What do you say when someone tells you they don't like you??

☆°•BunnyBee•°☆ 2010/02/01 01:30:54
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  • jane 2014/03/22 19:10:17 (edited)
    what if someone tells everyone that they are disgusted by the idea of being forced to collaborate with you?

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  • jane 2014/03/22 19:10:17 (edited)
    what if someone tells everyone that they are disgusted by the idea of being forced to collaborate with you?
  • mollie 2011/10/04 18:00:05
    say okay thanks for telling me !
  • william_shatner4 2010/02/23 08:55:54
  • Thorns of Misery 2010/02/09 01:43:58
  • Mark5610 2010/02/05 01:44:41
    .What ever
  • Appletree 2010/02/04 20:53:34
    I say sorry, =D and f*ck you! -'-
  • the flirt 2010/02/02 18:00:31
    the flirt
    i say its only a matter of time till you love me lol.
  • SUPER_BABY_BOY 2010/02/01 20:11:10

    throw a cupcake at them!
  • memebev1 2010/02/01 19:12:49
    Sorry about your loss!!!
  • brian 2010/02/01 18:32:50
    i get mad lol mad lol
  • dash 2010/02/01 17:36:13
  • lee 2010/02/01 12:52:08
    Oh well, if we all thought alike everyone would be after your wife, or mother
  • Kyou 2010/02/01 10:53:41
    "We don't like you either" ^^ (MCR.com if you recognised it)
  • Dickey 2010/02/01 08:46:30
  • Iggy Raindrops 2010/02/01 08:29:23
    Iggy Raindrops
    Good for you.
  • Tati 2010/02/01 06:59:15
    just smile and say... "thats ok"
  • (;Soℓℓ.❤ 2010/02/01 06:00:18
    Laugh And Walk Away
    I Don't Care If Someone Doesn't Like Me
  • Adam Troy 2010/02/01 05:42:10
    Adam Troy

    I havn't had someone tell me that they didn't like me. Maybe that's because i don't have someone to tell me this. Bye: Adam Troy
  • Redneck 2010/02/01 04:54:38
    I can usually tell that they don't like me before they have to say it, so I just find somewhere else to be. That said, I've been in situations at work with people I had arrested when I was a cop, one I had even sent to prison for a couple of years. It was a touchy situation at times, but the boss's liked me and would have fired anyone who started anything.
  • Vampire King 2010/02/01 04:34:52
    Vampire King
    I don't waste my time with a reply
  • Shawna 2010/02/01 03:50:10
    I've never spent much time with someone who doesn't like me, so I don't know. I'm sure there are tons of people on this site who wouldn't like me and I think that I don't care.
  • Party Boy [A7X Bat] 2010/02/01 03:35:27
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    i dont give two shits if somebody hates me. i'm not going to let their opinion of me drag me down.
  • Lisa Party B... 2013/01/06 06:42:14
    Hi. I'm new here and in all my years I have never had anyone tell me they didn't like me....until I encountered a woman who told me she used to be a crack addict. Actually she's my roommate and I like your comment above. I cried all day bec I have known her 6 months and during this entire time she's nice to my face and then finally tells me this today. I was very depressed but when I saw your reply, it cheered me up. Thank you!
  • Party B... Lisa 2013/01/19 03:41:41
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    I'm very glad my positive attitude benefited you. :)
  • wolfgang 2010/02/01 03:14:06
    honestly i dont have hardly any enemies, so i dont worry about it when people dont like me
  • !TARD~MUFFIN! 2010/02/01 02:17:14
    I say ok and move on. So what if one person doesn't like me. Thats their loss not mine... :D
  • Seasoned BN-0 2010/02/01 01:57:53
    Seasoned BN-0
    I cannot say as to ever having the honor to meet someone with that much honesty...usually they let someone else to me…Thank them for their candor…and move on.
  • jacose 2010/02/01 01:49:01
    i don't say anything because i don't care
  • Nic♥ 2010/02/01 01:44:55
    I'd say: That's just to bad. If you got to know me would have become good friends. But your ignorance got in the way of a good friendship.
  • lucky~charms 2010/02/01 01:40:03
    i dunno
  • Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy* 2010/02/01 01:36:05
    Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy*
    Multiple choice response. =)

    A. "Yeah, I love you too..."
    B. "That's your loss, I guess."
    C. "Got a good reason?"
    D. "No worries, I get that a lot."
  • Nerd Hybrid 2010/02/01 01:32:49 (edited)
    Nerd Hybrid
    I nod smile or just laugh either way it messes with them then i walk away

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