What do you do when you get nervous around someone you like at work?

Aly † "In God We Trust" † 2009/09/12 22:19:45
Sorry if it's an annoying question because I'm sure it's been asked before. I'm just curious. :)
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  • Moderated 2009/09/12 22:25:09
    One time I farted when he made me laugh. I just KNEW that was the deal breaker. He asked me out a couple of weeks later...and then six years later, I married the ring tailed tooter.

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  • BBoy legacy 2010/09/08 01:20:11
    BBoy legacy
    I just try to be myself.
    It happens all the time @ school... It really sucks.
  • meeeee : ) 2010/08/19 11:54:03
    meeeee : )
    well i go to school.. but i would probably just ask him/her out for coffee or a drink or something and if they say they cant i would just move on theirs so many other people out there.
  • eεrɾïiсαa αaṉnṉεe 2010/08/10 00:08:08
    eεrɾïiсαa αaṉnṉεe
    Let whatever emotions take over, but never seem desperate, act as though you like him, but there are plenty of other fish that you like also, don't purposely make him jealous though, that's not what I mean. Just act as though you're slightly interested by asking him random question about random non work related things. Asking him questions involving work would make you sounds confused about your job
  • Starr 2010/08/08 03:18:38
    I've haven't had the butterflies in my stomach in a long time. So, no I haven't been nervous around any guys.
  • kissbeth 2010/08/07 22:31:26
    I try talking,but then I say stupid stuff. there goes my cool points. If he laughs then great. if not then I just feel stupid, and avoid him the rest of the day.
  • *<3RAWR<3* 2010/08/07 20:00:06
    Run to the bathroom because when I get nervous my nose bleeds : ( run bathroom nervous nose bleeds
  • Blank 2010/08/07 15:10:29
    I go to school. But when I get nervous around a guy I like, I just admire from afar.
  • JordanBeth 2010/08/07 02:18:31
    nothing...well i don't really get nervous, never have. it's like a gift from the heavens haha, and i don't blush...weird right?
  • King Anti-Christ 666 2010/08/07 02:08:36 (edited)
  • LQ~phaet 2010/08/07 00:03:27
    Take long steady breaths....in through the nose and out pursed lips. Try not to talk much.
  • Angel Among Us ♥†♥ American Patriot
    I don't work but when someone makes me nervous I smile a lot.
  • Aly † "... Angel A... 2010/08/07 05:21:38
    Aly † "In God We Trust" †
    me too
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2010/08/06 20:20:09
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    I don't go to work...but when I get nervous...I don't make eye contact.
  • andy 2010/08/06 20:16:52
    i found that if you make yourself say hi and try to have some sort of conversation it'll get easier and you'll not be so nerous any more. but prayer can help to.
  • little mrs. Edward Cullen 2010/08/06 18:16:34
    little mrs. Edward Cullen
    Well i don't go to work, but i do go to school....and lets just say there are tons of guys that make me nervous. All i do is talk to them more, and get to know them as a friend so that i'm not that nervous anymore
  • wpsark 2010/08/06 14:50:47
    smoke some weed ;-p

    It's usually not a good idea to date your co-workers, but there've been a few exceptions
  • sait10 2010/08/06 11:38:07
    probably blush!!
  • Alejandra 2010/08/06 07:47:13
    Never let them see you sweat..!!!
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/08/06 07:29:49
    Katie~awkward child♥
    I am horribly awekward around guys I like. Perhaps this is why I haven't yet had a boyfriend =/
  • insert name here 2009/11/20 00:19:02
    insert name here
    I punch them in the arm and run away.
  • bambinoclipper 2009/11/18 19:34:43
    Well, Ive never been one to be shy about anything. So thats an easy answer as I would be myself and see if their is a vibe back. If there is she would be mine.
    Now you should know that that scenario could be dangerous! Office romance is trouble because its usually filled with passion and fire and where there is fire someone usually gets burnt!!!!
  • Helo Chick 2009/11/17 20:24:53
    Helo Chick
    I talk too much and giggle.
  • Panda-Kitten 2009/11/17 03:06:58
    I don't have a job so I don't know sorry
  • jas 2009/11/14 12:38:51
    tapping my pocket where my lucky charm is.
  • whiskey 2009/11/12 15:33:35
  • mae 2009/11/11 02:30:17
    At work? That will be recipe for trouble!
  • Dayna_king 2009/11/10 22:22:12
    Talk, like a mile a minute.
  • cat 2009/11/10 20:54:52 (edited)
    I mostly am at work alone, sometimes the boss is here but it is I who holds down the Fort. good thing because in one job i had before this job. i try not to pay attention to some one I like at work unless of course he forces me to then I respond and then quickly turn away because it is so funny how all of a sudden liking someone can make you feel so shy and stupid. uh I hate to even think about it. really, I dont like feeling like that at all.
  • Leo --Name Subject 2 Change-- 2009/11/10 18:02:48
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    i have absolutely no idea as i do not work. but in school... i personally don't really react to their presence.
    well... i react, but im good at not showing it. I'm one of those people who dont believe that sugar or coffee make you hyper and i dont believe that a crush just being in your presence would make you nervous. maybe talking to them. but seriously.... if you gotta do something, i dont see how people make a distraction for you. i just dont see that way. i'm either really stupid or dense, or i'm just crazy.
  • Daniel Leo --N... 2010/02/09 15:34:06
    Wow, that is almost exactly what I would have said!
  • Leo --N... Daniel 2010/02/10 12:15:17
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    yeah? that's cool. It's just that that kinda stuff doesn't affect me. i like someone in two of my classes right now and my heart beats to them, but i dont actually even look at them. I dont actually know them so i have no reason to talk to them. I talk to my friend.
  • Dragongurl 2009/11/10 17:58:12
    I don't like any one really, it is weird.
  • GodofWar 2009/11/10 13:57:59
    i think about the long sexual harrasment speech i hear every day
  • Samantha 2009/11/10 05:32:15
    well, yes
    but I go to school
    touched his hand once, opps
  • Brucas own my heart 2009/11/10 05:31:14
    Brucas own my heart
    I mostly talk a lot. But I try to think of them as just a friend so I don't start blushing or make it too obvious that I like them. If you think of them as a friend, you will be confident and then you can stop yourself from making a fool of yourself. =]
  • Maddie 2009/11/10 05:12:44
    talk alot... lol
  • Mar~y~Sol~101 2009/11/10 02:42:31
    dont work]
    and i don't get to see my crush that much
  • mikestice 2009/11/10 02:39:11
    I pull out my picture of my wife and smile... I have her,she is going nowhere away from me. This person at work is simply an erection.
  • Aly † "... mikestice 2009/11/10 02:39:53
    Aly † "In God We Trust" †
    Aw, that's good. :)
  • mikestice Aly † "... 2009/11/10 02:47:01
    Plain and simple... would you give her away for a fling?

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