What do you do when your boyfriend won't pick up the phone when you call or even text you back?

Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:09:43
My boyfriend won't answer his fone when i call and he wont text me back either...im beginning to think he doesnt care about me anymore.. :(
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  • Sammy 2013/08/21 00:17:29
    I'm the same way and now when i go on the street we both ust to go on for a bike ride, they pick on me becasue they always picked on him. He ruined that street for me becasue its everytime. I try calling every 2 days but it says hes not accepting calls at this time. He hasnt talked to me in 35 days so i have no clue whats going on. Me and his sister got into a big fight and then his sister told me that he broke up with me but, wouldn't he tell me that? So now i was trying to ask him and he just won't awnser. :(
  • amber 2011/10/12 00:47:49
    mine is like that 2 we r 10 mnts engaged and the 27th of this year amkes a year and he wont talk to me since he moved and he wants to have a kid in dec and now he wo nt talk to me at all somebody help me !!
  • Sarah 2009/12/31 00:33:55 (edited)
    maybe zack is busy. you'll see him at school anyway in about a week. lol if u want when we get back to school i can kick him in his jewels just like i did to braxton lol that was funny
  • Raven♥ Sarah 2009/12/31 03:31:38
    That was hilarious but he'd just get pissed off. haha thanks tho
  • Foxylady 2009/12/30 21:14:47
  • Knot_RIch 2009/12/30 20:02:34
    Get a grip, he's not your boyfriend, you're his girl of convience.
  • Silas 2009/12/30 15:47:43
    If you are calling every other minute...give him some time. If he avoids calls all day...give him the boot.
  • Munster 2009/12/30 08:50:06
    Sometimes people just don't want to be bothered and would like "me" time. It doesn't mean they don't care, it means exactly what it sounds like, they just want some time to themselves.
  • Raven♥ Munster 2009/12/30 08:57:12
  • Munster Raven♥ 2009/12/30 09:01:53
    Well, if you're being too clingy or obsessive you might have scared him a little. My brother from another mother had this ex girlfriend and she'd obsessively call him and text message him. He'd tell me how much that made him feel smothered and annoyed him. She'd even make him stay on the phone until she fell asleep. He finally cut her loose because of this.
  • Raven♥ Munster 2009/12/30 10:19:18
    Yea I don't do that. I make sure there are larger intervals in between the times I text him and call him. And when I do talk to him on the fone I don't make him stay on the fone until I fall asleep. I let him go when he says he has to go.
  • Wind 2009/12/30 08:16:40
    i think maybe he wanna leave u,so,,find a free time talk to him
  • Raven♥ Wind 2009/12/30 08:18:45
    Thats what I'm thinking... but he won't talk to me that way either! He tries to avoid me
  • Wind Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:23:25
    don't let him just leave u like that,do u know some of his friends,ask them sth abt him
  • Raven♥ Wind 2009/12/30 08:24:58
    I have talked to his best friend and he said that he was just being an ass...yet it continues
  • Wind Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:29:29
    emm..idk then.just calm down,see what will happen tomorrow.
  • Raven♥ Wind 2009/12/30 08:38:17
    Lol its gonna b the same.. haha i try talking to him everyday.. maybe i should try holding off for a couple days..
  • God-Cilla (Saviour to the M... 2009/12/30 08:11:02
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Have you tried to be grammatically correct in your texting?
  • Raven♥ God-Cil... 2009/12/30 08:11:39
    What do you mean by that?
  • God-Cil... Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:13:32
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Oh boy.
    What do you think I mean by that?
  • Raven♥ God-Cil... 2009/12/30 08:14:36
    Idk I meant wat does grammatically mean
  • God-Cil... Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:20:41 (edited)
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    1. of or pertaining to grammar: grammatical analysis.
    2. conforming to standard usage: grammatical speech.

    Have you ever considered attending a facility of sorts that would educate you on matters such as this?
  • Raven♥ God-Cil... 2009/12/30 08:22:05
    Oh wow. I knew it had something to do with grammar I just wasnt sure what it meant. And yes I do.
  • God-Cil... Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:26:24
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Oh great.
    So are you saying that you attend a facility of the aforementioned kind?
  • Raven♥ God-Cil... 2009/12/30 08:35:01
    Noooo lol I'm saying I use correct grammar when I text him.
  • God-Cil... Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:37:05
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Ooooh. I see, I see. *Jots down some notes*
    Well, I really don't know what to tell you. You use correct grammar. What more could he ask for? He sounds to me like an ungrateful bastard.
  • Raven♥ God-Cil... 2009/12/30 08:38:33
    Hahaha... :)
  • Munster Raven♥ 2009/12/30 08:45:58

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