What do you do when you fall in love with someone and they are already taken?

Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2009/10/30 04:43:18
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  • hatshepsut123 2009/11/14 01:19:41
    nothing. forget the person.
  • ARoomWithAMoose 2009/11/03 18:22:29
    Panic followed shortly by finding a way out immediately.
  • Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012 2009/11/03 01:39:11
    Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012
    Easy to give advice that is occasionally difficult to follow!

    Initially, you're infatuated. True love takes time.

    Assuming, you have "Fallen in love" and that 50% of marriages end in divorce. And most committed relationships become noncommittal. Then "Taken" becomes a dubious metaphor, for an assumed condition.

    Back when I was married, I was the recipient of declared love/lust, from (a few) female friends and acquaintances. While flattered, and intrigued... and in a dying marriage... I had children. So even though the words were stimulating... I couldn't bring myself to act.

    I had friends, though, who did... and (so far) successfully remarried within their inner-circle!

    So, moral-compass aside... it can lead to fulfillment!

    Moral of the story being... in principle... a risky move, depending on the relationships of all the players. However, not without some successes.

    Not for the weak of heart... the weak of purpose... or the thinned-skin! Probably, better to suffer in silence.
  • Treasur... Rick4Ro... 2009/11/03 03:33:13
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    Doesn't sound good to me or worth it really....I commend you on being a man that couldn't bring himself to act .....and for admitting it.... YOU are definitely MORE of a man in my eyes than many. And, you have given some very good advice to this question. Thank you!
  • Rick4Ro... Treasur... 2009/11/03 06:14:25
    Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012
    While every circumstance is unique... your take IS the better way to go!

    I must admit, a most interesting question, which you presented. :)

    Commitment is a choice. And not wanting my children to think poorly of me, was an immeasurable influence. (OK, I have a moral-compass, too!)

    Thank you, for the nice words... you're very welcome, Treasure!
  • Treasur... Rick4Ro... 2009/11/03 15:40:03
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    Yes, a complicated question...actually a loaded question....and a tough situation.
    But, I have my answer now...thanks to you.
  • Rick4Ro... Treasur... 2009/11/03 16:40:00
    Rick4Ron - Paul☮2012
    Admittedly, I fine myself contemplating a similar course. A very prophetic "loaded" question, indeed! It's out of my hands, for the present... time will tell? What the fates decide? :)
  • allergik2love 2009/11/01 15:30:41
    i wait..be patient, you never no..mayb it means they rnt ment for u..or hey maybe you will get ur chance
  • GreatLakes 2009/11/01 01:27:43
    If things are meant to be......and love is meant to be, it will happen.
  • hippie 2009/10/31 11:29:49
    move on
  • Blistful 2009/10/31 06:11:30
    Wait for some who loves you...
  • FencerCat 2009/10/31 05:03:01
    I learned from past bad experiences that if I like someone and find out he's married, separated or otherwise not available to wall my feelings up and move on. "In process" is not available.
  • john brenni 2009/10/31 02:42:29
  • foxy moxie lady 2009/10/30 23:49:00
    foxy moxie lady
    You either enjoy what you have for the time being, move on, or wait to see if it could turn into more down the road.
  • Jesse 2009/10/30 23:46:05
  • Silas 2009/10/30 18:57:24
    I sigh deeply and move on.
  • TheReverend 2009/10/30 18:47:30
    Keep persuing it. I wouldn't give up without at least a lil fight. If you're truly in love, you'll keep going until you're sure there is no possibility. I would anyway
  • melissa 2009/10/30 18:24:15
    First it would break your heart because you cannot have the person you fall in love with. It's really a heart breaker But you can move on with your life their are other people out there who need your LOVE.
  • Cobalt-Sky 2009/10/30 17:07:02
    Move on. It's the only way to maintain honor and sanity.
  • eikachan 2009/10/30 16:21:23
    you move on.
  • Charlie 2009/10/30 16:03:36
    This will only lead to heartbreak.The best thing to do is just to avoid someone that is already taken.
  • Pancakes 2009/10/30 14:43:36
    Wait for something to go wrong there but not get my hopes really high .. :)
    Depends how well you know that person , it might make it harder to commit to someone else.
  • BK 2009/10/30 14:31:24
    Um, throw a bag over their head, kidnap them, lock them in my basement and tell them we got married.
    Not that there's anyone in my basement...
    Nope, no one there...
  • Treasur... BK 2009/10/30 14:34:08
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I wish that was a possibility!!!!!!!
  • GreyHeart 2009/10/30 13:25:10
    One way to go about it is to hope for something to go wrong and seize the opportunity.

    Another (if your brave enough) is to tell them how you feel right then and there, and see what happens.
  • tazimad 2009/10/30 13:24:09 (edited)
    run as fast as I can in the other direction
  • xxFly with mexx 2009/10/30 12:51:02
    xxFly with mexx
    sometimes you have to let them go. or wait for them to break up, that worked for me.
  • 00B 2009/10/30 12:35:28
  • katy 2009/10/30 12:25:07
    that happened to me last night....... you go out with their best friend
  • shadow789-lotr+frodo's no.1... 2009/10/30 11:46:54
    shadow789-lotr+frodo's no.1 lover/fan
    admire from a far thats what im doing i guess it works for a bit admire guess works admire guess works admire guess works
  • **Bessie** 2009/10/30 11:16:21
    That's a tough one....If the love is mutual, you hope and pray and do what you both have to do to be together. It's not easy, I don't think. Hopefully, though...it works out and is worth it!
  • trainfan **Bessie** 2010/04/12 08:06:30
    It will be worth it Babe! Muah!
  • **Bessie** trainfan 2010/04/12 11:32:51
  • Hayley 2009/10/30 11:03:26
    Take a moment to stop and try to figure out just why you are being attracted to someone who is not available in actuality......
  • Sc ♥ Angel ♥™ -Won't be back for awhile, if at all.
    As hard as it is, it's time to walk away :(

    Otherwise you're just setting yourself up for a ton of heartache.
  • DELETE PLEASE 2009/10/30 09:35:52
    Let nature take it's course. nature
  • RamblingVoices. 2009/10/30 09:34:39
    let them go
  • Bad Angel 2009/10/30 08:09:20
    Bad Angel
    Try to not get involved as it only leads to a lot of heart ache. I know from personal experience.
  • Jεηηу 2009/10/30 07:32:56 (edited)
    just try to forget about it
    and find someone else
  • Maine Guy 2009/10/30 06:47:22 (edited)
    Maine Guy
    Move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea. plenty fish sea

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