What Do You Do On The Weekdays You Have Off Work?

Astro-Boy 2009/08/13 17:21:23
Not weekends...weekdays!
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  • FencerCat 2009/08/18 01:10:41
    I sleep in, depending on time of year, ride my bike or swim, play with the dog, sometimes shop (not my first choice), write stories.
  • Outtolunch 2009/08/14 17:20:23
    I have every Monday off. While the kids are at school I am at the stables spending time with my horse and enjoying some peaceful riding time
  • ~YeLLaPoPsIcLe~ 2009/08/14 10:41:40
    Coach the greatest sport in the world FOOTBALL!!!!!
  • Lessa 2009/08/14 02:36:08
    I work weekends oh pooh
  • Nanz 2009/08/14 02:18:28
    Gym or hangout at the mall
  • hows my aim? 2009/08/14 02:00:16
    hows my aim?
    kill my friends and dad. kill friends dad
  • i812 2009/08/14 01:27:49
    we are going camping this weekend.
  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2009/08/14 00:36:07
  • GIRLIELEO 2009/08/14 00:33:27
    NONE IM A M-F 7-4 GIRL =D
  • David (oYo) 2009/08/13 22:21:27
  • Ghostlyhaunt 2009/08/13 21:28:34
    Ah Hump Day.. have every Wednesday off of work.. and what get's done.. well on an average day.. there's yard work, mowing or trimming. Then there's working in the cellar to move stuff around. There's always something to do in the garage.. play with the motorcycles, or clean up shop. At night after dinner, I'll watch an hour of TV or play videogames then it's off to bed..
  • Bobby 48 2009/08/13 20:41:11 (edited)
  • BabyGirl<3 2009/08/13 20:37:42
    i dont work!!! hehe but i spend my day on the computer or on the phone!! :)
  • RamblingVoices. 2009/08/13 20:22:58
  • Courtney Michelle <3 2009/08/13 19:45:07
    Courtney Michelle <3
    nothing lol
  • *Ash*~In Conor&Murphy I Trust~ 2009/08/13 19:27:54
    *Ash*~In Conor&Murphy I Trust~
    My job is being a girlfriend/homemaker so i never get the day off. there's always something to do but in a weird way i absolutely love taking care of my bf and our life together.
  • karmadrome 2009/08/13 19:09:32
    If I'm off during the week, it's probably because I'm sick. So chances are, you find me sleeping or over the toilet, but always with the tv or music on!
  • *^ɯɐɔ^* 2009/08/13 18:44:03
    If I am all done with work,I take the kids out,movie night,game night,shopping,or out to dinner maybe ice cream it depends on what they want to do.
  • zack 2009/08/13 18:36:37
    If I don't have class then I just sit around the house watching movies with my boyfriend and our pets.
  • Astro-Boy zack 2009/08/13 18:37:04
    Thats the best kinda time to have...=)
  • zack Astro-Boy 2009/08/13 18:38:48
  • turtledove123 2009/08/13 18:27:23
    I am a stay at home mom! I dont have any off days!
  • *Bella*_HU 2009/08/13 18:17:19
    um i dont work. so everyday is off for me!!!!!!!!
  • Dennis 2009/08/13 18:11:39
    I lick my girl between the legs
  • Astro-Boy Dennis 2009/08/13 18:19:07
    Dude...that should be everyday, not just the days off.
  • Dennis Astro-Boy 2009/08/13 18:21:43
    Hmm your correct.
  • Tiff 2009/08/13 18:10:37
  • tekay 2009/08/13 18:09:46
    well i dont go to work i have skool and i go on sodahead
  • Adam 2009/08/13 18:09:08
    Basically, what I do every day I have off, which is the same thing I do on days I work, just less of it: Surf the web, play video games, random chores, watch movies, and one of these days exercise again.
  • мυzιк.jυηкιε™ [ιη мy вιтcнεs ι тяυsт!]
    i do the same thing regardless of what day it is.
  • cristal arguijo 2009/08/13 17:55:13
    cristal arguijo
    i dont work yet
  • crotchrot 2009/08/13 17:50:58
  • ladypuppylove 2009/08/13 17:50:27
    doctors appointment
  • Moderated 2009/08/13 17:42:49
    Sigh. I work M-F, so when I am off during the week, it's usually because of some pain in the ass chore. If I can fit in a nap I will!!!!
  • Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas 2009/08/13 17:40:01
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    I farm.....

    I smoke....

    I drink....

    I write....

    I research.....

    But I do that 7 days a week....
  • tooner259 2009/08/13 17:31:47
    I do this,draw,or hang out with my Granddaughters.I`m retired.Oh,I also spend time coating cow horns and getting ready for the next Rnaissance faire.
  • Maddie 2009/08/13 17:28:34
    Well lets just not go there with me.. Cuz i am off right now,,
  • Astro-Boy Maddie 2009/08/13 17:29:14
    Okay, we won't go there....hey, what are you doing here!
  • Maddie Astro-Boy 2009/08/13 17:57:41
    Taking a break.. lol
  • Astro-Boy Maddie 2009/08/13 18:02:09

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