What do you do when u make a big mistake and risk ur relationship in jepordy?

Alixx 2010/05/25 15:27:52
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  • sweetylee1994 2010/05/26 15:35:35
    I stop for a moment and breathe. I think about the person I have hurt, and ask myself if this is where I ant this relationship to go. Everybody makes mistakes. It is if you correct them that makes the difference. You should tell him how you feel. If you are feeling horrible about it, let him know. It is important that you do.
  • METALheadMom 2010/05/25 17:38:56
    I don't. There is no excuse to act stupid or do things I know can ruin my relationship. Any mistakes that have ever been made, were by the other person, not me. I have always valued relationships SO much, I have always been VERY careful not to do anything to risk loosing them. Sorry, can't help you.
  • jake 2010/05/25 17:34:32
    accept it and repent if you did a bad thing and try to undo anything if possible. then respect your partner's opinion and decision. dont force anything out of the way and beg . once you beg, it will never be the same again.
  • Erica 2010/05/25 17:22:49
    You tell the truth and try to make it work. Do what ever it takes to fix it.
  • $treEt_$m@Rt 2010/05/25 15:37:37
    just tell her the complete truth and let her know that i am sorry and would give anything for her happyness
  • TheJoker 2010/05/25 15:35:23
    Depends on your character..... the right thing to do is front up & tackle it head-on. Take the risk, & be honest.
  • Alixx TheJoker 2010/05/25 15:35:53
    and thts what im doin!
  • TheJoker Alixx 2010/05/25 15:37:51
    Knew you would......
  • Alixx TheJoker 2010/05/25 15:38:27
    thanks to ur confidence in me!!
  • TheJoker Alixx 2010/05/25 15:41:59
    I wouldnt if it wasnt utterly deserved!
  • lil rabbit TheJoker 2010/05/25 15:39:22
    lil rabbit
    hold on hold on when you dont tell your partner an he knows your hiding sumthin an he has to find out on his own thats just rong
  • TheJoker lil rabbit 2010/05/25 16:05:05
    I understand what ur sayin, but just because ur dating someone doesnt entitle you to know every thought thats going through their head...... infact, in many cases that could be the worst thing. People take time to work sh*t out, & while they're trying to figure things out for themselves they may well, for a short period of time, think things that dont properly reflect the truth about how they feel.
    No-one is meant to know exactly whats going on in a persons head, people are irrational, fearful, driven by emotion & hormones..... & besides, u honestly trying to say ur some sort of saint thats never done or thought wrong.....?
  • lil rabbit TheJoker 2010/05/25 16:08:01
  • TheJoker lil rabbit 2010/05/25 16:11:28
    & what if she's not totally sure what she's thinkin...... maybe she wants a little time to try'n figure it out in her head first. Growin nuts is one thing..... but so's opening ur mouth & talkin bolloks cos uve not thought it through properly..... & besides, everyone's got different psychology & deal with things differently. Its unfair to expect someone to react in the same way you would..... especially if u don’t afford them the same courtesy.
  • lil rabbit TheJoker 2010/05/25 16:15:41
  • TheJoker lil rabbit 2010/05/25 16:23:13
    True, only you can know how you feel about this girl, & whether you think she's worth whatever trouble ur having right now..... I hope you look at the big picture tho..... trouble comes & goes, & if ur both fairly young there is going to be more emotion & more passion in ur relationship right now. However, on the flip-side, its the passion that makes a relationship special..... Ive been in a relationship where, in truth, I didnt love the girl... & while it was fine, no arguments, very nice.... its just not enough.
    & the other thing to take into account, is that no trouble lasts forever. LIfe does settle down, but depending on peoples background, what their family & home life is like, it takes longer for some if they've got alot of sh*t to sort out.
  • lil rabbit TheJoker 2010/05/25 16:26:22
  • TheJoker lil rabbit 2010/05/26 08:43:16
    Yeh.... thats fair enough. Dya think she could be doin it cos she's got low self-esteem? I know its pretty common for people who dont think much of themselves to seek approval & compliments & stuff cos they struggle to believe they're desirable....
  • lil rabbit TheJoker 2010/05/26 15:14:09
    lil rabbit
    she does
  • JR 2010/05/25 15:32:25
    You let things take their course. Everything happens for a reason, always remember that.
  • Saltwat... JR 2010/05/25 17:27:07
    Saltwater Dude
    Betcha $20 you're single
  • JR Saltwat... 2010/05/25 17:28:50
    yup at the moment...but ive been through alot.
  • LIL MAMA <33 2010/05/25 15:31:57
    LIL MAMA <33
    Do what ever you can to make it right again!
  • ME 2010/05/25 15:29:48
    Suck it up and learn from your mistakes.

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