What Do You Splurge the Most on for Your Kid’s Birthday?

Catch My Party 2012/08/01 17:57:42
The cake
The food
The entertainment
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For me, I actually splurge on all three (within reason), but I value the entertainment most. I want my daughter and her friends to have a fantastic time that they will all remember and kids usually don't care whether it is a fancy cake, or a cake mix...

Check out some of these creative kid's birthday parties...

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  • BritPunk 2012/08/06 20:48:59
    The entertainment
  • eagle8 2012/08/05 01:09:07
    The entertainment
    Usually the gifts....the older they get the more expensive their gifts get
  • lola.brooks.79 2012/08/03 21:16:30
    The entertainment
    all above
  • ...Kat... 2012/08/03 20:43:49
    The food
    None of the above. I shower. That's the most expensive thing I splurge on my birthday.
  • ChocolateThunder 2012/08/03 20:32:19
    The food
    Never had a birthday part but if I did , I would love to have a lot of food and candy XD.
  • emoanimegirl1000 2012/08/03 19:06:41
    The food
  • Gia 2012/08/03 18:14:19
    The food
    Food feeds fun . Thus cake & entertainment! Fun party s
  • GLaDOS 2012/08/03 17:21:11
    The cake
    Especially since my younger daughter is obsessed with "The Cake Boss." She wants a cake from Buddy's shop in Hoboken. >_<
  • Daryl 2012/08/03 16:37:44
    The food
    Nothing like good food to get the party going!
  • MJ 2012/08/03 16:06:30
    The food
  • buneter 2012/08/03 14:51:43
    The entertainment
    you know i dont like to splooge on food items i like hookers
    oooh splurge read that to late guess its food like pizza
  • dandieselonian 2012/08/03 11:56:14
    The entertainment
    cleaning supplys
  • RachelA7X 2012/08/03 08:30:22
    The cake
    I don't like birthday parties so we don't spend money on anything except the £10 cake XD
  • Dave The Canuck 2012/08/03 06:54:44
    The cake
    Dave The Canuck
    It's not a birthday party without cake.
  • chris.haynees 2012/08/03 03:57:55
    The entertainment
    Alcohol for the parents lul
  • Jessica 2012/08/03 02:41:16
    The cake
    We usually just have a normal dinner unless there is an actual party, which hasn't happened in the past so many years. So for us now, the priciest thing on this list is the cake.
  • blackrings70 2012/08/03 01:48:55
    The food
    And cake!!
  • mae 2012/08/03 01:13:18
    The food
    The Food--we go as a family to a nice restaurant for our parties--that way there is no clean-up, and everyone can order what they want, everyone is happy.
  • giggity giggity 2012/08/02 21:43:40
    The entertainment
    giggity giggity
  • bluelady 2012/08/02 19:35:35
    The food
    does wine come under entertainment or food??...life is to short to drink bad wine
  • jarb 2012/08/02 16:34:00
    The entertainment
    What about the drink? Its almost always about the liquor
  • Zuggi 2012/08/02 16:33:48 (edited)
    The entertainment
    #1 strippers
    #2 booze


    Oh, I didn't see the part about "your kid's birthday". Whoops.
  • Deb 2012/08/02 16:27:41
    The entertainment
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/08/02 15:03:25
    The entertainment
    The booze
    O CRAP - this is a kids party - NEVERMIND (sorry)... definitely the cake!
  • Nekosarethebest 2012/08/02 14:31:55
    The food
    Entertainment? We have each other and free radio!
  • Emily Barrington 2012/08/02 09:35:16
    The cake
    Emily Barrington
    I loved cakes with barbie in with the cake dress when I was little, and thoses arn't cheap.
  • Gabsters<3 2012/08/02 08:52:23
    The food
    I make my own b-day cakes and buy pizza. For entertainment I just watch tv while my friends talk about the perverted shapes they can make with my balloons. Lol
  • Gabsters<3 Gabsters<3 2012/08/02 08:54:04
    (I'm 14 and I definitly don't have kids so I wrote about my birthday parties)
  • Tella6 2012/08/02 08:51:46
    The food
    If I had a kid.
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/08/02 08:44:01
    The entertainment
    Inquisitve Kat
    I love to decorate. ;-)
  • Lyana 2012/08/02 07:39:32
    The food
    You can never go wrong with good food ^_^

    party food table
  • Naked 2012/08/02 06:52:29
    The entertainment
    Actually, for me it's the venue and decorations.
  • mirandafernandeztaylor 2012/08/02 05:59:46
    The entertainment
    I always had bounce houses!
  • Geenie Nabottle 2012/08/02 05:57:24
    The entertainment
    Geenie Nabottle
    And then the cake and last the food.

    You can never go wrong with pizza at a kids birthday party
  • Cameryn (◠‿◠✿) 2012/08/02 05:49:07
    The entertainment
    Cameryn (◠‿◠✿)
    A big tank of helium. That's always fun.
  • armageddon95 2012/08/02 05:44:26
    The entertainment
    By entertainment I mean alcohol. :)
  • Kingarthurup 2012/08/02 05:28:09
    The entertainment
    looking at having Van Halen next year.
  • Artisan Rose ☽✪☾☥ 2012/08/02 05:12:52
    The cake
    Artisan Rose ☽✪☾☥
    (well I'm not a mom yet but most money is spent between the decor and the cake)
  • mikeeonly 2012/08/02 04:29:02
    The food
    what's a party without great food
  • Robshock 2012/08/02 04:05:32
    The cake
    Remember the good ole days when a kid's birthday party was just a few friends coming over for cake and ice cream? I think this "social event of the season" that seems to have to happen at kid's birthday parties nowadays is the product of TV shows and people thinking that is the norm. It has taken on a life of it's own now and you are considered a bad parent if you don't spend a fortune each year.

    The expectations we place in kids heads are not doing them any favors.

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