What do YOU do when your parents aren't home??

Desert•Rose♥ 2009/05/20 23:25:55
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  • crotchrot 2009/05/30 05:20:52
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 15:12:41
    oh shit lol
  • crotchrot Desert•... 2009/05/30 15:13:23
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 15:18:52
    you could hear the music from two blocks away......
  • crotchrot Desert•... 2009/05/30 15:20:47
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 15:22:16
    no really??I kind of knew that. =)
  • crotchrot Desert•... 2009/05/30 15:26:11
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 15:28:25
    that's a surprise...really because your always really into it lol
  • crotchrot Desert•... 2009/05/30 15:35:13
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 15:37:40
    than relax
  • crotchrot Desert•... 2009/05/30 15:38:49
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 15:39:37
  • crotchrot Desert•... 2009/05/30 15:41:46
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 15:44:04
    go to sleep then.
  • crotchrot Desert•... 2009/05/30 15:45:13
  • Desert•... crotchrot 2009/05/30 18:52:21
  • ♥Taste♥The♥Rainbow♥ 2009/05/28 04:21:51 (edited)
    Don't even get me started!! Well if you must know_______
    i umm dance on my tabel and ummm yell i don't know why it's just me and i like go in my mom's room and jump on her bed and ummm trash it ha!! and eat chochlot and ice cream and candy my mom can tell becuase il be up all night and sneak out with friend's (mostly boy's i don't have a lot of girl friend's) it's fun i go and yell at ppl and fling ice cream at car's with chelsey she mosly does it one time she got it on some chick and the chick was like " you kid's sholudn't be out this late AND STOP FLINGING ICE CREAM!!!" ha it was weird we ran away after she yelled ha it's fun to sneak out
  • Desert•... ♥Taste♥... 2009/05/28 19:26:53
    o wow lol...u never get caught??
  • slayer ... ♥Taste♥... 2009/05/30 17:21:19
    slayer king
    you are one awsome chick
  • ♥Taste♥... slayer ... 2009/05/30 17:24:32
    thank you
  • slayer ... ♥Taste♥... 2009/05/30 17:37:05
    slayer king
    no thanks nessiary but it is true
  • ♥Taste♥... slayer ... 2009/05/30 17:38:28
    oh ok
  • grapef ♥Taste♥... 2014/03/07 14:44:28
    Get drunk
  • JT 2009/05/21 20:36:14
    Nothing...what am I supposed to do??
    i really don't sneak around that much....if i want something i just ask..if i don't get it i beg until my parents break
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/21 22:29:14
    me too lol
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/21 22:30:52 (edited)
    we have a lot in common..lol..thats cause ur awesome..whats ur name??
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/21 22:32:37
    thnx! I'm Stephanie..wats urz?
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/21 22:35:15
    Josephine..its an old name..i wish i could u in person i think we would have fun together...since we have some things in common..
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/21 22:35:59
    i like tht name. me too..it wud b nice to chill with some one new..
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/21 22:41:00
    thanks..usually people thinks its weird..thats why i like to know the person before i tell them my name ..i like yours to..where do you live?? i live in Philadelphia
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/21 23:24:36
    in elizabeth, nj. i dont think i hav ever been to philadelphia
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/22 01:30:37
    really...its not the greatest place to be but there are some really good things about it..i've never heard of Elizabeth in NJ..
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/22 23:06:48
    lol wow..its not much either...its a nice place but no gud places to go to.lol
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/22 23:09:34
    lol..we have alot of good places here there just infected wit dummies and rude people
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/23 00:04:38
    o wow lol..wat do they do??
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/23 00:10:39
    there just so rude saying stuff that you dont ever want to hear..and then you got crazy high and drunk people asking you for twenty five cents...then the rude teens there some of the most rude teens ive ever seen they will curse you out if you look at them wrong then its a fight....and then you have nasty men dats like 50 looking at 15 and16 year old girls its so crazy..you have to know how ur stand your ground
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/23 00:19:37
    ugh!!eww..thts sad
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/23 00:23:34
    i know but i love where i live it just a little wild sometimes..so anyway whats it like where you live..i hope not anything like my crazy world
  • Desert•... JT 2009/05/23 00:30:31
    nasty...theres a bar nearby wit prostitutes....um, i got followed home once by some guy...ppl curse u out for fun...ppl b doin sum drive by shootings for fun...ppl b killing and robbing banks... but it luks nice here.
  • JT Desert•... 2009/05/23 00:38:26
    wow...i guess we go through the same thing...do u have any sisters or brothers?

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