RWAC~CFM
    Okay so here is another... What could possibly be going through a 33 yo mind to flirt with one so young? Yes it is online and he/she cant get through the screen. But its still creepy.

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